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How can they “monitor” people so thoroughly?

Networked electronic devices have become indispensable parts of people’s daily lives and as part of their very functionality, they must continually and automatically record, track and share data; serving as portable, greatly enhancedOrwellian two-way telescreens. Cell phones record and leave a timed trail of your whereabouts, all your communications, your contacts and how you manage your illusions about privacy; as well as your business and personal plans; and all cars built after the late 1980’s are basically computers on wheels.[*][*][*] Reporting on leaks about the ~*FBI operating manual*~ (for domestic operations),Glenn Greenwaldtells us how they:

… peer through the walls of private homes;and more. The FBI offered various justifications of these tactics to our reporters. But the documents and our reporting on them ultimately reveal a bureaucracy in dire need of greater transparency and accountability.[*]

Policing agencies maintain thorough 3D models of all public spaces and indoors of buildings of whole cities and the private homes of individuals they target. They can literally follow your every move as part of a 3D model of yourself in your environment while inside your home, by using the cameras, microphones and othersensorsin your “smart” phones, TVs and computers; and those implanted in seemingly innocuous home appliances, its surroundings and in your neighbors’ (most of which may be willing and to a large extent knowingly collaborating and remunerated parties, but some may not necessarily be aware of it).[*][*] By predictively tracking and correlating every possible data stream pertaining to you; from your daily routines as described by your every bodily postures in your functional environment and electronic copies of your grocery receipt to all the information you have ever posted about yourself on “social networking” sites, especially, future dates and places you mention; they automatically maintain astate-machine-likeAIDoppelgängerof yourself, which let them predictively know, e.g., when you are getting ready to leave your home even if you are not living on a fixed schedule.

While outdoors, even if you are not carrying any networked electronic devices (including seemingly innocuous ones such as yourRFID-chipped bank cards andkey tabs), they use:

  • bugsthey place in your personal objects (clothing, shoes, suitcases, eye glasses);
  • chipsthey non-consensually implant in your body (as you do to your pet and they consensually do to military personnel)[*]. Companies have started to “offer” to their employers to be chipped as a “convinient option”. We all know how it will evolve from there[*];
  • microscopic EM and/or radioactive microparticlesnon-consensually dusted over you which serve as location bearing beacons;
  • modern public and privatestreet cameras, which are all syndicated and use software to track you around, monitoring your gait, facial expressions and can evenlip readwhat you are saying automatically and real time;
  • actual snitches and perpscloakingout of places tofield(they are told you will be passing by), watch and follow you around, while coordinating their harassment using their cell phones through thefusion centermobile apps they use.

Notice that, since those devices must have some metallic components, the first three techniques you can easily and cheaply check on your own through the physical principle ofEM inductanceand, as miniaturized as they may be, they can be easily seen with amagnifying glassor a school labmicroscope. Peculiar incidents would also give you head ups about their actions. You buy a pair of tennis shoes on ebay, but the ones you get are different. Seller doesn’t understand what you are talking about, wondering if you are suffering some form ofDaltonism, since she posted pictures from various angles clearly showing brand and make. All your mail is routed through theirblack chamberswhere they may “get lost”, be delayed, altered and/or bugged. Even while buying a book (which entire text and comments about they keep in corpora and associate with its readers) they may use it as avectorto induce eye infections.

How can they see and track us so accurately through walls?

Like any other physical object we partially bounce back radiation ~*impinging on*~ our bodies (this is how we visually see) and mammalian life is biologically sustained through our cells’ metabolism. Our bodies are like walking furnaces. Unless you are surrounded bythermally insulatingwalls, ceilings and floors (for which you can use wood and Styrofoam) and/or protected bythermal camouflage(slightly heated metal sheets on the walls, possibly doubling as aFaraday cageprotecting you fromEM radiation), our bodies’ 3D location and positions in your functional spaces, as well as thermal emanations can be detected and continuously recorded usingsensorsbased onradarandthermal imagingtechnologies even during our sleep in a pitch dark room so accurately, that they can track and synchronize sonic guns’ pulses to your breathing and heart beat, as well as aimDEWs at specific parts of your and/or your pets’ bodies while indoors. By exploiting common household devices as radar sensors and concealing other ones in your walls, and using algorithms based on theDoppler effectthey can accurately detect moving objects in a room through walls[*]. They are also able to detect a contour and thermal gradient emanating from the different parts of your body and even though they may not be able to clearly discern individuals, by timely tracking each person’s height, characteristic gait and gesturing, as well as the functional interactions among persons and of each person with its surroundings and objects in it (from which they keep a 3D representation); they can easily associate individuals with their contour and thermal gradient.[*: ]Brandon Bryant, who was awarded a certificate by the U.S. government for killing 16,026 people, based on “signature strikes” (determined by greatly assuming algorithmic estimations, very compromised personal interpretations discussed over chat applications by a web of command; the whole process beingcritically supported by the German government) related to us how while “flying” anywhere from 8,000 to 25,000 feet from inside an air-conditioned 8×20 feet trailer on the other side of the globe, he watched:

“the targets drink tea with friends, play with their children, have sex with their wives on rooftops, writhing under blankets. There were soccer matches, and weddings, too … once a man walk out into a field and take a crap, which glowed white in infrared”[*]

and how, as part of monitoring if any other people came near the area in order to possibly launch “double-tap strikes“, he watched bleed out extra-judicially murdered U.S. citizen (Anwar al-Awlaki), knowing for sure he was dead when his body became cold. Yet, they could not tell apart dogs from children which to them didn’t matter much anyway, since anyone they kill is an enemy combatant and anything they destroy is for good “freedom-loving” reasons anyway.[*][*]

What is it with all that new-agey, Star-Wars-like terminology such asV2K,VoG,RNM,EMPDEWs…?

All their actions are framed and their terminology worded as to make you seem “crazy”, “mentally unstable” if you talk about such matters with health care professionals, first responders, family or friends. In fact, an aspect clearly hinting towards the participation of psychologists and psychiatrists in suchhuman rights abusesandtortureis how well they frame their harassment to the prescriptiveDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, so that your reactions and narratives could be symptomatically aligned with such diagnoses, herewith you would be casting onto yourself the social stigma upon individuals associated with such disorders of the mind, which serves another of their purposes: socially isolating you.[*][*] You only need to report having suffered for weeks two positive symptoms such asdelusionsorhallucinationsin order to be diagnosed as aschizophrenic. Delusions could be ofcontrol(“your mind is being controlled by something/someone else”), ofpersecution(“strangers are following you around”), ofreference(“news and messages on TV are about, directed at you”) or ofgrandeur(“‘God’ has chosen you to …”). Hallucinations could beauditory(“hearing mostly commanding and mocking voices, sounds and noises no one else around hears and can’t be factually detected”) orvisual(“images only you can see”).[*][*][*] Even though every single one of those and other symptoms relating toparanoia(“you sense you are being watched even while inside your home”) andpsychotic disorderscan be very easily induced by fake happenings using technology, reports by TIs have been always outrightly dismissed as “insane”.[*] For two decades TIs have been reporting “hearing” not just the typically brief, tiringly repetitive, nightmarishly sounding phrases coming from “voices”, with more of a mental flair than a sounding, perceptual presence to them that schizophrenics report, but, initially, after clearly hearing their names very clearly out of the blue without anyone around them and disconcerting textbook messages such as “this is not about you”, full blown conversations with semantic depth, sense of humor and natural prosody (yet, with some oddness thrown in from the start, such as a thick foreign accent) engaging them conversationally with themes relating to their current and past private lives, which may have been long forgotten by TIs themselves. Some TIs have experienced some of those “conversations” with such “voices”, which either introduce themselves by some name or were given names by TIs, to have been even “helpful”; yet, they ultimately downgrade into a crippled, synthetic, computer-generated, more schizophrenically patterned guise. Some TIs seem to wholeheartedly believe such voices to be “reading their minds”, because, at times, TIs claim, those “voices” have actually reminded them of actions they had forgotten or they are about to do, for which they are missing something. As it turned out, such “voicing” technologies actually existed and are being used today for creepy commercial forms of harassment[*][*][*]. Even during the previous analog era it was technically possible to hijack someone’s TV set simply by parking a van in its proximity from which it could be influenced electromagnetically. Today all perps need is their target’s IP address to display whatever on networked TV sets.[*]. The government has been granting tax payers’ monies to social institutions, public agencies (includingfirst responders), private business and associated individuals, to socially harass people they choose for targeting while in public spaces, calledgang stalking(not because street gangs are the main participants)[Gavin video]; and, even on a county level, perps have received military-grade technologies enabling them to see people while in their homes through the walls and induce acoustical sounds as if they were happening “inside their heads”.[*]

Experienced health care professionals dealing with diseases of the brain and psychological imbalances of the mind, should be able to easily tell apart mentally ill people from otherwise socially and professionally functioning individuals with no previous family history of any kind of mental issues, many of whom, all of a sudden, past their 50s, start “hearing voices”, noticing people following them around for no apparent reason and saying that “their minds is being read”. Professionals claiming any kind of objectivity to their trade would wonder why is it that so many people in the U.S., European, “first world” countries have been relating very specific complaints that are not even cultural memes in societies ruled by very violent and overt police states. Could it possibly be that the neurobiology of people living in “freedom loving” countries has drastically changed within a generation? Are we talking here about the first generation of “The New Man“? As researched by theIgarapé Institute, 43 of the 50 most murderous cities in the world last year, and eight of the top ten countries, are in Latin America and the Caribbean, region which also sport the most brutal police.[*][*] However, online searches (done on July 2nd, 2017) for “government ‘[reading|controlling] your mind'” and related phrases both in Spanish and Portuguese show that:

  • google would return from zero comma nada to very few results
  • the returned hits were mostly not worded in colloquial form
  • the grammar of the returned hits were mostly in the infinitive forms, mostly referring to translations from foreign languages
  • right on the first search page most links refer to pages in other languages.

Even media companies and social justice pundits (who are very much against corruption and violence) confused and visibly shocked, demanded an explanation from the highest authorities, when they learned that notorious savage murdererchapo Guzmánwas being tortured/sleep deprived by the Mexican government, which made clear that USG was behind that. Very quickly after that chapo Guzmán found board and shelter in a NYC high sec prison even thoughextraditions are not in the books when it comes to Mexicoand you may find the most preposterous stories about criminal escaping justice by simply crossing the border either way. They said: “chapo Guzmán asked to be extradited”.[*]

V2K(VoiceTosKull) andVoG(VoiceofGod) are two “voicing” technologies used by the military for consciousness disestablizing purposes during combat and in “persuasive” ways as part of their “mind control” harassment. AuthorRobert Duncanhas suggested VoG to be a form of commanding, domineering V2K being used in order to drive people into committing suicide.[*] Those technologies are also used by the government against unsuspecting, law-abiding civilians for experimental, training and harassing purposes.RNMstands forremoteneuralmonitoring: a very incapacitating illusion attackers try to foster in their victims, making them believe “the government is ‘reading’, ‘writing thoughts and feelings into’, ‘downloading/uploading dreams into’ and ‘hijacking’ their minds” … [*][*][*][*]X-raysis a type of emitting, invasive and potentially biologically hazardous technology.Infraredis passive, receiving and harmless since it just captures out own body heat. So, most probably people say “x-ray infrared” in a metaphoric sense, meaning that you can see through things and/or the gradient patterns look like thermal ones. EMPsshould refer toweaponizedEM devices usingelectromagneticpulsesandDEWs areDirected-EnergyWeapons.

Can they really “read your mind” remotely from satellites and cell towers as they do with cell phones?

Galvani’s discovery of theelectrical reactivity of the deafferented legs of frogs, Penfield probing of the brains of his surgical patients[*] andJosé Delgado’sbull experiments[*] (which got him hired by the CIA) culminating with his offensively dehumanizing book titled“Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilized Society“, have been very misleadingly interpreted by our highly suggestive, compulsively associating minds as implying that our brains are like a book, which opened to a certain page, paragraphs can be “read”, “written to”, or “pages can be inserted and ripped off”; consequently, “your own mind could be corrupted”, your self compromised, “your body’s motor and mental functions can be remotely ‘hijacked’, as it is done to cars and all kinds of networked computerized equipment”.[*][*][*]. Yet, Penfield never claimed to have been able to tell the lyrics of the songs induced in his patients’ minds as areas of their brains relating to acoustic perception were being mildly probed. Were they listening toCold Play’s “Clocks”or “super cali fragilistic expialidocious“?; and, most importantly, no neurobiologist has ever claimed to be able to have access in any way to an individual’s ownqualia. Yes, anyone could read whichever book and think about whatever, but, if you are reading off of a computer screen, don’t cover your device’s internal camera and possibly remove wireless networking capabilities and physically unplug yourCAT5cable, at the most, they would only be able to monitor:

