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Sorry guys:

it is the least of my intentions to upset anyone, nor am I into lecturing anyone on what should be considered “political” or worthy of being discussed in a “forum”. To me the rampage of “political” assassinations in Brazil is a basic humanity, morality issue foremost which I find quite shocking for more than one important reason.

As I have been doing, I would be “more than happy” to remove anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to receive my messages. To me one of the most basic tenets of respect towards people who deserve it is understanding “no” to its fullest.

The thing is that I am having a hard time “managing” my crowd messaging (I am not on facebook or any of that. I just have an email and a wordpress account I use to socially interact) and there are many reasons why social interactions are quite a bit entropic. Personally, I don’t expect for people to behave or talk in the ways I think they should. The way I see things, some of you tend to nit-pick about English grammar or how someone is “using ‘your’ words”, which I find quite irrational, but I am not into policing in any way.

I am very frustrated with, disappointed about us (the least of which relates to Julianne, who doesn’t bother me, really), but us in general. Yet, I try to do my best at keeping my emotions in check. The fact that you are people I care about makes it more emotionally taxing. The other day while rereading Hegel I encountered a passage that made me think of you/Tis/”our struggle”.

Ithaka (Original Poem in Greek by C.P. Cavafy)

As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
you’ll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
as long as a rare excitement
stirs your spirit and your body.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them
unless you bring them along inside your soul,
unless your soul sets them up in front of you.
or as Gandhi reiterated to his countrymen while they were fighting off the evils of British occupation: it would be an excellent time to fight our (collective) and one’s own evils, as well. His people didn’t seem to get his point, were angry with him for putting on the same stand both kinds of evils.

Now about:

Do NOT abuse the people behind these addresses with your political ramblings, that I have painstakingly collected and put together. I see you are also sending ‘blind copies’, which is NOT what this list was meant for.

About painstakingly collecting someone else’s emails, I wonder what is the painful part of it. Also the NSA does that “painlessly” and automatically

I encourage and recommend that people BLOCK your ramblings individually, as I cannot do that for you. And I apologize to everyone, as I did not intend for this email address list to be subverted in such a manner.

Please, do. Better, yet, as I said: I would be more than happy to remove anyone from my outgoing messages so you don’t need to “painstakingly” collect them. You should not even send them out to me in the first place if you don’t want to go through such “pain”.

I truly am sorry for Camilo’s maverick, uncalled for emails.

You should mind and be sorry about your own actions, not “painstakingly” suffer someone else’s. Also, as “maverick” and downright bs’ing I may find other people, I still clearly see who my enemies are and what they benefit from.


This is NOT a political forum. Please form your own email address list if you want to talk politics.

This address list is to solve our torture and abuse with the use of pulsed microwave RF RADAR a.k.a. radiolocator / intentional radiator, DEW (directed energy weapons).

Do NOT abuse the people behind these addresses with your political ramblings, that I have painstakingly collected and put together. I see you are also sending ‘blind copies’, which is NOT what this list was meant for.

We are intent to solve our torture and want to remain focused on that.

I encourage and recommend that people BLOCK your ramblings individually, as I cannot do that for you. And I apologize to everyone, as I did not intend for this email address list to be subverted in such a manner.

Please let’s keep up with the research and get this torture stopped. That’s the information we need to share.

I truly am sorry for Camilo’s maverick, uncalled for emails.

Subject: Re: as the song goes: “Brazil, Brazil, …”

