Your Cells. Their Research. Your Permission? … Will they own our bodies, DNA; too? …

Rebecca Sklootdec: Your Cells. Their Research. Your Permission?
Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects!documentDetail;D=HHS-OPHS-2015-0008-0001
and give your opinion:!submitComment;D=HHS-OPHS-2015-0008-0001

I think, there are very important points that are not addressed by
the NY Times article. In fact, there is an underlying metaphor in that article about our cellphones doubling as our surveillance bracelets we even pay for, that is not being well exploited.

As we all know well, anything that the MIC (military industrial
complex), politicians and police can mess with they will ultimately
use to abuse people. As part of the so-called patriot act, the U.S.
government has access to all our medical records. Now, how exactly do our medical records relate to our individual civil and moral
convictions? That they don’t explain because it is a “National Security” secret

They will use such methods as forms of coercion, persecution and
“experimentation” on a mass scale. This is happening in our times
already. I am not talking about science fiction or a dystopia. Medical
professionals such as members of APA have been offering “their
scientific expertise” to the CIA and the FBI, while torturing people
who haven’t even committed any crimes, even though torture is
supposedly illegal by U.S. and international laws.

One’s individual’s right to bodily integrity is already a human
right. Nowadays, we live under 24×7 surveillance, will they also own
our bodies, DNA? At the very least consent will raise those issues to
people’s consciousness.

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (1/3)

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (2/3)

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (3/3)

truth and peace and love

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Asylum rejectioned appealed …

So long USA …

My dad used to say to me that I have only one “problem solving” strategy: kicking things around hard ;-)

I remember once I was talking to an official of the Brazilian government at their consulate in NYC, who told me to just try to get a job in another country, that “political asylum cases are not about what a government does to their citizens …” (and I don’t think he was being cynical, in fact, he was quite friendly). I have many reasons why I am being upfront and honest about it all I will spare you.

From all countries I have tried so far the funniest incident so far I had at the Indian consulate in NYC. A lady that seemed to be an official serving the Indian government (not just a salaried desk handler) asked me with plenty of grimaces and articulating her faces to the extreme, acting like IISuperwomanII “Why India? Go away, you! Go away!” ;-). Then she asked me to wait and some guy came from the inside who just stared at me for a while and then walked away … Then lady came back and officially told me off, refusing to take my application. I, amazed, amused and smiling, told her that they could have still formally taken in my application and formally reject it, but, well, they don’t seem to be about formalities.

The Swiss government has been the only one which has formally accepted my asylum application petition, offered me a hearing, even “formally minded” it and took the time to write up a rejection letter informing me about the laws under which they based their decision and giving me the option to appeal it.

$ date
Wed Nov 18 00:33:54 EST 2015

$ ls -l Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.*
-rw-r--r-- 1 knoppix knoppix 5469271 Nov 11 10:55 Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.odt
-rw-r--r-- 1 knoppix knoppix 2162614 Nov 11 10:56 Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.pdf

$ md5sum -b Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.*
86f0e8131eebebf4356e44b6e932e298 *Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.odt
417ab80675d41ec57ceae1cd02a34fcf *Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.pdf

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Draft of questionnaire for targeted individuals

Draft of questionnaire for targeted individuals

(c) Ricardo Camilo López

version: 9 (123 questions)
$ date: Thu Jul 30 00:29:04 EDT 2015

// __ Introduction:

This questionnaire will be used as survey and guideline for targeted individuals to share their personal experiences. Questions should be used as cues, not as an interrogation routine. In general:

  • please, let us know of any questions you think that should be included or suggestions to improve them
  • you should answer only those questions you feel comfortable, knowledgeable about
  • you should not attempt to answer any questions which you may find possibly incriminating to yourself or other people whose privacy you choose to protect or you should talk in a general, non-identifiable way
  • please, do not use hyperbolic, metaphoric language while narrating incidents; if you were medically or sexually abused relate the incident as it happened (don’t say “I was raped”)(unfortunately, many women are abusively raped still in our days)) and if your neighbors gangstalk, snitch you, don’t say “the Warshaw gettho Jewish police here in Brooklyn, NY where I live” … In fact, the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division keeps their own terminology as part of their Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program:

    where they define technical terms such as: stalking, sexual assault and disorderly conduct. Those definitions should apply to their own illegal actions. It is OK to use a metaphor or interpretation, after the actual incident has been related as it was