  • pretty accurately the paragraph you are reading, depending on your device’s screen size;
  • what is causing more reflection, attentional investment on your part by:
  • your heart beat and/or breathing rhythm[*];
  • the facialemotionsandgesturesyou may make as you read a section[*];

all of which they would do automatically, non-consensually or under their own “interpretations” of “implied consent”, but how do you feel about the specific section in it and what does it all mean to you given the circumstances you are going through and the beliefs you had held? In fact, the fringe consciousness experiences of expert practitioners of what are considered to be eminently “abstract” scientific disciplines such as pure Mathematics and Logic vary wildly with no apparent rhyme or reason whatsoever among subject matter experts.[Haddamard] Bashingly atheistG. H. Hardywould get exasperating qualms when his colleagueRamanujanwould say to him that: “he listened to the voice of God while doing Math”.[Ramanujan book] However, many TIs, as well as apparently well-informed, technically savvy authors and funded current researchers believe that to be possible based on unproved associations, very contrived experiments and suspecting “possible” use of classified, secret technologies. [Robert Duncan book 1] [Robert Duncan book 2] [*] [my link] Some even talk about what they call “trans-cranial stimulation” andgoogleshamelessly advertises new, “cool” technologies being able to type for users by “reading their mind”[*][*]. In fact, the one million USDs awarded by theRandi Prize, to anyone proving any kind of paranormal phenomena, including “Remote Neural Monitoring” (RNM), went unclaimed from 1964 to 2015 and the challenge had to be terminated because the continuous flood of physically unreproducible/unprovable, logically unsustainable and downright ~**~ narratives would not cease.DARPAhas been using tax payers’ contributions to fund “research” on “mind control” related topics since the 1970’s. [2][3]Brain–computer interfaceresearchers claim that they can determined with 100% accuracy “common spatial patterns” using 27 electrodes overlaying thesensorimotor cortex.[69] What they don’t seem to realized is that they may beclever hansingthemselves with their own experiments. Could they be simply detecting how we functionally extend our own limbs to make us of such objects which is determined genetically? The project “Silent Talk” aims to detect and analyze the word-specific neural signals, usingEEG, which occur prior to speech vocalizations, and to see if the patterns are generalizable.[71] Yet, sanely considering that there is a clear difference between factual reality and “make believe” manipulations, “reading minds” (as you can read books) is factually impossible due to very fundamental reasons:

  • as settled by the “sparkers vs. soupers” controversy throughOtto Loewi experiment, the close-range, very low powered reactions in thesynaptic cleftsof our nervous system are electro-chemicalin nature;
  • not encoded after some sort of mutually agreed upon protocol in any way[*] (our semiosis essentially are introspectively intersubjective);
  • perception is not a passive mapping mechanism (the brain doesn’t recreate a 3D model of what you are seeing, but more of a scanning, attention driven one)[*][*];
  • fringe consciousness reactions and sensations such asqualiaaccompany every perceptual experience
  • our brains/nervous systems are not through and through chemo-mechanical organs, as, our lungs and hearts (the contrary amounts to absurdly implying that people couldn’t learn, speak different languages even multilingually); and
  • themind-body link(which must be bridged in order to effectively “read minds”) has evaded scientific elucidation ever since.

AsDescartes conjectured, the mind-body duality may not even have an entirely physiological nature (which might explain why such types of elucidations haven’t been successful). Indeed, our minds seem to have an impenetrable firewall![*]. The unavoidably “arbitrary duality” (asde Saussureput it) intrinsic in the tokens we use as currency in our semiosis, is reflected in our minds making the functional mapping from neural correlates to specific semantically and pragmatically meaningful assertions essentially unreliable. Such a notorious MKUltra enthusiast asRichard Helmswasn’t happy at all about the results of mind-control experiments.[*] Nonetheless, as part of their abusive mind control goals, after depriving their victims of all forms of privacy, perpetrators are able to psychologically warp individuals to an extent that at times some of them have wholeheartedly believed that “their minds have been hijacked”. Some of those individuals in desperation after years of relentless abuse have committed suicide[*] and/or gone into homicidal rampages.[*][*][*][*]

What is the fuss about smart meters, “smart” this and “smart” that?

In less than a generation, we became a people almost fully dependent on our “smart” technical gadgets. We have “smart”phones,cars,watches,homes, … , wireless-enabled smarttoilets, and electrical usagemeterscalling home” utility companies twice a minute in order to send detailed electrical usage patterns of all devices being powered off of the electrical grid, which they see as an invasion of one’s right to privacy. Ironically, they are even using “smart”bulbsto spy on people. However, most people don’t seem to realize that the government may be into something while considering to be “antiquated sophistications” such expectations as “rights to privacy” and “being secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects … against unreasonable searches and seizures”, which date from the the 1780’s and is rooted in English legal doctrines dating back to the 1600s. Times in which “We the people” lived by sun rise and set using the church bell as collective clock, didn’t have a clue as to howheredityhappens, understood the scriptures literally, had to eat fresh food for we didn’t have refrigerators and used electricity and magnetism for prank shows without suspecting that they were the same thing determining lightning, the orientation of the compass, light and color and that one day we would be using electro-magnetism to instantly talk to one another regardless of how far away we may be (quite a prank show!), as well as the basis to runpolice states.

Many of those same individuals don’t seem to have a problem with either carrying around and using their “smart” phones or drivingcomputers on wheels[computers on wheels][computers on wheels][computers on wheels] People have also complained about thoseEM pulse signalsin their own homes and their neighbors’ interfering with their wireless devices and making them sick.[EM pulse signals making them sick] Those promoting the “smartization” of society as the new normal only see the supposedly beneficial and business profitable aspects of it, at times in extremely narrow ways.[selling coconuts TED talk]. Some school reformers have gone as far as proposing to drop from school curricula the teaching and learning of hand writing skills, which is neurobiologically detrimental.[*]Fine dexterityis an excellent exercise for our brains, in addition to giving us an easy independence from our many EM gadgets. Any true and experienced teacher would question the idea of kids becoming smarter just because they are being taught with“smart” boardsor they use computers to learn. In fact, independently reading off of, and taking their own notes on paper as a private memory aid virtually impossible to track on a societal scale, would give students more of the introspective peace and privacy of thought process they need as part of sustaining, entertaining with, evaluating and semantically enriching a particular idea for long periods of time and enable them to gain direct access to vast treasure troves of information that may not be in electronic form.[kid ranting about libraries]

What are DEWs?

As can be deduced from the solution toMaxwell Equationsgiven concrete boundary conditions,EM wavesare irradiated in forms of lobes which may be directionally beamed. This is the basic physical principle explaining howDirected-EnergyWeapons work. They don’t use massive projectiles as carriers of their destructive payload, even thoughmodulationserves the same purpose. In the same way that light goes through an air-tight closed, transparent bottle, as it happens while you use your cell phone; radiation (invisible “light” waves in another range of theEM spectrum) inobstructively penetrate and pass through walls. DEWs are used without the target seeing or hearing anything at all because they are off the humanvisualandauditoryperceptual range (you will definitely noticetheir many effects). They may be directed towards targets with microscopic focusing over large ranges, since air pressure and turbulence, humidity and gravity don’t affect their aim. You must aim DEWs directly at your target (targets have moved their limbs or put their hand in the way in order to rule out neurobiological sensations and they are able to notice the sensation in their intercepting hand). As in the case of light (visually perceptibleEM waves), if reflected, the radiation’s intensity will be reduced. Regarding their detrimental effect on our biological lives, radiation could be generally classified as:

  • Electro-magnetic (EM) radiationwhich may be:
    • relatively less harmingnon-ionizing(used in commercial gadgets such as cell phones and wireless communication);
    • ultraviolet radiation, which tans your skin, may become harming with enough exposure, as is the case with the even more dangerousX-rayswhich disrupt the early cell growth of fetuses in pregnant women; and
    • the very harmingionizingradiation starting on the ultraviolet range of the EM spectrum towards higher energies (shorter wave lengths), strong enough to cause bio-chemical reactions in the molecules making up the cells of our body’s organs, essentially based on thephoto electric effect.Gamma radiation, (γ), is highly penetrating, ionizing and biologically hazardous EM radiation of the kind arising from lightning strikes and the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei.

    Newton’s light refraction experimentshows that white light contains EM waves of various frequencies which visible range shows naturally in rainbows or artificially through the use of prisms.LASERis a form of very coherent (with a very narrow spectrum) EM radiation with all its safety concerns and potentially dangerous effects used in lethal military grade equipment. LASERs can cut through a razor blade from a distance with high precision.

  • particles radiation(which mass act as projectile) such as:
    • beta rays: a type of ionizing radiation of high-energy, high-speed electrons (β) or positrons (β+) emitted in the radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus; and
    • alpha particles(α) doubly ionized Helium nuclei with a +2 charge (missing its two electrons): are the product of a nuclear reaction called alpha decay. Due to is mass carrying destructive nature, biological exposure to alpha particles cause far more dangerous biological damage, than an equivalent exposure to beta or gamma rays[*: ][4]
  • sonic (guns): during the early 1940sAxisengineers developed a sonic cannon that could cause fatal vibrations in its target body by focusing in the inner vibrating frequency of the middle ear bones and shaking the cochlear fluid within theinner ear, which causevertigoandnauseain the target. The effect of the kinds of sonic guns used for VoG and V2K, even commercially nowadays, to induce “voices” around you, which you may find spooky and counter productive, is mostly a form ofpsychological harassment, not somatic torture.[*: ][*: ] Sound amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (SASER) is a form of stimulated emission of acoustic radiation similar to LASER.

DEWs may be so small that they could be easily disguised and concealed in a perps’ backpack, but their effect is way more harmful than the relatively benign momentary local effects of electro-muscular incapacitation of commercial tasers and those used by police.You may get as symptoms headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, buzzing and ringing in your ears, pain in joints, muscle spasms, abdominal pain, superficial skin rashes, eye irritation, facial swelling, difficulty breathing, convulsions, irregular heart beat, sexual stimulation, balance problems, erratically jerked limbs, total burnings of your limbs and/or pulverization of your whole body.[*] With such weapons, they can:

  • heat and burn your body from a distance and through walls, without making any noise or leaving any traces of bullets or signs of drone strikes. Mentally recreate thecollateral murdervideo, putting yourself in the shoes of those people targeted by the U.S. military, without a clue whatsoever as to from where they were being aimed at, who, why or what instantly burned them to death;
  • target particular limbs and organs of your body from a distance by using the organ’s biological pulse and intrinsic resonance frequency every physical body with a certain mass, shape and structurally occupying space has;
  • as it was clear on the onset of experimental genetics, increase the reproduction rate of their chosenmodel organism, the common fruit fly (drosophila melanogaster), by slightly heating the environment in which they lived, but those environmental influences also carriedcollateral genetic effects.[*][*], since heating by microwave radiation abnormally increase the thermal motion of water molecules in our inner cells, herewith detrimentally influencing the physiological functions of glands and tissue, which stresses your metabolism and may exacerbate and induce various kinds of diseases;
  • chemically alter the internal molecular bonds which ultimately alters the natural metabolic baseline of the cells in your body leading tocellular death,mutationsandepigenetic influencesinducing or provoking pathologies to you and your future progenies including irreversible ones (such as cancer), compromising your immune system and/or disturbing the natural cell processes herewith accelerating and/or destabilizing aging;
  • disrupt the electro-chemicalsynaptic processesof your nervous system, causing your mind to momentarily freeze, get tired without or with very little exertion and/or diminish or alter your cognitive capacity and functions, which could be fatally hazardous during attention demanding exercises;
  • as Galvani discovered by chance, make your limbs jerk uncontrollably from a distance, which may be very dangerous while driving and conducting precise bodily movements
  • use modulating frequencies of non-aural sounds in the infra- and ultrasound range to induceMicro-wave auditory effects(V2K, VoG);
  • jam and/or short circuit your electronic and computer devices; and
  • mess with your home’s or car’s electrical/electronic circuitry and appliances, such as electrical outlets and relays, to start a seemingly “no-foul-play” fires.

Double Nobel Prize winning Physicist and ChemistMarie Curiewho conducted pioneering research on radioactivity and helped set up radiology centers to treat the wounded during WWI, died fromaplastic anemiabelieved to have been contracted from her long-term exposure to radiation and DNA discovererRosalind Franklindied from breast cancer believed to have been caused by overexposure to X-rays, at a time when we still didn’t understand radiations’ biologically hazardous influences. East German writer, singer and social justice activistJürgen Fuchsdied at 48 from an extremely rare type of blood cancer apparently caused by exposure to radioactive radiation, reported about in his stasi dossier.[*][*] In another case of irreversible radiation-induced death by poisoning, Scotland Yard came to the conclusion that the Russian secret police was involved in the murder of former agentAlexander Litvinenko. The U.S. government has along history of non-consensually experimentingeven with unsuspecting children, not ever prosecuting any of the perpetrators and their masters and, when exposed, making up stories, advancing rationalizations and saying that “that won’t happen again”. As related on the bookThe plutonium files,MITwas granted research monies to inject high doses of radiation to patients and lace the food of children with radioactive substances.[*] After effects of “environmental contamination” such as higher cancer rates and birth defects after theBattle for Fallujah during the Iraq Warphysically proves the use of radiation by the U.S. military even though the cause was not stated by the researchers (the corpses of Iraqi casualties were removed by U.S. troops and have never been found by their family members). [*:] The purpose of projectMKSEARCHfrom the early 1960’s, was to:

develop, test, and evaluate capabilities in the covert use of biological, chemical, and radioactive material systems and techniques for producing predictable human behavioral and/or physiological changes[36]

The use of such military-grade technologies by police departments on civilians in the U.S., as it happened with the open persecution of journalists and whistleblowers, proliferated during the Obama administration.[*: AP guy][*: ][*: ]

What is a Faraday cage?

You certainly know whatFaraday cagesare! You have even driven through them and you could easily make and test one yourself safely and cheaply in minutes! Each time you drive through a metallic bridge and you find yourself temporarily out of reach to incoming and outgoing EM communications, it happens because you are in a Faraday cage. As you have noticed your radio receiver stops working and your cell phone’s signal power bars go to 0. However, that that doesn’t affect your car’s radio or cell phone in any way, from a purely electromagnetic point of view, your device doesn’t exist! Faraday cages don’t need to be solid metallic enclosures, nor do they need to begrounded, but the interspace of the metallic mesh must be smaller (approx. (1/3)) than the frecuency of the EM waves you are trying to block and if you need for it not to accumulate static electricity (which, as yoursparky kissesshow, even the moving friction of your clothing creates) and want to avail yourself for free of the largest and cheapest capacitor within in the solar system, you could just drive a connected conductive rod into the ground to where it starts getting moist (around 10 feet in an area with trees or as your local building code estipulates). As a way to protect themselves and their devices from transientElectromagnetic Pulsesand aCoronal Mass Ejectionfrom our sun as well as prevent leakage from their own devices (your keystrokes can be recorded), some people choose tosleep,workin faraday cages and protect themselves from attacks by wearinginternally shielded hats.