My friend reporting from the ground (in separate email messages) as
the Brazilian judicial drama unfolded:
The “supremes” have voted to deny Lula habeus corpus, and the next
step is to toss Lula in jail, but who knows what happens next. Some
are saying the judges who had expressed sympathy for Lula were
frightened by the army commander’s threat, which Rede Globo repeated
on its prime time “news” program, and this might explain one judge’s
180 degree turnaround. Some are saying “burn it to the ground”.
Some whistled and honked on the streets outside my apartment,
celebrating the vote, but not many, not like the corporate sponsored
coup in 2016. It is SILENT out there.
It looks like the country of the shoulder shrugging, amicable, always
compromising accomodators (os acomodados) I moved to in 1999 is
undergoing a personality change. The Vampire remains in office after
praising the military dictatorship the other day, and the golpista’s
are running the board.
I am jumping the gun, since the score is still only 5-2, with 4 more
votes to go. But I’m confident in my judgement of the remaining 4
I guess that explains the silence. Golpistas haven’t heard the fat
lady sing yet. It’s tense.
The batter on deck is Lewandowski. He said the presumption of
innocence represents the most important safeguard of the citizens,
even if considered the Congestionadíssimo of the Brazilian judicial
system. “In a system like this, the possibility of warrants errors is
too great, ” he warned.
But another judge who said something like that voted against Lula. If
he votes against, it will be 6-2. Game over.
While I was writing this, he voted for Lula. It’s 5-3, with 3 more
votes to go. The silence is getting louder 😉
If you don’t want anymore play-by-play from someone who called the
game too early, let me know.
Whoa! It’s 5-4!
“Casey’s at bat… Play by play by play…” — Joe Walsh
Currently at bat is Celso, who just said (badly translated by someone
not as lazy as me — a machine):
“Celso de Mello, Dean of the Supreme Court, has just been making clear
to the commander of the Army his place. Without naming names, he said
that around here, civil power speaks louder than the military. The
general had given absurd statements about Lula’s trial, seen as
blackmailing the court.”
If he’s not schizo, and I don’t know if he is or not, he’s going to
vote for HC, the score will be 5-5, and the game goes into sudden
death, with one kick to go.
O jogo esta 5×5. Sudden Death. 1 Penalty Kick. Os sem tetos e os
generalissimos e oligarchos estao masticando as unias.
Lula loses. Goldman Sachs wins.

I have seen topic deviation in many cases TIs may fall off topic when answering emails. These TIs get back on track with valuable information. They are all looking for help and support from Us, not criticism. You seem to believe that You are the Christ giving a sermon on the mount, In short, You are most assuredly not. So, in summation, I suggest that You start returning answers to emails that You receive with a positive response or You will be removed from all lists. I trust that We are in understanding. You do not return My emails, How many others just get dumped into SPAM? Remember, You are just another TI.


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Unity et Hope et Laura Yan

Thousands of people think that the government is using implanted chips and electronic beams to control their minds.

USG et GCC (Global Control Conglomerate) have indeed non-consensually implanted chips in people’s bodies (at least members of the military knowingly submit to that) and the use of directional sonic weapons and (not “electronic beams”, what could that mean?) but -electromagnetic radiation- have been publicly admitted by USG. They can from targeting any part of your body and make you feel incapacitating pain, to completely burn your body within fractions of a second. They have abusively used those weapons in Iraq. And, yes, there is a reason why the CIA hired that José Delgado bull experiments guy (author of the preposterously titled book: “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society”) right away and offered him a nice salary for life even if they were not so happy about the results of his “experiments”. They have always fancied actually controlling people remotely!

About the “control their minds” part, yes many TIs (very wrongly I admit) think you can “remotely control”, “upload dreams to”, “read/write/edit the dreams in”, … people’s minds, but those beliefs and ideations about the “controlling people’s minds” theme were not started by TIs and, as the ego-depletion and Zersetzung kinds of experiments they have done with animals and humans from Nazi and stasi times to current day USA, if you sleep deprive animals (humans) for just 3 days you disrupt their central nervous system to an extent of driving them quite literally crazy. Both animals and humans either commit suicide (monkeys would just sit in a corner of their cage and kill themselves by inanition even if the harassment stops and they try to feed them) and/or act out violently against other animals/people, some Tis have “gone American” (taken a gun, car, … and start randomly killing unsuspecting, innocent people out there).