  • an editor will ultimately marshall our writing, but only to the author’s satisfaction, you may exclude the answer to any of your questions during editing

// __ Definition of terms:

There are certain techniques used by police:

  • targeted individual (TI):
  • the government, the NSA, “they” (politicians, police, their accomplices, …):
  • to iterate:
  • to push back:
  • tailing: following in a vehicle or walking behind you closely as not leaving you enough space to maneuver your car or encroaching on your personal space
  • gang stalking:
  • constancy, unremittingly:
  • sleep deprivation:
  • MKUltra:
  • JTRIG:
  • to clown you around, to put up a skit:
  • SIGINT: so-called signal intelligence
  • HUMINT: so-called human intelligence
  • sockpuppetry:
  • Stasi:
  • Zersetzung:
  • STT, TTS: Speech to Text, Text to Speech
  • Befursverbot:
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • :

// __ Awareness:

Q: When do you think you became a targeted individual (TI)?

Q: What sort of things started happening to you?

Q: For how long do you think you have been harassed? Has it changed in intensity or type?

Q: Did you initially believe it was weird, but random or particularized? At what point or after which incident did you figure out it was not random b#llsh!t?

Q: Have you noticed their patterns of harassment, how they have customized them for you?

Q: Do they try to verbally engage you or they clown you around with their stupid skits?

Q: All supposedly “private” communications are being intercepted and sigint’ed by the NSA anyway; yet, in your case, have you noticed your private communications are being “monitored” live real time?

Q: Do they know exactly when you are coming out of your home or workplace? How do you think they do?

Q: How certain are you about being targeted? How much of it do you think is real?, how much of it is “logically” constructed or imagined?

Q: Have you ever noticed at times you were plain wrong? Have you ever had doubts about your own judgments?

Q: Do you keep in mind that “they are listening” as you talk on the phone?

Q: What do you President Obama could have possibly meant when he said, “they are not listening to your phone calls”[]?

Q: Have you noticed “things” when you have visited other states, other countries?

Q: How has your life changed as a result of becoming a TI?

Q: Have you learned to handle and emotionally cope with those bothersome incidents somewhat?

Q: Have you learned/gained anything from being persecuted?

Q: In your opinion, what are your strengths? How do you think they have used your strengths to mess with you?

Q: In your opinion, what are your weaknesses and how do you cope with them?

Q: Any particular aspects of how they have been persecuting you that you believe is or should be illegal?

Q: Do they go about their business in overt, easily to document ways; in covert ways (from the shadows, through innuendo); or “all the above”?

Q: Have they induced you towards criminal behaviors?

Q: Have they ever pressed charges against you?

Q: Do you believe they have poisoned, laced your food, or intoxicated you though your consuming habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco?

Q: Have you watched movies, read fiction, dystopia and anthropologies about abusive political systems before and/or after you realized you had been targeted?

Q: Did you know about COINTELPRO and/or MKUltra before or after you realized you had been targeted?

Q: Do you know about JTRIG?

Q: Have you been suicidal as a result of being harassed? Had you ever been suicidal?

Q: The NSA/their 5 eyes have been intercepting and “monitoring” all electromagnetic communications, they know exactly where you are and have been 24×7 (through our modern-day prisoner bracelets: our cell phones), they know whom you talk to, what you have said to them and what they said to you, whom they talk to … They know all people you have passed by (even if you don’t know them or will ever know who they are) … and they keep all that information for good, after indexing it into corpora with ready-made triggers for suspiciously “unnormed” patterns (you could actually be killed for) after calling it “metadata”; but, do you believe they are able to monitor your neuronal impulses, implant images in and hijack your mind? How so?


// __ Why me?:

Q: Do you have any idea (even if remote) as to why they are harassing you?

Q: In the same way they try to sell you the tired and stupid illusion about “‘good’ and ‘bad’ police”, they use “‘good’ snitches”, certain individulas with “good intentions” you have never met in your life (who are being paid) to try to “help” you, by convincing you that “you have an ego”, “you are some narcissistic fellow seeking attention”, … Have you noticed how they are being commanded to say things to you?

Q: Have they ever tried to expressly “negotiate” with you to become one of their snitching @ssh0l3s in exchange for them to stop their harassment?

Q: Have you ever “talked” to them? Any anecdotes you would like to share?