How can I know for sure from where I am being irradiated?

EM-based DEWs don’t use air as medium, but transport energy in theEM-wavesthemselves (you feel the heat of sun rays, see the sun, moon and stars). Yet, similar to sound waves, you hear them louder the closer you are to their source. The scalar intensity of EM waves increase maximally in the direction towards the source, which is used totriangulatewhere the source is; that is, from where you are being irradiated, through some rather simplemiddle school Algebra. All walls in buildings are not made out of the same material (so their shielding properties may vary), nor do they have the same thickness and density; however:

  1. finding at least twodirections describing a maximally increasing(towards the source)radiation intensityusing adirectional antenna;
  2. confirming the location of the source with other directional gaugings;
  3. which coordinates you get through thedirectional sensors of your cell phone; and
  4. using your own building layout plans and area maps (you can get from “google maps“)

will determine in a unequivocally physical way from where the radiation is emanating, that is, where theDEWis located; namely,where the lines meet. Notice that the radiation source may be mounted on a moving platform or be portable and that there may be more than one radiation source. All you need to do is repeat the procedure for the other DEWs. Such physical evidence should suffice to indict “following orders” perps and their collaborators as well as their masters. Do not expect any help from the police, in fact, they will most probably protect perps and fine you.[*: ] Make sure the address and neighborhood (and landlord if you rent an apartment in a building) of the targeted home rigged as a “no-touch-torture” dungeon is well known to prospective buyers, tenants and “whomever it may concern”, including the media and real estate agents in the area.

Do not seek verbal back and forths with perps themselves. Handlers did pit unsuspecting people against one another duringCOINTELPROtimes. DEWs may have been set up in their property or seemingly innocuous devices in their homes may have been exchanged or altered without their consent and full awareness. Let them clarify matters in court, which may make things more interesting. You may also sue the enabling parties from the government providing perpetrators with such devices, training and remunerating them.[*] As you go about your own investigation, you should clearly document with plain procedural videos and take plenty of pictures including visible numbers about the data you are obtaining and the instruments you are using. You may not even need an antenna to notice they are using DEWs, since just placing your hand in the way will let you perceive their effect, but in a court of law word of mouth will carry way less weight than physically demonstrable evidence. Learning how to detect and go about documenting such abuses by yourself will be better than using the service of technicians (some of which are perps themselves) because the government has real time access to all monitoring and actionable functionalities in your home after turning it into a dungeon and will turn off their harassment when the technician arrives.

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Social what, how, why, … of Targeted Individuals (political_persecution_US)

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Thu Jul 27 00:46:13 UTC 2017

Who becomes a target?

There is no single, clear-cut discerning rule as to whom will perpetrators likely choose as a target. As gleaned from a set of misplaced documents which survived the destruction order by CIA Director Richard Helms (for which he was not prosecuted)[61], Ted Kennedy pointed out on the Senate floor in 1977:

“… [the] “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to “unwitting subjects in social situations.”

They may claim that in order not to bias their “scientific research” in their bid for total societal control, they need to biologically and socially experiment with individuals belonging to all walks of life. MKUltra consisted of some 149 subprojects which the government subcontracted under various guises to at least 80 social institutions, such as universities, research foundations, prisons and hospitals, and 185 private researchers, which were all funded indirectly[MKUltra:16]:

  • some TIs believe they are being used for medical experimentation due to their blood type or for some other medical condition or biological specificity (in some cases doctors have told them) that pharmaceutical companies and research institutions are interested in;
  • ~*„Zwillinge ‘raus“*~ (“twins out”) was the welcoming announcement that newcomers heard at arrival in concentration camps. Fraternal and identical twins have been coveted for human experimentation in relation to the nature vs. nurture dichotomy since the Nazi era experiments by Joseph Mengele (aka “the angel of death”) ~*to this date*~;
  • some TIs are openly, morally motivated towards their selfless activism for socially progressive causes, while others may be seen as secretive, reactionary and morally backwards as they could possibly be, others couldn’t care less about political theatrics one way or the other and those who see the good, bad and ugly aspects to the left and to the right;
  • some TIs believe they are being targeted, because they became whistleblowers, but then, there are high profile whistleblowers whom the government doesn’t target;
  • as the Church Committee hearings showed, in the U.S. and European, “1st world” countries, they do tend to target more women and girls for experimentation and as victims for their mind-control training. Most TIs think that difference is due to the fact that men, generally speaking, are less communicative when it comes to matters relating to their bodily health and minds (which explains the life expectancy gap) and are more likely to act out violently towards perps or the general public and the government doesn’t welcome press coverage to those matters, but 75% of psychology graduates are USG is the ~**~ largest employer of them;
  • they actively seek out ~*wide and large*~ for individuals who:
    • are “free spirits”, not group people molded by the norms they frame and control;
    • dare to have a spine (participating in occupy protests or opposing anti immigrants policies will flag you to them as a potential “person of interest”);
    • are not seen as central in their social groups (instead of choosing Meryl Streep or Jack Nicholson they choose to ruin the career, well-doing business and life of actor Stephen Shellen);
    • are more central figure heads in case of minorities and people discriminated upon;
    • as they believe, can be more easily isolated, “own”, interpersonally engage, train into learned helplessness in order to hopefully subjugate them into their rank;
    • can be controlled and managed through social institutions they control, such as foster children[*];
    • are considered “socially awkward”, “loners” by their peers; so, their claims will be more likely disbelieved, dismissed, rationalized;
    • as representative quotas of their demographics;[*];
    • in all professions and trades.


What does actually happen to you?

It depends on what perpetrators (among them psychology graduates) consider to be your “bio-psychological and behavioral profile” and your own functional and social environment. Their harassment towards you may be part of their “operational psychology” school work and psychopathic training.[*][*][*] You will definitely notice very odd and peculiar things happening to you interfering with the course of your regular life, which can’t possibly be random and are obviously articulated by means of some obvious agency but without an actionably demonstrable trace to the perpetrators. TI social justice activist Bruno Marchesani related to us the story of a blind TI that decided to study psychology in order to help other TIs. Perpetrators zapped her fingers (so she couldn’t read), after which she expressed in meetings with her TI support group that she did feel suicidal. Perpetrators never stopped harassing her. She did commit suicide.[*]

How do I exit such a situation?

You can’t. It is like a chronic disease for which there is no cure even if you had the money to pay for it. The best you can do is manage it as functionally, healthily, morally and spiritually well as you possibly can. Unless you are being non-consensually used for a very specific type of research, once you are included in and “managed” through their lists, they use you in various well-compartmentalized ways in order to justify salaries and train their structures of control. Gang stalkers would not know of other perps training DEWs on you and they would not know of smear campaigns directed at you at work, nor will they know that you are being used for non-consensual experimentation. Even after you die they keep you in their data repositories as a correlating entry to possibly target other people who had related to you or show similar patterns of behavior.[* : “after you die”] If, say, you go to the doctor or hire a lawyer, all they do is case those developments. Few TIs claim their harassment stopped at some point by themselves (probably, because the program they were part of came to an end) and even though TIs know well police departments participate in the harassment and have found the court system totally useless, at least Bobby Towers claims to have used the legal system to stop gang stalkers, which he documented in his book.[]. There are very few people who claim to have escaped their own targeting to whatever extent they believe, by walking away from their homes without telling absolutely anybody or hinting in any way towards the preparation of their plans, changing their look, crossing jurisdictional borders into another country and remaining in hiding with the help of their family not even letting employers know where they live. However, they noticed that they were accompanied in their one-way, run-away public transportation trip and welcomed at their destination.[*] [*].

What kinds of people would do such things to other people?

Pretty much anyone! As exhaustively tested and cased social experiments have shown, most people would knowingly and carelessly harassed and even harm other people. The “Obedience to Authority” social experiment showed how a mere pretense of authority would be enough for people to induce irreversibly harming electro-convulsive torture on unwilling persons and even keep doing so while their apparent victim wasn’t responsive anymore. The Stanford prison experiment showed how people at some point start taking seriously the roles of what initially was a playful arrangement. The Rosenhan experiment vertically showed that there is from very little to absolutely nothing provably scientific about psychiatry and psychology. Ironically inmates were able to easily tell apart the fake impostors posing as mentally ill from true patients, while institutional “subject matter experts” were repeatedly duped! David Rosenhan stated as the main thesis of his experiment:

“At its heart, the question of whether the sane can be distinguished from the insane (and whether degrees of insanity can be distinguished from each other) is a simple matter: do the salient characteristics that lead to diagnoses reside in the patients themselves or in the environments and contexts in which observers find them?”[*]

The fundamental test case of Project ARTICHOKE (predecessor of MKUltra) was:

“Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?”

Any sane and morally healthy individual would wonder what kinds of people would have such preoccupations and how could such people find their careers as government officials. Foucault’s anthropologies studied the social aspects of what is understood as “socially relevant, acceptable“; what is seen as a “mental illness” and how societies have understood and administered “discipline and punishment“. Hannah Arendt ‘s “banality of evil” thesis debunked the idea that there was anything intrinsic in their genetics or drastically different in their moral or social points of view conditioning Nazis to end up embracing inhumanely horrific social developments. In fact, the U.S. government with their acolytes and local collaborators, have 8-timed the genocidal ratio of Nazi Germany during WWII and not a single one of their “Pulitzer Prize”, “freedom-of-the-press” Western mainstream media has substantially questioned any of it (they would talk in Aesopic ways, not even mentioning his name while talking about Snowden’s revelations) and the Israeli government (“the region’s only democracy”) not only disregards as a criminal offense that an Israeli settler Shimon Yifrah killed ~**~, a Palestinian school girl he playfully used for target practice, but even manages to gag order “freedom-of-the-press” U.S. mainstream media.[Palestinian school girl he playfully used for target practice] Yet, USG officials consider themselves to be “freedom lovers”, “spreading democracy”, whose genocidal abuses are just “mistakes”.[*][ISBN-10: 193598215X] Those consciousness studies show no correlation whatsoever with class, political persuasion, intellectual prowess, nationality, ethnic group, financial standing, race or gender. It took U.S. drone “warrior” turned whistleblower Brandon Bryant, who enrolled in the military as a way to have his own education paid for by tax payers, killing 16,026 people as if he was playing computer games (for which he was awarded a certificate by USG) to realize what he was doing was wrong. Another individual needed only killing one unsuspecting person on the other side of the world to refuse doing it again even under the threat of being court marshaled, while most USG “patriotic” perpetrators doing such things don’t understand why they would “mix emotions with ‘this'”, Bryant’s priest was telling him “‘it’ was (his actions were) all part of ‘God’s plans'” and ~**~.[rollingstone_the-untold-casualties-of-the-drone-war-20160218.html] After participants in the Rosenhan experiment learned that they were the actual subjects of experimentation and asked why they would do such things to another person, how exactly they understand the golden rule, most of them are surprised and tend to easily downplay, rationalize their actions.[* : parking lot] Managers from a fast food restaurant strip searched a teen girl, made her take off her clothings, spanked her and made her perform sexually based on a call from someone pretending to be a police officer because they thought “they were doing the right thing”[Managers from a fast food restaurant strip searched a teen girl] People bathing in an Italian beach didn’t care to rescue two gypsy girls crying out for help and continued carelessly sun bathing next to their corpses.[*][*] Interestingly, the “helping others” social experiment [* : Thinking Fast and Slow page 170] also confirms the approximate (1/3) ratio of people who would act based on their sense of moral responsibility, disregarding other situational and social factors. As all those variously cased and repeated consciousness studies show most people are not as decent, morally grounded, nice and heroic as we may like to believe, which may be a neurobiological, anthropological issue. What we should be conscious of and oppose is letting those types of folks with that kind of mindset take over the world. Most people who either have been victims of and/or know first hand about such abuses cannot rationalize any of it to any extent and do oppose harassing and torturing other people. Many of the people who served as escorts to Muslim children after 9/11 were descendants of Japanese people whose businesses were confiscated and who were interned during WWII just for being “Japanese”.[*] You will also find many individuals belonging to oppressed and discriminated who willingly become perps always for more than “the money”.[*] Even though other social experiments, well-known to marketeers, the establishment media and politicians, show how just barely semantically related perceptions, such as fart smell, can drastically influence people’s responses on a survey relating to supposedly moral issues; the relationship between perpetrator and victim in those experiments was merely situational. They haven’t studied, in addition to presenting an “authority figure” giving “orders to be followed”, the effect of remunerating perpetrators, using actual “authority figures” belonging to the structures of control they are part of and/or suggesting to perpetrators the victims as belonging to “the others’ group”; say: Muslim people in Western countries, Arabic or Spanish speakers in the U.S., “illegal immigrants” or Egypt’s Christian Coptic minority. After corporations systematically destroy the social infra structure of their countries and wars are started based on lies, when displaced people seek livable conditions somewhere else, we let “illegal immigrants” sink in the sea, as we enjoy the celebrity status we have granted Malala Yousafzai and Shyima Hall.[*][*] Just by noticing the kinds of computer games that children and adults get addicted to, such as “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and “Pokemon-Go“, it is obvious how easily people would find stalking and harassing other people as something “fun” to do.[*][*] In fact, “gaming skills” and other “indicators” relating to certain “psychological profiles” which potentially qualify “good candidates” for snitching and perpetrating, will help those individuals land a “job” by the military and policing agencies.[Bryan “gaming skills”] In an interview about his movie, “Snowden“, Steven Spielberg wondered how is it possible that out of circa 20,000 employees at the NSA just one (actually a few) could see that what they are secretly doing to the world at large is wrong on many counts and Intelligence Committee Chair Representative Mike Rogers has some peculiar philosophical interpretations of his own about the “tree falling in the forest” conundrum.[* : Spielberg 20,000][*]