// __ “My Experience as a Targeted Individual”, Part 1

// __ Murder Charges Filed Against Suspect Richard Rojas In Deadly Times Square Crash

Murder Charges Filed Against Suspect Richard Rojas In Deadly Times Square Crash
Both, those who commit suicide (as with brilliant mind kid Aaron Swartz) and the ones who “go American” do it desperately and wholeheartedly believing it to be a way to exercise their own self. Sleep deprivation severily disrupts your central nervous system which works bellow even your subconscious (you don’t even remember what you were doing/thinking when you fall asleep or notice the moment at which you did). All those people setting Guinness World “sleep deprivation” records do it under “controlled conditions” (not as they go thorugh the hassle and stress of their daily life). In fact, there is a very high correlation between being sleep deprived and having a car accident. Before some people start making baseless “conclusions” I have to disappoint you. Not everyone that “goes American” is a TI. TIs could tell right away by the clues about the person that transpired through the media and the way he acted that that latest guy to “go American” who killed 50+ and badly hurt many more during an open-sky rock concert was definitely not a TI.

They have done such things to me as they do to many TIs. They have sleep deprived me for more than two decades (since I came to live in the U.S.) pretty much every single night. From not letting me sleep for days to making me wake up using sonic guns and EM DEW every second hour (in order to not let me phase into REM?). You are awaken by noises some like a drum with a constant rythmic pattern and some other noises like high frequencies or like a large piece of glass was dropped right in your room or you would feel kind of a tickling/scratching feeling going (most of the times) from your toes up or they shake your body slowly at the same rate that your heart beats until you wake up.

When Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte said “he had heard ‘God’ telling him to stop cursing USG”, many TIs knew that wasn’t “God”, really. When we heard about “sonic attacks” to U.S. and Canadian diplomatic personnel in Cuba, Uzbekistan, … we also knew what was most probably happening: the CIA was, again, toying with people and their beliefs. Has anyone cared to compare the symptoms they have described with the ones that TIs have been clinically reporting for a long time?

They are desperate to prove they aren’t delusional.

and as it always happens among those thousands of people there are all kinds of ideas about the who, what, when, … of those matters. From those who realize that must be the government (obviously indeed) to those who can’t think of their own government doing that to regular, law abiding individuals, so, it must be a foreign power, “Vladimir Putin” (I am not being metaphoric, sarcastic), or perhaps even “the tooth fairy” (now I am) doing that.

Eleanor Roosevelt told us about differences among “minds”:

Yan chooses to not only “discuss people” but, very selectively indeed, the opinions of certain kinds of those people to do her “research” and write up her own baseless, dramatic chapter in the long, ongoing and consistent discrediting campaigns of (very obviously) the top most social institution with a long history of abuses and experimentation conducted on people (aka “the government”):

Why would USG even care to constantly discredit TIs as crazies? Have you ever heard of them spending time discrediting members of the church of Scientology or those who believe in UFOs?

Liza … can see slightly raised bumps where she believes she’s been implanted with microchips

They do all they do in ways to “prove” to other people “TIs are just ‘crazies'” (not that they are being driven crazy). Yan is playing their game by following their script. She chooses not to look into obvious examples in which not only have those chips been actually surgically removed, but new born babies have been removed from their TI mothers for simply stating the truth while telling doctors at a maternity ward to be careful with their life line procedures because the mother had difficulties breathing due to the surgical removal of the implant in her throat (which scars they were watching). I am talking about Melanie Vritschan’s case:

// __ Visualize Amethyst/Melanie Vritschan safe from false Psychiatric charges by Belgian Attorney General:

In order to add more injury not only to her but also to her newborn baby daughter, to the relentless insults and attacks we TIs endure, they took away Melanie’s daughter from her mother at birth, even though she was showing to the doctors the medical reports of the extraction of the implant and even the police refused to “cooperate” because she hadn’t committed any crime and has been a good mother to her son.

When she sought help, a hospital committed her to a 10-day hold in the mental ward …

Yes, this is what will happen to you when you seek help from social institution. When they torture you using radiation, if you try to protect yourself by shielding your home with metal sheets, police will come and make you remove them. I wonder why do police even care and how exactly shielding your home is illegal.