Q: Would you describe instances in which they have shared with strangers what they know about your private life in order to mess with you?

Q: As part of their so-called “Patriot Act” they have access to your medical records and the USG has become #1 employer of “psychology graduates”. Have you noticed them exploiting their knowledge about your medical conditions to mess with you?

Q: If you could see it this way, to you what is the most worrying, annoying part of being targeted?

Q: Do you tend to withdraw within yourself and keep all aspects about your own inner life separate from your social life? Does it work for you? How effective do you believe this is?

Q: Do they mess with you in addition to “monitoring” your communications?

Q: They mess with you, but do you think they have actually either persuaded or “made you one of them” or “broken” you?

Q: In hindsight, do you think you could have played a better game to them without compromising your moral and civic convictions? How so?

Q: If you believe you became a TI because of your civic, moral, political convictions, have you ever regretted having such convictions? Was it worth it?

Q: Anything you regret at all?

Q: There is that European movie in which a therapist asks his patient to relate how distressed, angry he was. Patient’s answer was: “I wouldn’t even know how to explain how I feel, but let me put it this way: If I were ‘American’ I would take a machine gun and start randomly shooting at people out there”.
Attorney Myron May, a law-abiding and conscientious citizen[], was targeted by USG to the point he went ‘American’. Of course, the ever subservient U.S. media guarding and framing USG-authorized memes demonized him. As a TI yourself could you understand how could an otherwise peaceful, quite and harmless individual be driven to the point of going ‘American’?

Q: Anything you would like for people asking themselves the same question: “Why me?” to understand?


// __ Home, family, friends and social life:

Q: Have they come into your home while you are not present? What have they done?

Q: Have they targeted any member of your inner family, in-laws, distant relatives?

Q: Have they used your family, relatives and/or friends to gang-stalk, harass, mess with you?

Q: How have they influenced your relationship with your family?

Q: Do you think, as a result of being targeted they have irremedibly changed your relationship with your family?

Q: Have they targeted your friends?

Q: Have they used your friends to harass you?

Q: Have you noticed later changes in people who had previously related to you just fine?

Q: Have they paid you visits? Have you let them in?!?

Q: Have they harassed you while you have been at a public, social place?

Q: Have they specifically harassed you at church? What kinds of individuals within the church hierarchy have tried to “help” you?

Q: Have you ever noticed priests gang-stalking you?

Q: What kinds of techniques have they used to try to “get you talking with them”?

Q: Do you keep a journal of the day-to-day harassment you are subjected to?


// __ Stalking:

Q: Have police, gang-stalkers, their snitching @ssh0l3s fielded, tailed, front-walked you?

Q: Have they clowned, articulated you?

Q: Do you think gang-stalkers are organized?, individuals who are being notified real time through their cell phones (police know where you are, will be 24×7) and team up to stalk you?, have they been groups of people belonging to a certain entity (say, the fire department or NYC’s Metropolitan Transport Association (MTA) or the US Postal Service)?

Q: In NYC the NYPD has a city-wide network of snitching @ssh0l3s called “nexus”, they have built probably the largest snitching network ever by the tacit Anschloss of such watchdog groups as: neighborhood, sexual offenders and predators watch groups, shoplifting prevention, taxi and livery car drivers, store front owners (who make their employees pop out of their cells to watch as you pass by, even if they have only one person taking care of business at this moment!), all building superintendents and porters, … By their behavior, do you think they are being told, say, you are a pedophile, sexual offender, shop lifter, …?

Q: Have they iterated you?

Q: Have they been verbally offensive to you in specific and/or blunt ways?

Q: Have they physically attacked or threatened you?

Q: Have they tried to make you react violently in order to entrap you?

Q: Have they personally insulted you with content they render on web pages, TV programs, LED signs on the highway …?


// __ Monitoring:

Q: Security personnel can and do inspect your belonging and the postal service and other private mail carriers have their black chambers to check your mail, but have they done such things as putting in bags of crackers and not returning receipts to you after paying for that service? Have you noticed unusual delays and issues while using those types of governmental or private agencies? Have they added insult to injury as a way to be offensive, make fun of you?

Q: Have they turned into fax tones the voices of people talking to you real time, while they can hear you just fine?

Q: Which techniques have you used to avoid or reduce monitoring?


// __ Technical surface:

Q: Do you think having less “surface” gives them less ground and space to mess with you?