Alexander Luria published his study of aspects characterizing the minds of such psychological freaks, “The Mind of a Mnemonist“. Neurobiologist Kent Kiehl, who has been extensively researching the brain of psychopaths, found a very high correlation between the propensity towards psychopathic behavior with the low metabolic activity of the amygdalae as part of the limbic system (feelings) and lack of the connecting interneurons to the prefrontal cortex (rationality). He asked to do the same experiments with police and he was allowed to do so under the condition that he doesn’t publish his findings!?! (Did he continue his research with politicians and plutocrats?). There indeed seems to be such a thing as “the minds of shills, snitches, perps, police, politicians and plutocrats”, which manifest itself in and correlate with what they consider to be means and ends of their deeds, how transparently they act and how honestly they show their intentions, the kinds of folks they tend to associate with and why, and their general smarts. Merely being an “educated” person doesn’t incline the scale one way or the other. As was the case of 1918 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Fritz Haber, plenty of academics more or less directly aid governments in the technical developments of various genocidal devices and techniques; yet, having high IQs constitute enough legal grounds for police departments not to allow such prospects into their ranks.[*] If you watch the arrest of social activist Sandra Bland you will notice that, emotions aside, the police officer didn’t seem to be able to understand at all Bland’s very basic question: “Why am I being arrested?” Those kinds of folks fully framed within structures of control and lines of commands, who understand reality through “following orders” kinds of reasonings go berserk when confronted with the idea that things do and should happen for intrinsic, natural and explainable reasons. Something that toddlers understand as part of their early conscious development.[*] Unarmed Eric Garner was jumped by 4 police officers and asphyxiated on the spot prompted by what seems to have been nitiated by lip service and quickly escalated from a banal argument to his murder by NYPD officers Daniel Pantaleo and Justin Damico. Regarding “ipsos custodes” (the watchers themselves) matters, you may wonder what is inside of the adult mind of a U.S. Army General with 40 years of service and chief of the NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command, when he models his “Information Dominance Center” with “Star Trek’s Enterprise” themes.[*]. NSA employees themselves express their anxiety about being watched and snitched at work as being “unprofessional”, are able to make such preposterous associations as “the Socrates of the NSA” (which to anyone with some sense of reality who knows who Socrates was and what the NSA does, may sound like “child molesters for peace” or “the St. Francis of CIA’s torture chambers”) and seem incapable of understanding that Snowden may have been motivated by his own moral, civic convictions and a fair reading of the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution. [* : Zelda] [* : Socrates of the NSA] [*] After the OPM hack. Those individuals expressed their concern about such “private” data being used to blackmail them (epically poetic, indeed!) and used public monies to pay themselves insurance.

Why doesn’t the government stop such abuses and excesses?

Those kinds of questions have never been answered by government officials themselves. You may very rarely find within the government individuals like Ron Wyden who at least have a civic sense of their duty, but their public statements would not be clear and revealing enough for people to make sense of what they are talking about, so people have to rely on whistleblowers and leaks to understand what they mean and learn about what the government is doing with their tax monies and in their names. As we well know, they have never stopped lying to, abusing and manipulating “We the people”, while enriching themselves as part of the plutocratic status quo. All they do is use the media and a few figure heads as fronts to quiet concerns of “morally sophisticated” characters. Governments nowadays are huge bureaucracies with relatively small and totally unimportant PR fronts (the politician faces you vote for “in order to ‘uphold democracy'”). There are ways to influence government decisions as it has happened with the SOPA reversal and when The Yes Men have made some of the most corrupt USG agencies change in important ways[* : ] … [* : (41:15) * two weeks ago a very close vote in the house on whether the gov was going to reign in NSA’s bulk collection of our phone records 217-205, because people actually called their representatives].

… but why?

Again, those kinds of questions have never been answered by the control freaks who tend to gravitate towards politics and policing agencies seizing upon any chance they have to be more domineering and controlling to the extent of instituting secret courts, judges, laws and their interpretations.[FISA] They use “National Security” excuses, as a relatively nice, more responsibly sounding way to tell “We the people” to shut up and “find our place”. In the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s, when the “freedom-loving” Western world was partying “the end of the cold war” after “the triumph over the ‘freedom-hating’ communism”; as the Russian government dismantled the Warsaw pact, shutdown their military basis around the world, unilaterally stopped patrolling the coasts of NATO countries with nuclear submarines and methodically went through complex and laborious diplomatic endeavors to return countries to the many peoples of the former Soviet Union. They seemed to have seen themselves without ways to justify salaries. The 1990’s was also the time when economic and political aberrations such as TPP came to fruition. “We the people” went from being offered services and products to becoming the products to be sold and bought on a collective and an individual basis and in order for them to maximize the profit from “their products”, they needed to know as much as possible about us. In those times, the Internet started to be widely embraced. They saw the opportunity to redefine themselves as some sort of technologically-based, pan-governmental Catholic Church with some business-oriented AI God. The ubiquitous adoption of new technologies and forms of social communication offered them a platform to easily and seamlessly maximize their profit. Benito Mussolini defined fascism as “the merger of corporate and political power” and President Eisenhower warned us about the the military industrial complex growing out of hand. You may wonder how is it exactly that Coca Cola got into the business of worrying about PITA activists.[*] Isn’t it enough for them, that so many people in the U.S. suffer from obesity and diabetes? Private and public employers willingly and/or forcibly participate in the FBI real-time notifications and updates “Rap Back” program (Record of Arrest, Prosecution and Background), about any kinds of run-ins of their employees’ with law enforcement even if they are the victims and including unlawful arrests relating to the exercise of their First Amendment Rights and civic protests even if they do not end up in convictions or charges of any kind and such activities are not related in any way their line of work. As usual, employees have no choice in the matter nor do they get access about such data when it comes to the government and their employers.[*] Nowadays, business, politics, police, justice, the media and academia have merged into one and the same thing. After remaining in the shadows for a while after the Church Committee, the TI phenomenon resumed as a renewed version of MKUltra and COINTELPRO in one in the 1990s.

Why don’t lawyers, legal agencies such as the ACLU, The Public Defenders Office and human rights watchdog organizations such as Amnesty International help? Isn’t that their job?

Lawyers who know about the TI phenomenon choose not to get close to anything related to it, not even talk about it. Some take the money knowing well that all they are doing is draining TIs savings, which is also one of perps’ goals. The Public Defenders Office is part of the government and would only take specific complaints about public officials and workers of government agencies; so, since perps act as non entities from the shadows protected and trained by government, they wouldn’t even register our cases. The ACLU certainly knows about such abuses since MKUltra and COINTELPRO times, but they don’t take TIs seriously, as they have actually told some of them, because: “you haven’t been formally accused of anything”, even though they know all too well this is exactly their modus operandi when it comes to TIs.[*][: ipsoscustodes] Interestingly, the ACLU proudly defends the legal rights of members of KKK and neo-facist organizations, arguing that it is exactly those cases that USG uses to then pass general laws infringing on everyone’s else’s rights.[* : ][* : ] ACLU Jay Stanley objects to the tendency of real-time monitoring databases such as “Rap Back” undergoing mission creep but the main targets of such abuses don’t seem to have a case in ACLU’s view.[*] Very well informed, ex-NSA powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe have decided to run a world-wide survey in order to investigate such matters even though they haven’t been targeted as other ex NSA employees have[* : Karen]. Wouldn’t you expect for the ACLU to do at least something about such crass human rights abuses?[* :* :

How many TIs are there in the U.S.?

The records relating to MKUltra were destroyed by Richard Helms‘s orders. He was never prosecuted for obstruction of justice as part of the Church Committee investigations. A gross estimate can still be made taking into consideration that 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies comprising 185 private researchers took part in 149 subprojects conducting “extensive testing and experimentation … on unwitting citizens [of all social strata]”[“extensive testing and experimentation”]. Say that approximately a total of 300 participating agencies covertly abused around 100 people each (circa 5 new subjects every year) in the approximately 20 years of existence from the early 1950s to 1973. So, a total of approximately 30,000 people may have been ensnared in non-consensual experimentation programs one way or another by USG. Now, when you add up to that figure roughly the same number of people as part of the political persecution and collective madness in vogue in those times (the witch hunts of the McArthy era) as part of the much more socially extensive COINTELPRO, also exposed by the Church Committee, that figure could add up to a total of circa 60,000 when the 1970 census computed the U.S. population at ~**~. In those times, like in ours, people were not all abused and persecuted in the same ways with the same intensity and for the same reasons. If you watch The Front, a movie about the persecution in those times made by persecuted people themselves, you will notice that people did have some privacy (they could even use each other as fronts to evade censorship!). In our times, privacy is a silly illusion. The government can effectively monitor every move of every member of society, which comes at almost no cost to them. In fact, as members of society conduct their lives, they may be unsuspectingly doing the work of targeting themselves (making their pattern of behavior somehow peculiar or its correlation to other patterns interesting, which is all done algorithmically). After the Church Committee, non-consensual experimentation, social control and repression in the U.S. adopted more aggressively a subcontracting and decentralized model, which makes difficult estimating hard figures.[* : FBI chief: ‘unacceptable’ that Guardian has better data on police violence] Even on a county level perps have received all kinds of military grade technology with which then they need training.[* : ] Public safety institutions such as The National Victims of Crime Center should, but does not make public statistics about citizens’ complaints. Some TIs have estimated the figure in the U.S. to be anywhere in the 10,000s, while other think it to be much larger probably up to half a million people, if you include the “collateral damage” to family members. In fact, most TIs believe that low figure only to reflect the individuals who don’t comply, that most people they target rationalize their actions to themselves as “having been quick at getting it”, availing their spineless, coward, bored souls to the powers that be.

love and family …

Many TIs find the family involvement of their harassment particularly emotionally demanding and hurtful, especially when they mess with your children’s health, they destroy your relationship with your loved ones or your own family members participate in the harassment or contribute to your distress. As he related before “going American”, committing suicide Myron May found especially sad that some members of his family became perps and took part in the harassment towards him. Especially when TIs are put under Zersetzung perps may zero in on their family as a way to mess with them. Your family may be part of some non-consensual experimentation or perps may have just extended the experimentation to your family members as a way to economize on logistics. Some TIs have reported that their babies don’t like to put on clothing because of the effect of radiation.[babies don’t like to put on clothing because of the effect of radiation], but most TIs report perps’ harassment and torture to be so individualized and targeted that their family may for the most part be spared of and unincumbered about such abuses even while living in the same home and sharing the same bed with their spouse. Some TIs try hard not to tax their family members’ minds with such ongoingly taxing, unsolvable matters, which may foster dysfunctional relationships. Other TIs only talk about such themes when other parties bring them up into a conversation and to the extent that the person can understand. There are also the parents who choose to call perps’ bluff and use the harassment to teach their children about the human condition, coping mechanism, perseverance, having a sense of humor no matter what and even some science while they are at it. You may, for example, bring up the topic of “radiation” in relation to “how to detect it” to talk to your children about the scientific method and motivating them to build an antenna by themselves (about which there are plenty of books and well-protocolled guidelines out there any middle schooler can understand). Regardless of the family approach you take, even if anger and distress will be entirely natural, never let hate get hold of your children’s minds. It is a very cheap, unprofitable, shortsighted and spiritually blinding emotion. As Saint Francis (some true and nice hippie character equally loved by the Pope and Muslims during Inquisition times) stated: ~*”the greatest of all graces and gifts that God has granted us with is the capacity of overcoming oneself”*~. Life’s vicisitudes are great teaching and learning moments to understand Saint Francis’ moral. Family members will feel frustrated about not being able to help a person they love which creates emotional frictions, arguments of understanding and at times exasperation in the coolest, most loving parents or spouse. You should be especially careful and honest to yourself about the character of the person who may become your spouse, with whom you may start a family. Some TIs are upfront about their condition, other ones would rather try to know their dates a bit better before deciding to disclose such issues to them. Whatever you do, lies tend to become very expensive in the long run.

How do I disabuse myself?

Easy! Expose them! They will invariably stop or start being less obvious and aggressive once they notice you are recording and exposing their actions.

What constitutes self defense in such cases of abuse?