… answers to her questions … [in] “an encyclopedia of information,” … gangstalking, brain computer interface, psychotronics

There are many more used more or less descriptively and/or as terms of abuse (including to self, masochism). Yet, what matters is not what people say, but the obvious “patterns” that emerge from their clinical reports and opinions.

I would not talk about psychologists, that is not even a scientific profession. They even mercilessly poke fun at themselves (Rosenhan experiment). Psychologists still defend MK-Ultra and during Nazi times the very Adolf Hitler signed a decree outlawing their abuses.

// __ MKULTRA Documentary CIA Mind Control Research Human Experiments in the United States

// __ The age of fear – psychiatry’s reign of terror.

They never stopped then, have never stopped. The APA (American Psychological Association) decided to internally outlaw the use of psychology graduates for torturously abusive social-control experimentation, threatening with revoking the license of those who aid the government to do such inhumane things:

USG is the second largest employer of psychology graduates and, no, they are not offering therapy to politicians. “We the people” are still waiting for the news of a single one of those folks whose license has been actually revoked.

Every single neurobiologist that knows her sh!t, would notice something that can not be described as either schizophrenia or any known mental illness. All musicians are bothered by parts of melodies and/or chords at times appearing and repeating in their minds for no apparent reason (it happens like dreams while being awake, some are quite annoying (like stupid stanzas/melodies)), but (as when you dream) they can still easily tell apart actually listening to music being played by themselves or other and those recurrent (epi?)phenomenal happenings (that constantly happens to me (I could say I grew up in a music school) I even “creatively” dream of beautifully played music, which doesn’t exist (Gonzalo Rubalcaba, playing “They can’t take that away from me” a la Ella and Armstrong)).

Now, schizophrenic people (as one of the many aspects of their dysfunctional lives) report instances of -what feels like- “voices” whispering brief, repetitive messages into their ears, but what TIs’ have been talking about for a long time are “very clear voices” from people they may know telling them long stories about matters relating to their private life (well, yes, that thing they used to call “privacy”), with which they have even established long and protracted conversational back and forths. Some TIs report that they have tried to persuade “those voices” which they have even Christened with names such as “Alberto” and with whom they have established ongoing relationships. Most TIs don’t seem to realize they are talking to a (probably minimally turked) computer. Yet, those folks are obviously not mentally ill. Mental illness is systemic. TIs, all of a sudden, without any kind of previous signs of mental illness, not even in their families, in most cases, without a clue as to from where those “voices” are coming, start hearing them. Now, I have never heard a musician say, that they hear complete musical arrangements or that they can play jazz with those pieces of melodies they “hear” in a responsive way and/or that they hear songs with lyrics about their private lives or future constructed incidents.

As part of the symptomatology of the phantom limb syndrome, people would report that, say, when they touched the internal nose hair in their left nostril they could feel some itching in the ring finger of the right hand of the arm they had lost in an accident (people born without arms would not have such symptoms). No one would take those people seriously but doctors did notice something remarkable: people who could not be possibly related in any way were reporting exactly the same “crazy” symptoms. Later they realized that was happening due to our cortical mappings in the brain. I wonder why is it that neurobiologists haven’t paid attention to TIs claims. Anyone could notice that there is something that doesn’t sound right about their cases and it is not that they may be squizophrenics. Or, is it that they know the government is doing that since they are part of those kinds of “research”?

It was late October when my Uber slowed to a stop in the woods after dark. My driver seemed alarmed. We’d driven to the forests outside Boston, up a rocky, limited-access road … I tried my best to explain. I was there to attend the first ever Unity and Hope Conference …

TIs tend to entertain illusions about hiding, being discrete as a way protect themselves (they think). I think we should act in the open in clear and unambiguous ways. I always suggest to them to stop the “hide and seek” cr@p. Part of their games is making us look and feel paranoid. We should not play into their script.