Q: Do you own a cell phone? Do you keep your cell phone in a Faraday cage?

Q: Do you give specific details when you talk on the phone?

Q: Do you use background noises, music, random office environments when you talk on the phone, in order to avoid or make difficult the automatic transcription of our voice by STT software?

Q: Which type of computer Operating System do you use? If you use MS Windows or Apple’s Mac OS (both NSA agencies) what stops you from using, say, Debian Live?

Q: How have they messed with you online and/or with your computer hardware?

Q: Do you use your name while speaking truth to power online?

Q: Have they tried to engage you, ask you questions online disguised as posters?

Q: How good do you think you are at noticing shills, trolls, state-sponsored Internet sockpuppetry?

Q: Have they censored, corrupted, purged, spoofed messages you have tried to post online about a certain topic?

Q: Have they corrupted messages people have sent to you?

Q: How well connected are you? Facebook, twitter, gmail, any preferences of one against the other?

Q: Do you use google as a search engine? Do you know that google is an NSA company and all your searches and followed links are being recorded by the NSA?

Q: Did you know, computer keyboards emit encoded collateral EM impulses as you type (as if you were playing a piano, which music you can’t hear)?

// __ Psychological:

Q: Have they explicitly threatened to kill you?

Q: Have they expressly threatened you?

Q: Have they directed veil threats at you?

Q: High Frequency Electromagnetic Lobes is a form of no-touch torture which severely affects your nervous system. Have you been subjected to those types of torture by the USG? How has that kind of torture affected you?

Q: Have they sleep-deprived you?

Q: Have you noticed very annoying hissing noises while you are at your home or while you try to sleep?

Q: Have you had dreams, nightmares, night terrors and/or “odd night sleeps” in which your TI kinds of anxieties played out?


// __ Workplace:

Q: Have they put you under Befursverbot?

Q: What kinds of techniques have they used at your workplace to mess with you?

Q: Have you been fired for reasons you find (the least to say) “questionable”?

Q: Have you been poorly evaluated at work for reasons which, you think, are directly or indirectly politically motivated by people who know you are a TI?

Q: Have they used your clients, patients or students to mess with you?

Q: Have they used your supervisors to harass you?

Q: Have they used a job interview to suggest to you becoming one of them?

Q: Have they offered you money to become one of them?

Q: Have they used people not directly related to your line of work such as “security” and janitors to watch out for, try to mingle with, harass you?

Q: Have they used coworkers to harass you?

Q: What have your coworkers thought of you as a result of such things “happening” to you?


// __ Personal Work and interests:

Q: Do you believe they have messed with your personal work and interests? Do you think it required experts in the field? or, do you think it was just some blunt b#llsh!t?


// __ Society:

Q: Have you sought legal help from attorneys?

Q: Have you sought legal help from organizations such as Amnesty International, the ACLU or the Public Defender Office?

Q: Have you reported such illegal and inhumane activities to the political representatives of your constituency? Any success with that?

Q: Do you think those institutions know what is going on, but chose to turn their backs on TIs?

Q: Any “peculiar incidents” at airports with the TSA or any other organization working under their command?

Q: Do you believe there are such things as “‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ police”?

Q: What do you think of politicians supporting such repressive practices in the name of “national security”?

Q: What do you think of stalkers, snitches?

Q: USG pays snitches to harass people and psychology graduates whose “patriotic” full-time job is to customize harassment and torture to regular folks out there.
They see their actions as trying to help you, “defend democracy” and do “their job” day in and day out happily ever after. What, if anything, do you think of those “psychology graduates”?

Q: What do you think of the NSA when they say, we are not doing anything wrong we are just collecting your data; it is the military and police the ones doing bad things?

Q: What do you think of the NSA when they say: ” …, but you yourself have made your personal information public on facebook, use google, …”?

Q: Do you think the NSA/USG/five eyes with the collaboration of “f#ck the EU” governments will ever stop their abuses? If so, what would it take?

Q: Is there any hope “We the people” will have a sense of that thing we used to call “privacy” ever again?

Q: Most people had read Orwell’s 1984 as dystopia and watched “enemy of the state” as a movie always thinking “that can only happen in some crazy as place such as East Germany. Many in the know had blown the whistle loud and proud, but almost no one was ready to hear it. Then, after the Snowden revelations, we all learn “enemy of the state” wasn’t just a movie and that Orwell’s 1984 was actually being used (even creatively) as a manual by government. Why do you think “we the people” haven’t protested those issues more?