As martial arts practitioners do, exploit their offense to strategize your reactions. For more than one good reason, people with something to do, some brains and healthy senses don’t spend their time snitching and harassing other people, but there is absolutely no law saying that someone can’t, say, put up a park bench in a public space right in front of your property or CCTV cameras or from a neighbors’ directed towards your home. Most snitches and perps are misinformed about the people they target. If say they belong to a pedophile neighborhood alert and they are told to watch out for that person driving or walking by, they assume you may be a potential child molester. They tend to be the kinds of people who see themselves as James Bonds wannabes, so they seem to get confused if you in turn start taking pictures of them and their cars and publicly post them. One of their arguments is that legally anyone can take pictures of you that “there is no expectation of privacy” while in public, so you may then take pictures of them as well. If you start “watching the watchers” by following them around for a while for a change, they get confused. Of course, there are too many perps and you would spend your whole day doing such things, so you will have to “choose your battles”. Moreover, even if they basically use the same techniques, being their technological capabilities constrained only by their budgets, there are also cultural aspects characterizing what they do and how they go about it. Policing agencies in the U.S. don’t like to make either presence or actions too obvious to unintended persons since they care about the “free country” facade. They also hide their operatives as well, “because in the U.S. they respect human rights”. They put on lots of histrionic attempts and spend lots of effort and time in theatrical shows justifying mass surveillance, the defining characteristic of a police state, in a supposedly democratic, “good Christian” “freedom loving” country; pretending to confine their actions “within the rule of Law”, “The U.S. Constitution” and “morally grounded” principles; yet, they keep “their laws and their interpretations secret”!?! For a long time they successfully managed to hoodwink U.S. citizens into wholeheartedly believing that only “freedom-hating”, morally base lowlifes such as the Russians, Chinese and Cubans would do such a thing as mass surveilling their own citizens. So, if you live in a “free” country, by all means, use your freedoms! [* : No one is listening to your phone calls] [* : Snowden Evo Morales] The East German stasi actually minded their business and kept their paper data indexed in a relatively simple, cumbersome way.[Birthler files] They liked for the people to think of them as all-knowing and being able to do anything, but did what they possibly could to actually hide their operatives. In fact, as it happens today in Western countries, East German citizens were under the impression that the stasi actually ran the country, that their socialist united party was just a front. The Cuban dictatorial government doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t teach people how to read and write, to then expect for them to read, write and think what you want. The Cuban police doesn’t care at all about acting in the open. They summon their targets to openly discuss with them their repression plan and, following internal regulations, even help targets document police brutality! Yet, they train police not to abuse people, prosecute and jail abusers after discharging them for misconduct, at times in regular prisons. [* : Physicist Guy] [* : Yoani los huevos]

How do I protect myself against their harassment and torture?

You should always try to minimize the effect of the techniques perpetrators use, not be an easily manageable guinea pig, by:

  • acting up in open ways in order to expose the details of what they do: Police and perps try to engage you personally, but they act through innuendo, expecting for you to “get it” and “submit to your masters”. If they mess with you, document exactly what happens ASAP, write/blog about it and openly ask the question in public, widely accessible fora in a naive way specifying in detail the techniques they used and call back the companies they are pretending to belong to. This is also important, because, as it happened during the previous COINTELPRO times, perpetrators are “developing their own skills” and “taking their ‘careers’ ‘seriously'”, looking forward for “future promotions” so at times they get “creative”, “imaginative” and do certain things they know to be illegal which their supervisors may not agree with. Be true and keep emotions in check while relating such incidents. Do not try to let people know how smart you are by figuring them out. Let them do that for themselves, you should just describe the details of the incidents as they unfolded footing every aspect of what you describe in facts and falsifiable statements (which truthfulness can be proven), even if your stories may sound preposterous to some people. Some TI teachers have expressed their worries about USG using minors and school children as perpetrators even while in school, which should be illegal for a number of good reasons. Under informed consent statutes regarding their minors, parents should be fully informed about school authorities abusing their children. Teachers worry about such matters because stupid incidents with their students could end in grounds to revoke their teaching license. It turned out, those teachers’ worries weren’t unwarranted, the online news venue, The Intercept , published the FBI operative manuals which specify the use of minors as snitches and perps by USG. Some people would rather adopt “don’t upset the dogs”, “play dead” strategy entertaining illusions about quietly accepting the abuse in the hope that they will stop. That is not likely to work in your favor either in the short or long term. As part of their wannabe-spy training, they are improving their “smarts”, “psychological domination” mind-gaming skills; so, initially, they map and jail you in order to monitor the effectiveness of their abuse. As is the case with researchers experimenting with animals, to those sick morally deafferented members of alphabet gangs your feedback and reactions is more valuable than their torture and experimentation.
  • cc-ing the enablers and “whom it may concern” always when you write a complaint letter: say, if you live in the U.S. and are complaining to the Postal Service about their carriers leaving your mail (and only yours!) by the superintendent of your building whom you have told many times to stop collecting your mail (they are forced to serve as perps by their managers and landlords “following orders from above”), in addition to the USPS and landlord; cc the local police, fusion center, The Public Defenders Office, better business bureau and/or the ACLU. It is important that a record is kept about perps’ actions, as well.
  • never accepting any kind of interpersonal engagement with them; talk about, never to them!: Do not reciprocate any kind of conversational engagement with them either through words or innuendo, such as reacting to what they say or do (even through their V2K harassment). They act as if you were forcibly having a conversation with them already, even if you are not talking about matters relating to politics in any way. You say something to a friend of yours and then a perp standing a line on a grocery store fakes talking to another person as if he/she was being part of that private conversation of yours. You should totally ignore them if they come up to blab you or simply tell them to put whatever they are saying in writing, “so, that you can discuss this with your lawyer”. If they get too much on your face or in your way, you should publicly and loudly talk to the situation not to them: “Excuse [Sir|Madam]! You are blocking the way!”. If they hurl at you one of their “we”‘s, you should simply ask them: “Who is ‘we’?” If you are stuck with them in a situation in which you can’t ignore them, say, they are holding you at an airport while they keep your passport, act stupid and loud like you can’t understand them, don’t understand either hierarchies or secrecy, like you would not be a profitable investment of their time, a good “one of us” collaborator. It is definitely much better to have short unpleasant encounters with such morally deafferented morons than dealing with them interpersonally for the rest of your life. German chancellor Angela Merkel seem to have gotten the stasi off her 5 senses, mind and shadow by telling them she couldn’t possibly be a worthwhile snitch due to her “talkative nature” (not as a moral integrity principle!)[* : ] In addition to having a very particular, self-serving way to use language and their interpretations being secret, perps have their ways to interpret whatever they may take as a response from you.[*] As Esperanza (“Hope” in Spanish, from Valencia/Spain) relates to us: individuals she believes to be members of satanic cults, have been harassing her and her family, pushing them to the edge of madness for no apparent reasons. Perpetrators found and followed her wherever she moved as she tried to run away from it all. They were exhausting her physically and emotionally to the point of darkness; yet, she had a moment of spiritual clarity, realizing that “if she let those people take over her life she would never be able to love other people and herself”. Next day, as she walked out of her apartment and found the perps fielding her again, she just gave them a friendly smile. They proceeded to follow her aggressively as she drove, dangerously pairing their cars to hers in order to return her friendly gesture with a mocking smirk.[*] Perps don’t seem to understand that they are not seen as “good police” by TIs. The truest and most fundamental aspect of respect towards a person is accepting “no” for what it means. Gangs of individuals Pavlovian conditioning , harassing and torturing a person tacitly do not have the most minimal respect towards that person or humanity for that matter.
  • always remembering that they know all there is to be known about you: even if you choose to, say, illusively think that they don’t know about your second passport you are using taking advantage of your dual citizenship. They already know the answer to any question they may ask you. They are asking, as when they stare at you, to see how you react to their conversational baits. If they use any kind of supposedly private information about you (to those kinds of folks being a snitch, minding other people’s private matters amounts to “being ‘smart'”, they call it “‘intelligence’ gathering” (as if you could “gather ‘intelligence'”)), simply ask them (trying not to invest any emotions as you do so): “… and how do you know about this?”;
  • connecting with other TIs: yes, they have their snitches and disinformation brigades in support groups, too; but discerning the truths of matter and the fakes from the true TIs isn’t that hard. To your amazement, you may even run into apparently good people who seem to believe that what they do is right (those, if they are truly good and smart enough, invariably have their second doubts, change of minds at some point).
  • keeping detailed records, preferably handwritten or printed notes: of what they do to you with the license plates of the cars, location where and time when incidents happen including videos and pictures you can easily take with your cell phone (use apps to record the exact location, time stamp and direction of the camera); save and make your complaints cumulatively. Always keeping in mind that any kind of electronic data they have access to, either compromised through the network as you access the Internet or a black bag operation, can be easily copied, messed up with. A TI related a story in which after being stopped and harassed by the highway patrol for no reason whatsoever and keeping a long and extensive record of what was going on. He then called 911 and reported (as he recorded the call on his own phone): “certain individuals at the intersection so and so “dressed as police, porting guns and driving what seems to be a police car (reading off the license plate over the phone)”, who have been harassing him and his family for months for no apparent reason whatsoever. The idiots were upset and asked him: “Why ‘he’ had done that?” He made sure to get and keep a transcript of the report. They stopped messing with him/his family in that way. They never know when and where their faces and actions may resurface again. Dr. Katherine Horton related to us a story about a lady who was just an animal rights activist, who was framed by a “Romeo”. She seems to have fallen in love with and a baby was born, after which he disappeared without rhyme or reason and without leaving a trace. After many years the single mother, still wondering what had happened, learned of google face recognition and used it to find him still working as a perp now in Australia.[* : ][*: ];
  • connecting with and supporting social justice organizations in your capacity: “(WE) custodiet ipsos custodes” types agencies such as ~**~ in NYC doing some true activism for social justice;
  • keeping police and perps at a safe distance, not inviting them in if you get a knock on your door from them: in certain jurisdictions you would be tacitly inviting them to search your apartment. You just stand on the door, asking and repeating to them “what do you want?” and “am I arrested?”, anything extra you say to them, they will use for their playful nonsensical back and forths.
  • taking quite simple and effortless measures such as:
    • not giving them any excuses to get you off base while committing any kinds of petite crimes as minor as you may consider them to be and even if “everybody does it”. Always keep in mind that “TIs can hit Ctrl-Z”, all they need is just one mistake in order to irreversibly mess with your life;
    • not letting medical practitioners do any kinds of “extra” tests on you unrelated to the very treatment you are getting, asking for a copy of the results of any tests and keeping your own updated copy of your medical records (to which you are legally entitled anyway), bring a family member or person you trust to the hospital; if possible, into the operating room with you;
    • do not participate in any kinds of “medical research” or “surveys”;
    • reading off of and writing on paper;
    • playing out music and/or office noises while you talk on the phone (so that they can’t automatically transcribe your conversations, will have to use perps to go monkey and actually listen to your calls, which makes it more socially involving, time consuming and costly to them);
    • putting your bed on a vibration-proof frame;
    • sleeping in a Faraday cage;
    • not accepting drinks or food being handed to you in restaurants and bars and drinking always running water from places used by many people, randomly picking from where to buy or replenish your own bottles;
    • totally stop or minimize your participation on social networks and such things automatically leaving an electronic trail of your behavior;
    • walking on the side walk against car traffic which makes aiming DEWs at you harder;
    • trying to make your behavior as ephemeral and unpredictable as conveniently possible to you; keeping in mind that the better their mapping of your behavior is, the easier you are making for them to mess with you.
  • not allowing for their harassment to totally frame/derail your daily life, occupy your mind: don’t do anything you are not comfortable with (which could make some of the previous suggestions less valid). Some people totally ignore perps and police, some other would rather talk to them in order to avoid for their own families to be hassled. Yet, you can reduce your conversations to talking about yourself. You don’t need to snitch or talk about other people. You should tell them to ask those individuals directly as they are talking to you, since “you don’t pay attention to other people’s matters, don’t know the answer to such questions”. After being targeted by the Inquisition, when Galileo recanted his support for the “CopernicanHeliocentric theory during his prosecution for heresy and “blasphemy to the very pope“, knowing well Giordano Bruno‘s fate, he didn’t incriminate anyone but himself as a way to further ridicule the powers that be. He was able to continue his research even under house arrest, retake his previous work and perform his most insightful inclined plane experiments.

How many perps are there?

There aren’t any official figures about the ratio of snitches and perpetrators to the general population (perp ratio) in our kinds of police states nowadays. The perp ratio in East Germany was higher than during Nazi times. Gross estimates taking into consideration participating agencies and the impression of individuals who have endured the hospitality of those police states suggest that the perp ratio in “the land of the ‘free’ and ‘the’ ‘brave’ …” seems to be definitely higher than in East Germany under the stasi. There are many kinds of perps, full time ones working for police departments and 3rd party “security contractors” and those, being coordinated through their cell phones, who momentarily lend their attention to momentary snitching. There are also those working for the NSA and fusion centers whom you would never see but they know all there is to be known about your life and predictively so (way more than you yourself would be aware of). They “monitor” you 24×7, in order to share that data with handlers and perps in the field. In the U.S. they have networked into an all-encompassing “total awareness” grid linked to policing agencies and coordinated by fusion centers from shoplifting prevention in stores and members of neighborhood and pedophile watch associations, cabs and livery car drivers, all building superintendents and porters, janitors, security personnel, small business and bodega owners; to the USPS, transportation authorities (such as the MTA in NYC) and University departments. Current rent lease contracts in NYC include: “are you a member or veteran of the U.S. armed forces?” kinds of questions in order to keep a current map of potential perps.[*] Once you have organized and instructed people, you must train them into psychopathic behavior, unlearning empathy, give them their practical bearings and keep them in a stay of readiness, for which they use TIs. As historian Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk in his analysis of the large corpus left by the stasi published in his book: „Stasi konkrete. Überwachung and Repression in der DDR” (“Facts about the stasi. Surveillance and repression in East Germany”): the perp ratio in East Germany was less than 2% and of those less than 20% reported on more than one person, many snitches purposely corrupted their “work” and would even tell, befriend their victims and the stasi stressed objectivity and set the tone even in office gossip. When it comes to those times’ technologies, the stasi could only monitor 4,000 fixed lines, which may have even shared by various individuals, had to use second-hand cassette recorders and they had very few cameras in well known places.[* : ][* : ][* : ] Depending on where you are at a certain moment, live and work the perp ratio may be higher. In East Germany, the perp ratio in media companies was 10% (more than 5 times higher). In the U.S. the perp ratio will be very high at medical facilities and universities.[* : ][* : ] Another important characteristic of our times is that all policing agencies share your data; so, the potentially damaging consequences of perps’ actions is greater and more long term. Students and teachers, who have found their pictures, names and lives’ private details exposed publicly on the “canary mission” site for “promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on college campuses” (to them questioning the occupation amounts to “promoting hatred”), wondered how could the Israeli government gain so much information about their private lives, which they had never shared on “social networks”. Those kinds of smear campaigns may not only stigmatize you while in college, but influence your professional career in the future. No, it is not just about “electronic Über-surveillance”. There are lots of snitches and perpetrators out there.[*][*]

How do snitches and perpetrators react when made aware about their actions? Do they know what they are doing?