I am not so good at remembering faces and names, but that “Laura Yan” sounded too familiar to me also because silly me has a weakness for Asian ladies. I remember I went up to her and asked her if she was Tomo Shibata (which name sounds Japanese to me and I am well aware of the cultural and “anatomical” differences between Asian people). Tomo is a very smart TI which I’d wish I could meet. She told me she wasn’t. We had the chance to talk briefly and interchanged email addresses. I told her I was particularly minding the technical aspects of TIs complaints and about drafts for wikipedia TI pages I had written up:
As if that “Laura Yan” experience weren’t spooky enough right before I posted this write up in response to her very unfaithful article, I noticed an email apparently emmnanating from her telling me about “another journalist/prestitude” reaching out to the TI community …

Few people know as much about RFID chips as a biohacker named Amal Graafstra. On his website, I stumbled on a strange letter called “So You Think You’ve Been Implanted Against Your Will,” which he posted in 2016.

Oh, did Yan have an agenda from the start? That would explain things much better!

… the secret government programs never ended. They are still attacking US citizens through covert, powerful electronic weapons today, and the victims are the targeted individuals.

Yeap! As they have themselves admitted to, those MK-Ultra kinds of programs never ended.

a talk by Matthew Aaron

Matthew, Sean and many other TIs right there and then from scientists to engineers could have given you their opinions as well for you to have a more “balanced” idea as part of your “journalistic research”.

A woman showed the unlikely links that popped up when she began typing code names for the CIA and MK Ultra into a local property deed website.

Well, yes. At some point I thought that lady was going to say that she had actually gone to all those underground bunkers she mentioned and they were all full of boxes of chicken soup.

David Voigts, a former Naval officer, spoke about walking across the US to raise awareness of nonconsensual human experimentation. (His talk moved the TIs to line up after and shake his hand in gratitude).

I also shook hands with him in gratitude, but just saying that shows again that you are giving a highly biased, probably even “commissioned” impression. Some TIs at the conference self-critically questioned some of the videos that Voigts was using in his awareness campaigns in clearly unambiguous terms.

It wasn’t the first time Liza had traveled far to seek a solution to the targeting of individuals. In 2014, she drove from the Midwest to New York City, sleeping in her car for two weeks while she met with nonprofits she hoped to enlist in combatting the problem: the Center for Constitutional Rights, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, and Physicians for Human Rights. She hoped that someone would help put a stop to the injustices she suffered. “Nobody would take my story,” she says. “Nobody would touch it with a 10-foot pole.”

Who is Liza? and yes, this is true and it invariably happens to all TIs. No one wants to hear “our stories”. I have repeatedly questioned the integrity of reporters like Glenn Greenwald who after receiving the FBI manuals documenting the technical aspects of what TIs have been talking about for a long time would not disclose that information for lawyers to be able to start a public “We the people” against the government kind of class action suit. The lawyer he is, he knows you can’t indict some institution based on philosophical statements.

Funny thing is that Greenwald and all those ACLU “respectful” lawyers who definitely know about previous and current abuses by the government would take pride at defending the Constitutional rights of NRA, “white” supremacists and KKK members, but as Liza said: “Nobody would touch [TI related matters] with a 10-foot pole”.

To the outside world, the TIs’ beliefs are implausible, ridiculous, or evidence of mental illness, in large part because technology and paranoia have a long, interconnected history.

Yan is missing the point again and this time it is a very fat one. Yes, both social and engineering “technologies and (all kinds of psychic reactions from societal level memes such as that “white man’s burden” thing and nightmares about “Vladimir Putin” by U.S. politicians and media, to the personal such as) paranoia have a long, interconnected history”, but never the in history of humankind have our rulers been able to monitor every single aspect of all members of society (quite literally, our every move!) from birth to death at all times real time and in addition to that, it has never been so cheap and easy to do so. The NSA has been able to run “their business” in the black (consistently, “productively” doing more with less). Well, I know, you could not consider that to be “business” since they “legally”, bully all IT companies into submission as their snitching/monitoring federation. I am talking about the technical aspects relating to the cheap, vast computing power and storage capacity, Moore’s law …