Q: Some of the most prominent technical authors of the Internet such as Tim Berners-Lee and Bruce Schneier as well as most political representatives in the highest spheres of government (Dianne Feinstein (US Senate intelligence committee chairwoman) herself!) admitted they didn’t even suspect the crass breach of trust, the degree of corruption and immorality of the NSA[]. How do you think that was possible?

Q: After the fact, Bruce Schneier have pointed out it actually were U.S. IT companies the ones that were all out spying on people and the NSA had the idea of getting themselves copies of it all. Snowden says USG deputizes spying on people whole mass to U.S. companies “by the rule of law” and those who have questioned such abuses (Qwest Communications’ Joseph Nacchio and Lavabit’s Ladar Levison) have been put out of business. Do you think U.S. IT companies could have said not to daddy government?

Q: Manning is serving time for exposing genocide and crimes against humanity which have greatly overdone Nazi’s on a number of important counts, Assange is basically under house arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for speaking truth to power (thank you, Ecuador!), Edward Snowden has exiled himself in Moscow. Aaron Swartz was targeted by USG in order, as they themselves admitted, to “use him to make an example” [] because he exposed USG’s illegalities and abuses in a civic disobedient ways as Henry Thoreau taught us. Aaron is dead (to the extent he quit all hopes, was driven by USG to the point of committing suicide and/or they killed him is debatable) after exposing illegalities and abuses of the USG … Do you see any way out of madness?


// __ Closing remarks:

There are oppressive governments and institutions such as the former East German, the Cuban, Chinese, Soviet, Pinochet, Nazi ones, and the Catholic Church; who have done their persecution in open and explicit ways. Their oppressive “laws” and regulations, they have explicitly included in their “legal” code such as “spreading false news disturbing peace on Earth”[]. The Catholic Church thoroughly minded their Index Librorum Prohibitorum down to the chapter and paragraph and sentence; publishing it (in fact, in those times it was good business publishing the Index ;-)) , whereas U.S. political representatives didn’t even read the Patriot Act and its author has adamantly pointed out he never intended its statues to be interpreted in such ways as to allow for such unmoral, illegal political aberrations as the NSA[]. USG, already sporting the (second?) highest incarceration rate in the world, their various and well coordinated forms of persecution and repression (including putting people under Zersetzung) do it based on layers on top of layers of secrecy, “classified” documents; so-called secret courts, based on secret laws which interpretations (by secret judges) are secret. Most of the U.S. congress representatives themselves admitted they didn’t even know the extent of NSA’s corruption and illegality.

Q: Why do you think governments find so easy to get away with such abuses?

Q: Do you respect those kinds of “what we do is ‘different’, ‘necessary’ …” rationalizations every repressive government has tried in order to justify their wrong doings?

Q: U.S. citizens were promised as part of the Church commission they would never spy on them, the NSA went pretty much unquestioned for decades (NSA: No Such Agency), most U.S. citizens consider targeted individuals to be deranged, “such things don’t happen in ‘the’ land of ‘the’ ‘free'”. Why do you think USG has it so easy in the U.S.?

Q: Obviously, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel herself pointed out, USG has become the Stasi of the World[]. Do you think each country/region should develop their own communication standards instead of having a central governing body which could be more easily and globally corrupted by abusive powers?


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daily logs …

In this page is intended to be used as a persecution diary and to log some of the plain b#llsh!t that happens to me.

I started it: Wed Jun 10 12:24:05 EDT 2015

~Wed Jun 10 08:30:00 EDT 2015~: I went to the public defender office in Harlem

Wed Jun 10 12:24:05 EDT 2015: SUV with license plate GRT 1468 parked in front on my building with two snitches stading by including the one from the building gegenüber


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Zersetzung made in U.S.A.

Zersetzung made in U.S.A.