Of course, they know what they are doing! Even if at times they don’t seem to quite see their actions in their true dimensions and full scope and may be misinformed. They receive direct instructions from the government agencies “reimbursing” them and they sign confidentiality agreements in which they exonerate those government agencies from all kinds of liabilities, making themselves legally responsible for their actions.[* : FBI gives itself] Perps react confused while confronted by TIs, as if they were the ones actually being harassed, because: “they are not doing anything wrong or illegal to you”, “they are just snitching you for a while”, doing “their ‘patriotic duty’ of being trained as part of the ‘total awareness’ programs against ‘terrorists'”. What snitches do, even if morally wrong to some people, “questionable” to other and fatal to Amadou Dialo and Eric Garner; technically speaking, is not illegal. There are no “expectations of privacy” while you are in a public space. Anyone who can see what you are doing and relate it to the government. Snitches, for the most part, have no idea about the person they are watching, perpetrators do at least to some extent and they actively and intentionally harass other people. They are told certain things they could check for themselves, but they choose to “follow orders” from the government which given their brains they can’t help but find “smart” and even get a kick at. Once you know the person you are snitching and choose to abuse that person’s trust, you are a perp. As former stasi „Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter”/Spitzel (“unofficial collaborator”/snitch) Monika Häger relates: “they seem to see themselves as minor, innocuous players in the whole game”, who are “just trying to trying to talk to you”, “with no mean intentions”, “‘just’ trying to help policing agencies ‘help’ you”.[* : Yfl6WTd4oFk&t=5m15s] Perps would get upset if you take a picture of them, apparently without considering that they, as willing participants of a larger network of snitches and perpetrators working for the government, had received a picture of yours on their cell phone. In the excellent documentary, with the heads of Shin Bet, “The Gatekeepers“, they related how at times they have detained people who had no idea whatsoever as to why they were being tortured. Unbeknown to them, they had been “chosen” and hunted down as if they were animals to be “worked” as potential snitches to target other people. Some of those individuals have died in custody in their torture chambers without a clue as to why they were detained to begin with. Perps don’t seem to understand the repercussions of their actions or even emotionally, socially empathize at all to other people. U.S. government officials were naively explaining that: “yes, they do their best to find out the identities of the victims of their drone strikes” (after they kill them in order to find out if those where their targets), former stasi members adamantly oppose any association with their roles as perpetrators; seamlessly, silently finding their way into the BND and the business world after the German reunification. U.S. perps can’t even begin to understand what the big deal is and make fun of Angela Merkel’s qualms about being spied on by USG.[*]][* : 7PWRHb8MZjQ&t=33m00: The Guardian/What does NSA surveillance mean for the future of the internet][* : ][*]

How much do perps get paid?

There are many different kinds of perps from gang stalkers who may get low-rate part time “reinbursements” (approx. $10 an hour) and perks such as shopping cards, to the ones working full time jobs in fusion centers and for 3rd party contractors.[*] As specified in the widely used tax preparation book in Germany, ~*„Kont”*~, the current tax code of present day Germany grants snitches a 10% flat rate as form of remuneration[* : IE3Swn83gf8 (1:19:05)]

Why don’t more people know about this?

As it was the case before the Snowden revelations, there is a concerted effort by the status quo to play down such matters, which is evidenced by the amount of scheming around, “plausible deniability” and time they put into denying it and portraying TIs as “crazies”, people suffering from persecutory delusions. [* : Daily News] [*] [*] [*] [rationalwiki] [* : ] [*] Have you ever noticed USG denying and misrepresenting claims by Illuminati groups, UFO enthusiasts or the Church of Scientology? Have they ever paid any attention to the claims of actually mentally ill people? If, as they claim: “TIs are just ‘a bunch of crazed yahoos'”, why do they spend so much effort denying their claims? Why do they enlist armies dedicated to online sockpuppetry messing with TIs’ comments and attempts to network, organize, seek justice at every turn? Many U.S. high ranking officials do know and tacitly admit to know that this is going on. [* : Obama citizen’s commision] [* : Kerry in front of press asking such questions as a statements] [* : Keith admitting it to TIs] [* : Cheiny said “forget that stuff”] [* : Rumsfeld on DEWs] Even journalists who are not part of the establishment media and are more questioning and confrontational to the government apparently have “responsibly” chosen not to elaborate in depth on the functional details pertaining to such matters. [* : … “and more” … ] Of course, since, physically speaking, such devices must work both ways, their statements strongly suggest, what many TIs have been talking about for a long time: the fact that they are using military grade devices to monitor and torture them silently and without leaving an apparent trace even while inside their homes.[* : ] TIs have also been complaining for a long time about “hearing voices”, which also turned out to be another of the techniques perps use, which, as it turned out, has become a technique used nowadays commercially to harass people. Obviously, as it happened during previously during MKUltra and COINTELPRO times, perps were beta testing those technologies with TIs. [* : ] [* : ] MKUltra Chemist, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who saw the temporary reactions of LSD as potentially useful as a mind control tool to “affect the course of important meetings, speeches etc”, stressed the importance of “testing people in ‘normal’ settings”. Nowadays, the government collects so much data about every single citizen real time, seamlessly and in predictive ways; that they can optimally sample with a single query groups of unsuspecting individuals to be used as test subjects for any kind of military, social control, biological and/or pharmaceutical experimentation. In fact, IT companies do those kinds of “big data” querying on an ongoing basis as part of their “business intelligence”. Many people generally have and guard their moral blind spots at any cost. They would not accept wrong doing by the government, even if one makes the effort to explain such matters in ways that they could check out by themselves, because such ideas would rock their normalcy bias. Governmental, religious institutions and the media of European countries pretended they didn’t know about it and disbelieved, made even fun of Jewish people when they were trying to alert the general public about extermination camps in Nazi Germany. Lately, Muslims have taken the role of “cultural other” for Westerners [* : TIs, as disposable non-persons, seem to be at the bottom of their regard. People with little technical knowledge find hard to believe that the government is recording every single telephone conversation because they see it as if they were trying to mind every little gossip that goes around. If they are told that the government routes all data through data centers in Canada in order to “legally” spy on U.S. citizens, they would see themselves as driving back and forth to Canada, when the encoded light signals carrying all that information can zip back and forth through today’s fiber optic trunks in about ~**~ ms. Edward Snowden and ~**~ anxiously argued about, as she put it: “why would the government care about ‘her private parts'”? Most people have that kind of mindset because they don’t know governments, politicians, police.

When/Where does it happen?

It depends on how do you conduct your life and the harassing and torturing techniques perpetrators are training on you. If they are torturing you aurally, via V2K, it would happen when and where they could aim such devices at you. If they are sleep depriving you, it will in your bedroom, but you will notice that it doesn’t happen the same, when you sleep in different places, especially a randomly chosen place they don’t know about and you don’t share with anyone using a communication venue they own or in a place they can hear what you are saying. They may irradiate you when you are trying to sleep at your home from your neighbors’ places using DEWs, but if you are sleeping in a random or new place (not in hotels or motels!) where they haven’t set up their dungeons, they will be still able to use portable devices such a sonic guns, but the experience will be different.

How does it happen?

You will invariably notice that there must be some well-coordinated agencies behind those “happenings” because of their recurrence and their articulation . “Why is it that I constantly find that unknown person staring at me when I am arriving at work?, unknown people following me around, all too visibly acting as if they were updating my location on their cell phones?”, “lights in my apartment on, again? I positively switched them off as I left!”, “… and now I find my apartment door unlocked, too? … and the keyhole misfunctioning, as well? … with a stuck key inside?”, “why are things again misplaced in my apartment?”, “why are all those baseless rumors being aired about me at work? who exactly is spreading them?”… If, say, you are an activist trying to visit a place, you may find virtually impossible to book a flight, your cell phone may not work at crucial times or while you are in the middle of an important, time-sensitive meeting for which you prepared a powerpoint presentation, devices repeatedly misfunction in awkward ways or crash without apparent rhyme or reason; so, your audience and supervisors start wondering “what is wrong with -you-” … As the “invisible gorilla” and other consciousness studies show, attention is a very expensive currency we used sparingly, so they profusely go out of their way in order to make you pay attention to their nonsense. It is not like you tell a friend about some news you read on the guardian questioning Trump’s decision to send “his Armada” to the Korean peninsula and then you read those sames news scrolling on a video panel as you walk by, but like seeing pictures of yourself and Dennis Rodman flanking Kim Jong-Un all of you in a smiling victory fingers pose plastered on your front door or your desk at work (during a period of time they know you will be absent from your desk for some time, as to maximize the number of people who see it), on people’s T-shirts or signs being held by strangers, like a mother pushing her baby on a stroller and still managing to hold that sign … “OK, that is definitely delivered!” If those incidents were random, they would be affecting most people in a very dysfunctional society in which business could not possibly prosper. System theoretic studies have shown that just by incapacitating a functioning entity of some of its parts, you rock its synergistic stability, severely mess with it, bring it to a halt, destroy it[* : ][*].

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julianne’s suggestion

TI Julianne’s suggestion

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no niggah, no …

Lately, after the global TI survey, we have been noticing peculiar changes in perps’ skits and clowning operations. In my case, they seem to not only be reinforcing their regular sleep deprivation b#llsh!t and doubling their efforts to drive me into homelessness, but their clowning operations have become more stupid (in case you thought that to be impossible).

There are two books about the stasi:

* Stasi konkret: Überwachung und Repression in der DDR/Kowalczuk, Ilko-Sascha

* Volkes Stimmen: »Ehrlich, aber deutlich« – Privatbriefe an die DDR-Regierung/Suckut, Siegfried

which I bought from March 8th and 9th in order to extract citations out of them for what I believe will become our wikipedia page. Since they would not ship directly to the U.S., a friend had to then mail them to me using die Deutsche Post/their local DHL connection. I need them to make a factual and falsifiable comparison between the East German stasi and the “freedom-loving” gringo one. Books shipment did “get lost”.

I do at times indulge in binge eating. I call it my “little boy in Havana” things. I like to eat the closest thing to guava paste you can find in NYC, so they hide it when I get to the store. Manager comes, looks for it and with a visible strange face finds it hidden in a relatively sophisticated way, apparently wondering who was hiding products to be sold at his store. I try hard to keep a silly, candid face throughout the operation even though I invariably notice their “scare crows” standing by.

They also know I live trying to squeeze a minute from here and there and they know how do I organize my life around what I am working on. As a way to save some time I (and a little money) they know I will go to a supermarket to get some ready made food after they mark it down for the end of the day. There was no food whatsoever on that stand or their deli, yet, their “scare crow” was again standing by, cell phone in hand making himself noticeable, making sure I do notice that just didn’t happen by chance that I wasn’t just “unlucky”.

But you know what? Maybe they are right. Maybe I shouldn’t be binge eating even if minimally after all! But, do they really believe that they will attain anything by not letting me eat guava paste? orders:

Schein der Deutschen Post:

Deutsche Post/DHL Nachforschungsauftrag:

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„Angelika, Angelika vom Fernsehen in der DDR …“

There is this amazing lady that goes by “Benito Mussolini” comme nom de plume (et/ou de guerre) at TheIntercept, an online journalistic venue started 2013 by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill, which went really fast from a very promising, almost Messianically appealing oasis of hope in the oceanic miasma of sh!t of Western MSM; to some piece of sh!t, “visually appealing” thing selling (or “syndicating”) their users’ comments to 3rd parties (exactly the kind of sh!t that they were vehemently criticizing!). Very rarely their articles are worth reading, but I have to admit that I go to that place just to check out what “il Duce” has to say about whatever:

Benito Mussolini: June 25 2017, 4:28 p.m.
Many of the things Mr. Nader says are obvious…for which I have to give him credit; there are very few US politicians who are capable of seeing the obvious and an even smaller number who are capable of stating the obvious. The Democratic Party, however, doesn’t actually need Mr. Nader’s advice. Once they sort out the problem of Russian interference in US elections, all their other problems will go away.

Those “Russian interfering with the political establishment in the U.S.” issues to me are just more preposterously nonsensical b#llsh!t courtesy of “our duly elected representatives” and policing agencies. Why is it so hard for “freedom-lovers” to get it over their minds? Why is it so hard to get just a little tiny bit of your own medicine? (Never mind it was just placebo!) For Christ’s sake! This is what USG has been doing with every single government in the world ever since! It would be like a teen gossiping about everybody, their families and pets in high school and then needing “professional help” when just the illusion of some people gossiping about her crosses her mind! It all has become so absurd and been out of control for so long, that it has paralyzed politics and in all societal sense making in the U.S. It reminds me of some other whole political establishment/police absurdity that I found hilarious.

There was a TV anchor with a pretty face, stunning brown eyes and nice Stimme, prosody, mannerism, whose name was Angelika Unterlauf (married as Böhme) to whom a journo from the other “bad” side dedicated what was rendered as a love song („Angelika vom Fernsehen in der DDR“ (“Angelika, the TV anchor from East Germany”)):

// __ Angelika, Angelika vom Fernsehen in..
but it was very obviously satire. Here is the outline of the song’s lyrics:

Siebzehn Uhr im Ostkanal,
dunkle Augen seh’n mich an.
Was du sagst, das klingt banal,
aber darauf kommt’s nicht an.