They are exploiting already existing and ubiquitously deployed technologies. Federating all street/public and private cameras to follow people around (including tracking their field of view to try to make them believe they are “reading their mind”), double purposing people’s home devices such as wireless routers and “smart” widescreen TVs, GPS in our cell phones and cars, our medical record, all we eat (sh!t and pee), keeping logs of all our behavior from all we say (which, technically, are part of the protocol and data they need to enable communication among people), for many years now accurate location, posture and gait tracking devices have been used in the nursing homes of the elderly, sensors (among them microscopic visors) are so small and of such high fidelity nowadays that you can’t follow people around based on their bodies’ metabolic infrared emission from drones so far away that they wouldn’t be able to see them and surgeons use them to literally look into people’s bodies real time as they conduct complicated surgical interventions (they insert them from the veins in the back of your knee and drive them all the way to your heart), …

That is totally unprecedented in humankind and way beyond the wildest dreams of what the Nazis, stasi, KGB, … could have ever had. The Catholic Church had to forcibly institute the sacrament of penance in order to know what was in “sinners” minds. Nowadays, “sinners” proactively participate and happily pay to live in their self-monitoring, 24×7 tracking, all encompassing prison cell, even letting other people insert chips in their bodies just to become a member of a night club.

The USG/NSA have taken it to “the next level” they are past trying to emulate the Catholic Church. They have such a thorough degree of control over all aspects of every individual in society (including “predictive behavior” (they believe)), that they can easily, “naturally” entertain self-serving illusions about playing, -being- God. The Mayan worshiped a “God of the verb/language”. They “trust their ‘AI’ God”. They are automatically indexing, correlating and stratifying all that data real time. Their sh!t is so “advanced” that as Obama said: “no one is listening to your phone calls” … :

// __ ABC News: Obama on Prism, Phone Spying Controversy: “No One Is Listening To Your Phone Calls”

well, actually that niggah was kind of right (in a political sense) on that one. He is not saying all you say is being processed by speech-to-text software and thoroughly indexed into corpora with collective Zeitgeist capabilities for good, that they are using “AI” to do their policing, social/”mind” control b#llsh!t automatically. One of the heads MK-Ultra’s “mind control ‘research'”, USG scientist Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, insisted on experimenting with people in their “normal” settings without warning. In our age technology has given them exactly that on a societal scale. Nowadays the whole of society is their “control group”. We TIs are their “lab rats” (they actually call us that) receiving the freak treatment.

Today, prototypes of directed energy weapons actually do exist (though none are in use; the UN banned blinding laser weapons in 1998)

Yan must have said that as some really callous sarcasm, right? Did she just use the UN as some sort of higher authority?

According to David LaPorte, a psychology professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, technology is the perfect culprit for delusional beliefs: It’s ever-evolving, and for many people it’s slightly beyond understanding. The earliest Google searches for the term “targeted individual” appeared in 2004, around the time Graafstra got his first RFID chip implants, and searches for the term spiked in 2013–14, when Edward Snowden exposed the NSA surveillance of ordinary Americans.

Ha! Now she is citing U.S. academia! Definitely sarcasm! We are still waiting for U.S., Canadian academia at least symbolically offer an apology for their participation in the MK-Ultra programs. Well, how are they going to do so, if they are still doing it?

The critical role of U.S. academia in current day U.S.A. police state hasn’t been addressed. An excellent start for any prestitude that would at least try to show some decency would be:

“I mean, I’m going to get them. Maybe not all of them, but as many as I can get”

There is something called “honesty”, another one called “empathy”. Both relate to that golden rule thing that old world cultures talk about. From the perspective of a “sane”, “unencumbered” (careless even?) person, “understanding” such comments seems to be hard, but it shouldn’t. At least trying to put yourself in those people’s shoes would be cheap and easy.