$ date
Mon Jul 27 22:02:15 EDT 2015

$ whoami

$ uname -a
Linux Microknoppix 3.16.3 #12 SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 26 04:37:20 CEST 2014 i686 GNU/Linux

$ soffice --version
LibreOffice 430m0(Build:2)

$ ls -l Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.*
-rwxrwxrwx 1 knoppix knoppix 103424 Jul 27 22:01 Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.doc
-rwxrwxrwx 1 knoppix knoppix 125078 Jul 27 22:00 Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.odt
-rwxrwxrwx 1 knoppix knoppix 87076 Jul 27 22:00 Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.pdf

$ md5sum - b/media/sdb1/2do/fred/Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.*
07e877bd6d00489fda01b6103a60cdce *Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.doc
6010839e6183d34210182f30cfa814ae *Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.odt
825bfe96a3a8c255cf1781d921c2d6cb *Sleep_Deprived18_Zersetzung_USA.pdf

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man in the middl(ing) (’s) “the intercept”?

intercept hiring: resume (20140513)

intercept hiring: moderation (20140513)

Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that! (Sun May 18 14:04:41 UTC 2014)

links posted?

$ date
Sun May 18 14:23:16 UTC 2014

$ ls -l *.pdf *.odt
-rw-r–r– 1 knoppix knoppix 35733 May 18 14:13 intercept-hiring_20140513_moderation00.odt
-rw-r–r– 1 knoppix knoppix 26095 May 18 14:13 intercept-hiring_20140513_moderation00.pdf
-rw-r–r– 1 knoppix knoppix 30317 May 18 14:12 intercept-hiring_20140513_resume00.odt
-rw-r–r– 1 knoppix knoppix 33730 May 18 14:13 intercept-hiring_20140513_resume00.pdf

$ md5sum -b *.pdf *.odt
60a0f20034432db8089628d8a2528615 *intercept-hiring_20140513_moderation00.pdf
3740e69fc73a939381e997038a556ec5 *intercept-hiring_20140513_resume00.pdf
8fae019d9c4b5c2b07eb0c1c41bd7e5b *intercept-hiring_20140513_moderation00.odt
51fc40ae1950d5cb542e81cbbc2cf0db *intercept-hiring_20140513_resume00.odt

$ ls -l *.png
-rw-r–r– 1 knoppix knoppix 26902 May 18 14:04 the_intercept_20140513_Duplicate_comment_detected;_it_looks_as_though_you’ve_already_said_that04.png
-rw-r–r– 1 knoppix knoppix 78160 May 18 14:30 the_intercept_20140513_Duplicate_comment_detected;_it_looks_as_though_you’ve_already_said_that06.png

$ md5sum -b *.png
4aec4f30e0b59a7e353936e55afee2ba *the_intercept_20140513_Duplicate_comment_detected;_it_looks_as_though_you’ve_already_said_that04.png
f184fcb885231ad8f896a905d8550489 *the_intercept_20140513_Duplicate_comment_detected;_it_looks_as_though_you’ve_already_said_that06.png


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Holocaust WHO IS WHO …

Israeli government/Jewish people playing Nazis now?

At church we have an interest/focus group to try to do something (even if raising it to awareness) for a peace process and the end of the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli government.

Once we gathered with an ISM activist (one of my girlfriend’s best friends), who was an eyewitness to the gruesome assassination of Rachel Corrie by the IDF … Some other day we visited a gathering/party in which (ex-?)IDF soldiers and Palestinian citizens spoke about their experiences and possible solutions to the conflict.

One of the IDF soldiers told us that the disconnect of young Israeli citizens is such, that if a US artist coming soon would have called off his concert or talks about the occupation most Israeli youth would go like “occupation”? What is that? (If you think about it for a second this is not that weird/shocking. Here in the states people easily believe all the lies the “free” media feed them).

He told us the Israeli government pays visits to concentration camps to all high school graduates as part of their “education” (+ brainwashing) for them to “see” and learn about their own history. So far, so good! But is this the underlying mentality “justifying” their considering Palestine their “Lebensraum” (some people can’t help but “loving” other people in the same way they were “loved”) and the “logical” dehumanization of Palestinian people? …

They were telling me; current German citizens who didn’t have to do at all with Nazis still pay them some sort of remunerations!!! (Please, correct me if I am wrong. To me that makes no sense whatsoever, but well things don’t necessarily have to “make sense” by themselves). If I were a German citizen I would oppose this until they stop their own new-age Nazism.

I think as a way to give their education a more true and comprehensive perspective, they should put on billboards (it is very cheap, they could even use a truck and just park it there when they come) showing to them about their own new-age Nazism nowadays. I have told about this idea to people. I received these slides from a friend and posted it here to clearly show what I mean.

“black and white” past Nazi era to current “color” pictures …

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