Gerne würde ich dich fragen
ob ich dich mal treffen kann.
Ich möchte dir was nettes sagen,
einfach so – dann und wann.

Könnt‘ ich nur beiseite schieben
was uns auseinander hält,
Ich bin hier und du da drüben,
wie lebst du in deiner Welt?

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Fährst du Wartburg oder Mazda?
Träumst du von einem Wasserbett?
Hast du eine Sommerdatsche
und vielleicht ein Segelbrett?

Magst du Krim-Sekt und Machorka
oder Coke und Chersterfield?
Möchtest du mal nach Mallorca?
Bist du zärtlich oder wild?

Liebst du Rosen, trinkst du Wein
und trägst du gerne echte Jeans?
Hörst du manchmal ganz allein
im RIAS Rock’n‘Roll und Evergreens?

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Was sagt deine Kaderakte?
Warst du in der FDJ?
Hast du heimlich Westkontakte?
Fliegst du oft mit der Aeroflot?

Machen Plaste und Elaste
euch das Leben wirklich leicht?
Und hast du in deiner Kaste
mehr als andere erreicht?

Weinst du machmal und verzagst?
Suchst du Trost und findest keinen?
Glaubst du, wenn du „Freiheit“ sagst,
dass wir dann dasselbe meinen?

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Seventeen o’clock in East Germany’s TV,
her brown eyes look at me.
What she says sounds banal,
yet, that hardly matters.

I would gladly ask her out
for a date if we could meet.
I would love to say to her something nice,
just so, now and then.

If we could only push aside
what separates us.
I’m here and she over there (yet, I wonder)
how is her life in your world?

Angelika, Angelika, …
that TV anchor from the GDR.
You feel close enough to touch you
and yet you are so far away.

Angelika …

Do you drive Wartburg or Mazda?
Do you dream of a waterbed?
Do you have a summer dacha?
And perhaps a sailing boat?

Do you like KrimSekt und Machorka
Or Coke and Chersterfield?
Would you like to go to Mallorca (Spain)?
Are you tender or are you wild?

Do you love roses? Do you prefer wine?
Do you like to wear “real brand” jeans?
Do you sometimes listen by yourself
Rock’n’Roll and Evergreens from RIAS channel?

Angelika, Angelika, …
that TV anchor from the GDR.
You feel close enough to touch you
and yet you are so far away.

Angelika …

What does your dossier say about you?
Were you in the FDJ?
Do you have secret West contacts?
Do you often fly with the Aeroflot?

Being so plastic and elastic truly makes
your life over there so easy?
have you made it in your caste?
Are you truly better off than others?

Do you at times cry and have your fears?
Do you seek trust and find none?
When you say “freedom”,
do you think of the same we mean?

Angelika, Angelika, …
that TV anchor from the GDR.
You feel close enough to touch you
and yet you are so far away.

Angelika …

basically the guy is wondering who she is (pretending to be curiously in love ;-)) telling her that the banal b#llsh!t she talks about doesn’t really matter because he is seized by her beautiful eyes …, which did not only infuriate her to no end and created big problems in her career and life, but made East Germany’s political establishment and police (the stasi) so upset that a whole operation was launched („Operation Fernsehen“). They even tried to get the guy to come over, to mess with, imprison, kill him!?! Yes, the stasi was like that!

// __ Fernseh Geschichte: Operation Fernsehen Stasi in Adlershof ARD Doku 06 10 2004
That song was way more than just satirical love song dedicated to a good looking TV anchor, it was an actual Anthropology making fun of a people at large and „darüberhinausgehend“ (how on earth can you say such an adverb in English!?!) as part of his itemization he makes fun of himself (the guy, Lonnie (eigentlich Klaus Heilbronner), works for RIAS: Rundfunk im amerikanischen Sektor, after all, and you can’t get any more brain f#cked than that!). He wonders what Angelika could possibly mean when she talks about „Freiheit“ and at the very least he intersubjectively “explains” with some poetic license what it means to him, namely:

  • the kind of car you drive
  • dreaming about water beds
  • drinking Coke
  • smoking Chersterfield
  • spending your money and time as a tourist in Mallorca (Spain)
  • owning a summer dacha
  • owning a sailing boat
  • wearing “real brand” jeans

Journo Christian Gödecke wrote a nice piece about that incident

// __ “Aktuelle Kamera” Sendeschluss für die SED

Sie wurde verspottet als “Trompete der Partei” und ignoriert von den DDR-Zuschauern: Am 14. Dezember 1990 lief die letzte Ausgabe der “Aktuellen Kamera”. Es war das Ende einer Sendung, die sich während der Wende selbst revolutioniert hatte, mit ausgewogenen Berichten glänzte – und Einschaltquoten in schwindelerregender Höhe.
Von Christian Gödecke
1976 in Berlin geboren. Geschichts- und Politikstudium an der Humboldt-Universität. 2003 bis 2004 Ausbildung zum Redakteur an der Berliner Journalistenschule. Stationen u.a. “Berliner Zeitung”, “Deutsche Welle”, “DSF” und “Tagesspiegel”. Seit September 2004 Redakteur bei SPIEGEL ONLINE im Ressort Sport. Seit April 2010 stellvertretender Ressortleiter bei einestages. Seit Januar 2013 Ressortleiter Sport. Seit April 2017 Projektleiter.
Mehr Artikel von Christian Gödecke:

I don’t remember right now who was the philosopher who said that nations tend to get sick in similar ways as people do (Foucault?). One clear sign of mental illness, emotional immaturity (psychologists say) is that mentally ill individuals (especially violent onces) have no sense of humor. It seems that may happen to nations, as well. Has the Western media taken a vacation from the impeach Trump drive? For how long will “We the people” keep gradually losing our wits?

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Global TI Survey

$ ls -l globaltisurvey*.*
-rw-r–r– 1 user user 63274 Jun 22 13:44 globaltisurvey00_201706220140_complete.odt
-rw-r–r– 1 user user 41415 Jun 22 13:44 globaltisurvey02_201706220140_complete.pdf
-rw-r–r– 1 user user 224604 Jun 22 13:40 globaltisurvey_201706220140.pdf

$ md5sum -b globaltisurvey*.*
eaa4308affb2ad5f200c31e1c51e9bd8 *globaltisurvey00_201706220140_complete.odt
09405f20cf1d139e76e3a811f50e6438 *globaltisurvey02_201706220140_complete.pdf
50d54bf392c903071f5aa75cb8e1a484 *globaltisurvey_201706220140.pdf

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Well-Known Targeted Individual US

List of Well-known targeted Individuals (political_persecution_US)

$ date
Sat Jun 17 22:02:42 UTC 2017

Well-known targeted Individuals

  • The historical Jesus Christ questioned his Jewish authorities on the subject of God, was persecuted by his own people and Roman rulers, and snitched by his followers.
    He was a social activist preaching against the excesses of greed, money and abuses of authorities, claiming to be a “witness to the truth”. Roman prefect Pontius Pilate wondered (John 18:38) Quid est veritas? (What is truth?) and ordered his crucifixtion.

  • Muhammad: was God’s Messenger (rasūl Allāh) sent to confirm the essential teachings of monotheism preached by Brahamanic religions against idol worship and the polytheism practiced by the local tribes and rulers of the city. Tradition records at great length the persecution and ill-treatment towards Muhammad and his followers (some of which were assassinated for not giving up their faith). The Message (1976 film) is an epic historical drama chronicling his life.
  • Socrates
  • Galileo Galilei
    played a major role in the epochal scientific revolution as one of the paradigms shifts defining our era.

    of the seventeenth century. His contributions to observational astronomy include the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons in his honour), and the observation and analysis of sunspots. Galileo also worked in applied science and technology, inventing an improved military compass and other instruments.

    Galileo’s championing of heliocentrism and Copernicanism was controversial during his lifetime, when most subscribed to either geocentrism or the Tychonic system.[4] He met with opposition from astronomers, who doubted heliocentrism because of the absence of an observed stellar parallax.[4] The matter was investigated by the Roman Inquisition
    in 1615, which concluded that heliocentrism was “foolish and absurd in
    philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in
    many places the sense of Holy Scripture.”[4][5][6] Galileo later defended his views in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, which appeared to attack Pope Urban VIII and thus alienated him and the Jesuits, who had both supported Galileo up until this point.[4]
    He was tried by the Inquisition, found “vehemently suspect of heresy”,
    and forced to recant. He spent the rest of his life under house arrest.[7][8] While under house arrest, he wrote one of his best-known works, Two New Sciences, in which he summarized work he had done some forty years earlier on the two sciences now called kinematics and strength of materials.[9][10]

    He has been called the “father of observational astronomy“,[11] the “father of modern physics“,[12][13] the “father of scientific method“,[14] and the “father of science“.[15][16]

  • Stephen Shellen
  • Vaclav Havel
  • Martin Luther King Jr.‘s telephone was tapped by the FBI, under written directive from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Even though no evidence of “communist infiltration” or any other wrong doing emerged, the FBI used the incidental details about his private life and associations over the next five years in attempts to force King out of his leadership position. King was eventually assassinated[*].
  • Andrei Sakharov (Андре́й Са́харов) started receiving more attention from the


    for openly protesting the nomination to the USSR Academy of Sciences of a Stalin supporter implicated in “the defamation, firing, arrest, even death, of many genuine scientists”. In 1967, when anti-ballistic missile defense became a key issue in US–Soviet relations, he wrote a detailed letter to the Soviet leadership advacing to them to “take the Americans at their word” and avoid an arms race. He also asked to let him innitiate a public discussion about the dangers of such developments. The government ignored him. Next year, after his essay: ““Reflections on Progress, Peaceful Coexistence, and Intellectual Freedom“, circulated in the Soviet Union and internationally. He was banned from conducting any military-related research and was widely recognized as an open dissident, who stood vigil outside of closed courtrooms, wrote appeals on behalf of more than two hundred individual prisoners, and continued to write public essays about the need for democratization.

  • Bobby Fischer‘s single mother’s political activism, her fluently speaking 8 languages, previous life in Moscow (when/from-to)? and communist sympathies caught the attention of the FBI. Out of her 750-page file they couldn’t get any hard evidence or (in those times) even determine who Bobby’s father was. Yet, J. Edgar Hoover suspected the teenage US champion’s mother was a Soviet agent and that the KGB was trying to recruit him. Hoover eventually admitted that he was wrong on both counts, but not before he made misserable his mother’s and the chess prodigy’s life to the point of turning Bobby into a world pariah after his self-imposed exile from his home country due to relentless harassment by the U.S.
    +government. A “Committee to Free Bobby Fischer” was set up at Narita Airport. Previos opponent Boris Spassky wrote a letter to U.S. President George W. Bush, asking “For mercy, charity”, and, if that was not possible, “to put [him] in the same cell with Bobby Fischer” and “to give [them] a chess set”.
    Fischer and Miyoko Watai, then President of the Japanese Chess Association (with whom he had reportedly been living) wanted to become legally married, so he could stay in Japan. He also tried to apply for German citizenship on the grounds that his father was German. Fischer publicly stated that he wanted to renounce his U.S. citizenship, and appealed to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to help him do so to no effect.
    Japan’s Justice Minister rejected Fischer’s request for asylum and ordered his deportation. Seeking ways to evade for/media/sda2/Users/Public/cmllpz/prjx/wikipedia/REFeful deportation to the U.S., Fischer wrote to the government of Iceland January 2005, who sympathetic to Fischer’s plight, but reluctant to grant him the full benefits of citizenship, granted him an alien’s passport. To his last days he was still pointing out missing combinations by his opponents, still being haunded by the U.S. government, to the point he even wrote an introductory letter to Osama Bin Laden.[*] He refused surgery or medication to treat what initially was a urinary tract blockage and died in Iceland. Ironically, even if he bitterly opposed the way the Russians used chess as a means of propaganda, his 1972 widely followed contest with the Russian Boris Spassky was promoted by Western Media as “the clash between freedom and repression”.
    [*][his movie][*]

  • Malcolm X
  • Alan Turing
  • Aaron Swartz
  • Highly awarded author, investigative journalist and embedded reporter
    Michael Hastings exposed crass abuse of power, crimes against humanity, corruption and widespread contempt for civilian concerns by the highest echelon of the hieararchy of the U.S.-led occupying coalision of NATO forces during the

    war in Afghanistan
    , ultimately resulting in
    General Stanley McChrystal
    ‘s resignation.[*][*][*] He became a staunch critic of the surveillance state, particularly the curtailing of the freedom of the press (citizen’s rights specifically protected by the 4th and 1st Amendments of the U.S. Constitution), by the Obama administration; openly calling fellow journalists belonging to the establishment mainstream media to “declare war on the government”, pointing out that -free press- doesn’t mean “‘free’ when the government tells you to do the press” for them.[*][*][*].
    Hastings tended to be nonchalant about possible repercussions, saying: “whenever I’d been reporting around groups of dudes whose job it was to kill people, one of them would usually mention that ‘they were going to kill me’”[*]. However, in the days before his death, his family said Michael was experiencing a “manic episode” and after a prior visit from the LAPD, USA Today reported that Hastings suspected his car was being “tampered with”. He bcc’ed his war-time friend, Sergeant Joe Biggs, on an email to his BuzzFeed colleagues, advising to them to seek legal protection and he twitted wikileaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson hours before his death, letting them know that he needed/intended to go “off the radar” while he worked on yet another exposé of the U.S. government[*][*][*][*][*][*][*][*], the specifics of which he told his lawyer, but didn’t reveal to his wife, who had defended Hastings’ earlier reporting and protested a slander in an obituary published by the NY Times, “in order to protect her”[*].
    On June 18th, 2013 at 4:23 AM, the LAPD received 911 calls about fiery explotions apparently relating to a single-vehicle crash of what turned out to be a new Mercedes C250 Coupé which after speeding through a red light was jackkniffing and sparking from its bottom prior to jumping the median towards a palm tree.[][] The car’s engine was found without signs of burning next to a telephone poll 50 to 60 yards away from the palm tree in the opposite direction the car was going (defying physical principles if that was a crash), making what would be a right angle to its stop position after the crash.

    The car’s body itself didn’t seem to be that mechanically damaged.

    Neither traces of the engine having rolled or having been dragged to that point, nor skid marks were visible on the road, on which debries was found.[][] As pictures show, the nose of the car sticking out beyond on the side of the tree seemed relatively undamaged given the high speed at which the car was speculated to be going at and the fire clearly affected mostly the driver seat.[][]

    An eye witnesses watching the rescue from her own window related that it took 3-4 minutes for the fire department to arrive, then lots of different kinds of police arrived, who cordoned off the area and were taking pictures. The coroner got there 3 hours later at 7:30 AM and another FD crew came with tools to “cut” the car open in order to take Michael’s body out. His face was totally charred but the rest of his body was intact, that he seemed “too pale for someone living in California”.

    They put the body on the ground and moved it by the arms to check his back pockets.

    The LAPD confirmed the identity also through his fingerprints.

    The toxicology report released by the LAPD’s coroner found minor trace amounts of weed and amphetamine which were unlikely to have an intoxicative effect. Michael’s family attested that he had stopped drinking 5 years ago. No autopsy was performed and the government cremated his body without family consent returning an urn to them [].

    Based on FEMA statistics only 0.26% of fiery crashes result in fatalities.[] All cars built after the mid nineties contain easily hackable
    Electronic Control Unit
    (ECU) also acting as blackbox. Mercedes Benz, known for the high safety of their cars, has offered to “help the LAPD” finding out what could have technically happened with that car, never receiving a call back from them.[][][][uN0C0HYwja0: (3:55) * car companies have gone as far as to prohibit any conversation about how dangerously easily hackable cars are]
    U.S. counter terrorism tsar
    Richard Clarke
    remarked in relation to Hastings accident: “There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers—including the United States—know how to remotely seize control of a car. So if there were a cyber attack on the car—and I’m not saying there was, I think whoever did it would probably get away with it.”, which was taken as a not so veiled and undirect threat to journalists.[][][]
    His widow, Elise Jordan, who is deeply compromised with the U.S. government[], contrary to her initial stance: “I will find out who did this! I will not let them roll over it. This isn’t an accident[], asked Michael’s friends to stop investigating[] and weeks later showed up on a CNN interview with Piers Morgan on which he asked her how she was doing and what her take was on the “conspiracy theories” suggesting that Hastings “car accident” may be related to one of his typically intense investigations, to which she answered all too nervously smily: “I was blessed to have the time with him that I had, so I feel very ‘lucky’ for that, and [I am] taking it day by day.” … “I have no doubt that he was pursuing a hot story. He always had at least five hot stories going. That was Michael, right now the LAPD still has an active investigation … my gut here is that it was just a really tragic accident and I’m ‘unlucky’ in the world, the world was very ‘unlucky’.”[*][*][*][*]; while, as an example of Hastings warnings, AP
    president Gary Pruitt has allerted society about the Department of Justice
    breaking its own rules, failing to give journalists notice of subpoenas and acting as “judge, jury and executioner in private and in secret” in the seizure of the news organization’s phone records. [*]

  • Yoani Sánchez, listed by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2008, is a philology graduate from
    the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana/Cuba with a degree in Hispanic philology and a specialty in contemporary Latin American literature, with a thesis titled: Words Under Pressure. A Study of the Literature of Dictatorship in Latin America. Sánchez says that by the end of her university studies: “I understood two things: the first, that the world of intellectualism and high culture disgusted me and the saddest, that I no longer wanted to be a philologist.”. Sánchez decided to emigrate to Switzerland, where she was eventually joined by her son and husband. Two years later she decided to return to Cuba “for a two-week family visit” on a round-trip ticket and, by destroying her passport. She was able to avoid being forced on a plane back to Switzerland.[6]
    After finally resettling in Havana, she founded, together with a group of Cubans –all based on the island– the magazine, “Consenso”, and helped establish the web portal “Desde Cuba” (From within Cuba) dedicated to reflections and debate. Sánchez abandoned anonymous blogging and would openly challenge propaganda efforts by

    Mariela Castro
    (daughter of Cuban dictator Raúl Castro)
    at a forum at the University of Havana, which provided her with both wide international support and the attention of the Cuban state police (“seguridad del estado”). She reports gang stalking (even documenting it with the candid participation of her stalkers!), intimidation and smear campaigns against her and her family. Once, after a call from an agent who identified himself as a police and threatened him, her husband challenged him to meet him on the streets to openly discuss the matter. He was fielded, harassed and attacked by “the enraged citizenry” (“el pueblo enardecido”), while plain clothed police seemed to protect him[*]. Sánchez reported being abducted with other three Cuban dissident bloggers and being shoved, hit and put in the back seat of a car by plain clothed police with a fellow blogger by state security agents one of whom “she grabbed from his balls” (literally!) as she tried to fight him off. As they were driven off before arriving at their destination, one of the agents opened twitter and noticed that the whole world knew and was talking about it already. They had taken the precaution to post the possibility of such an incident occuring before they were detained.[*][*][*][*].

  • Laura Poitras is one of the initial three journalists to meet Edward Snowden
    in Hong Kong and with fellow journalist Glenn Greenwald
    received full copies of the leaked NSA documents[17][33], has been subjected to monitoring and harassment by the U.S. government, which became more intense
    after a wire transfer to an Iraqi medical doctor and Sunni political candidate who was the subject of her documentary My Country, My Country.. She authored the 2014 documentary
    and since 2008 her filming work has received numerous awards. After living in Berlin for some time she relocated to her native NYC.

  • Ai Weiwei (艾未未)
    has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government’s corruption and cover-ups, in particular

    the Sichuan schools corruption scandal
    In 2005, Ai was invited to start blogging by the biggest internet platform in China, which he did for four years, turning out a steady stream of scathing social commentary, criticism of government policy, thoughts on art and architecture, as well as autobiographical writings, until his account was shut down. He then turned to Twitter and Instagram, claiming at least eight hours online every day. He supported the Amnesty International petition for the Iranian filmmaker and musician brothers Hossein Rajabian and Mehdi Rajabian.
    In 2011, he was arrested at Beijing Capital International Airport and held for 81 days without any official charges which then became a detention on charges of “economic crime”: tax evasion and intentionally destroying accounting documents of a company he controlled.
    Ai’s supporters widely viewed his detention as retaliation for his vocal criticism of the government. Professor Wang Yujin of China University of Political Science and Law stated that the release of Ai on bail shows that the Chinese government could not find any solid evidence of Ai’s alleged “economic crime”.. Much social justice and politically active art and movies have been made by and about him.[*]

  • Charles Chaplin‘s filming and artistic career generated worldwide adulation and controversy from the silent film era, to the “talkies” (media he initially resisted), to then Technicolor and widescreen. His deeply poetic, yet, hillarious and unambiguous messages (as kicking an immigration officer in the butt, which J. Edgar Hoover considerd “disrespectful”, “a bad example for the masses”), rounded by his acting and artistic skills had no par. His depiction of humanity in frontal and subtle ways in an era of slapstick and mechanical story lines moved people to tears.
    One of his early screen persona, “the Tramp“, became a worldwide icon still recognizable and exploted as a meme a century later.
    Chaplin, who could never detach himself from the abject poverty in which he was raised (his single mother was institutionalized in a mental hospitar due to innanition),
    had strong civic and moral views,
    considered himself a “peacemonger”
    and openly questioned the delay of direct combat role of the U.S. military in WWII (which only participated in the last fifth of the war), was accused of a being a Jew (he was Roma from his mother’s side, but refused to “clarify” that matter) and of “communist sympathies”. After arguments with FBI‘s director J. Edgar Hoover, every opportunity was used to generate negative publicity about him, through smear campaigns, from absurdly using an ancient statute such as the Mann Act in order to accuse him of “sexual abuse”, to

    subpoena him to appear before the
    House of Un-American Activities Committee, to being accused of “moral turpitude” based on the story line of his movies declaring him the father of a child for whom he had to pay support until she turned 21, even though blood tests biologically indicated otherwise (which his own lawyer refused to bring up!)

    and to hiring gangs of perpetrators to outrightly sabotage his movies.

    Representative John E. Rankin told Congress in June 1947: “[Chaplin’s] very life in Hollywood is detrimental to the “moral fabric of America”. [If he is deported] … his loathsome pictures can be kept from before the eyes of the American youth. He should be deported and gotten rid of at once.”

    Hoover’s pet TI he himself acting as perpetrator

    Mother …

    Can’t enjoy just being a rich guy

  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was involved in major action at the front in East Prussia during WWII as an artillery officer of the Red Army.
    He witnessed how noncombatants and the elderly were robbed of their meager possessions and women and girls were gang-raped to death by the Soviet military; reflected upon a few years later in his poem “Prussian Nights“. In February 1945, Solzhenitsyn was arrested, accused of anti-Soviet propaganda and sent to a forced labor camp for writing on a private letter to a friend derogatory comments about the conduct of the war by Joseph Stalin.
    In 1962, “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” was published in edited form in 1962, with the explicit approval of the very premier Nikita Khrushchev. After Krushchev’s removal in October 1964, the cultural climate again became more repressive. In 1965, the KGB seized some of his papers, including the manuscript of “The First Circle”.
    In August 1971, he was targeted by an assassination attempt (allegedly by the KGB) using an unknown biological agent, which left him seriously ill but was unsuccessful.
    Solzhenitsyn, while living in a gulag, at times almost mortally ill in hospitals, during the Russian Stalinist era under the direct watchful eye of the no-nonsense KGB was still able to keep musing his ideas and writing his moving and vertically moral novels which earned him the Literature Nobel Prize, by keeping his ideas to himself (not even telling his like-minded best friends) and writing his own notes on paper in semi cryptic ways. Some of

    his oftern cited quotes
    are from “The First Circle” (1968):

    “For a country to have a great writer … is like having another government. That’s why no régime has ever loved great writers, only minor ones”

    and from “The Gulag Archipelago“:

    “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

    “There is nothing that so assists the awakening of omniscience within us as insistent thoughts about one’s own transgressions, errors, mistakes. After the difficult cycles of such ponderings over many years, whenever I mentioned the heartlessness of our highest-ranking bureaucrats, the cruelty of our executioners, I remember myself in my Captain’s shoulder boards and the forward march of my battery through East Prussia, enshrouded in fire, and I say: ‘So were we any better?'”

  • Ernest Hemingway had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, while his life of adventure and his public image influenced later generations. Many of his works are considered classics of English literature. He gladly accepted the 1954 Nobel Prize money, but modestly told the press other writers deserved it. Hemingway was a cub reporter after leaving high school before becoming a novelist. In 1918, he responded to a WWI Red Cross recruitment effort and on his first day in Milan/Italy, he was sent to the scene of a munitions factory explosion, where rescuers retrieved the shredded remains of female workers, which he described in his non-fiction book, Death in the Afternoon: “I remember that after we searched quite thoroughly for the complete dead we collected fragments”. He was only 18 whe he was seriously wounded by mortar fire. Despite his wounds, Hemingway was condecorated for assisting Italian soldiers to safety. He said of the incident: “When you go to war as a boy you have a great illusion of immortality. Other people get killed; not you … Then when you are badly wounded the first time you lose that illusion and you know it can happen to you.” During Spanish Civil War he was among the last journalists who witnessed the last Republican stand. In 1939, he crossed to Cuba in his boat where he with his lady friend bought the winter home “Finca Vigía” (“Lookout Farm”), from where he enjoyed fishing excursions (to them “patrol” the waters of the Carribbean frequented by German U-boats) on his boat named “Pilar” (a Spanish girl name). He rightly suspected the FBI had been actively monitoring his movements and indeed, they had opened a file on him during World War II. J. Edgar Hoover had an agent in Havana watch Hemingway during the 1950s. The FBI knew Hemingway had been registered under a friend’s name at the Mayo Clinic where “an aura of secrecy surrounded his treatment”[*]. He was treated with electroconvulsive therapy as many as 15 times in December 1960, and in January 1961 was “released in ruins”[*], after which he committed suicide July 1961.
  • John Perkins had been monitored, tested and profiled by the NSA before he graduated from Boston’s University Business School, after which he was recruited for “his potential”, encouraging him to get involved in the peace core. While having a hard time finding information about countries he was interested in, “Claudine”, who knew all about him, showed up at the Boston Public Library and gave him a book with her business card inside on the page containing the information he was looking for. Eventually he authors the partially biographical “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” in which he critizices his role and describes in details the different types of techniques used by the United States government to economically bankrupt various Third World countries, as well as corrupt and assassinate their democratically elected leaders.
  • Muhammad Ali: publicly declared himself a conscientious objector, elaborating: “why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go ten thousand miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights?”. He was arrested and his boxing license suspended and stripped of his title. His communications were intercepted by the NSA. In 1971, his Fight of the Century provided cover for an activist group, the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, to successfully pull off a burglary at an FBI office in, which exposed the COINTELPRO operations that included illegal spying on activists involved with the civil rights and anti-war movements. One of the COINTELPRO targets was Ali, which included the FBI gaining access to his records as far back as elementary school; one such record mentioned him loving art as a child.
  • Lech_Wałęsa: Wałęsa and his family were under constant surveillance by the Polish secret police and he was arrested several times for participating in dissident activities. However, long held doubts about his relationship with the secret police have surfaced and been admitted by him.

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