As that comedian who did try to sleep deprive himself for days. You may need some help to at least attempt to be honest to yourself and matters. Enlist someone to wreck havoc with any aspect of your life, small and big. From telling store owners to disappear the kind of chocolate you like, to spreading crazy @ss rumors at work, to mess with your family, threaten whom you believe to be “your friends” away from your life, taking over the steering of your car, … and you will easily “understand” what is like to feel like “getting them”, “as many as you can”. And, no, you don’t have to “get” the person that helped you while you tried your fake attempt at trying TIs shoes for a while. One of the problems with gangstalkers and perpetrators is that even though they know they are part of a very large government sponsored organization of @ssh0l3s they like to entertain the illusion that they are just offering “token help” to the government, that they “aren’t really bothering you that much”, that TIs should be a little more understanding to their own needs, so they get the store coupons they get as “retribution” for their service (they it is “retribution” not payment, because the account of paid snitches and such folks carry no weight in court …).

I grew up as a family of high profile political dissidents of the Cuba of the 60’s (later I became one myself), then went to school in East Germany in the 80’s and have lived in the U.S. for over 20 years. Some of my friends tell me: “they don’t know how come I am not clinically crazy”. To me people who gangstalk other people, perpetrators, police, politicians, people in academia who participate in those social-control programs, those NSA kinds of @ssh0l3s, those “patriots” killing other people as if they were playing computer games … are not even human beings “like you and me”. To me they are kind of like “mosquitoes” (not even ants). Would you mind a mosquito? Would you try to talk sense into a mosquito? They even have regulations which have been unsuccessfully contested in court about not letting people become police is they are “too smart” (that adverbial phrase as they understand it)

I can tell you something. One of the first I have had in the U.S. is feeling like actually “getting them”, “as many as I can” (and, yes, I know police will surely kill me afterwards, that is one of the NYPD forte’s “having to kill people” for no reason whatsoever). Never before I felt like that. Not under the harassment of the “squarely on your face” Cuban police or the pesky stasi and I don’t think that is primarily happening because “I am getting old”, less hopeful. I am one of the TIs that is very vocal about trying to convince other TIs not to “go American”, like that former Santiago-Ruíz punk at FLL who “was hearing voices in his head telling him to commit acts of violence” prior to “going American” at FLL. At the very least you know the people and the kinds of people harassing you.

Early this year, a German regulatory agency labeled a blond, talking doll named My Friend Cayla “an illegal espionage apparatus,” recommending its destruction. The FDA recently approved the first pill that can track whether a patient has taken it. These Big Brotheresque developments are worrying even if you are not a suspicious or paranoid person. For the TIs, these devices are their worst fears realized. The technology doesn’t just spy on them or track them. It attacks them.

Well, TIs’ concerns are well-founded or not?, are they right or wrong? Oh, wait! I forgot they are always wrong, since the government is “the client”!

The New York Times estimated that there are more than 10,000 self-identified TIs

Ha! First U.S. academia, then the UN, now that “‘All the News That’s Fit to Print’ New York Times”! Also, I would say that 10,000 figure of self-identified TIs is very modest. When they say self-identified TIs do they mean the people that say no to and oppose their b#llsh!t? Many of the TIs they use for medical experimentation aren’t even aware of it.

But before I left the conference, she approached me and handed me a binder that contained her full story.

Partially because protagonistic, ego-related complexes in gringos are chronic, they are very cagey about “their stories” (they may make money with a movie in the future, right?). I always recommend to them to write their TI journals on paper by hand, make an image-based pdf document and post them to the four winds. Luria wrote a very interesting book: “The mind of a mnemonist”. “The mind of TIs” was what I thought Yan was doing when I read the title of her piece.

Most of all, I worried that I would disappoint them—that I couldn’t tell their story the way they wanted it to be told.

That is part of why you should avoid, exclusivity, personalized drama. Assange style, post copies to the four winds and let people have their own opinions. We don’t need “journalists” or -prestitudes- as they are being called these days to do us “favors”.

// __ Activist and Targeted Individual Camilo Lopez interview with Ella Free

Liza and the other TIs told me, again and again, that the worst part of being a TI is not having people believe you.

Actually, some TIs like me don’t have that problem. I proactively show my “TI membership card” to anybody who is about to get close to me. Most people walk away from me pretending to have never met me (about which I am squarely fine). Once girlfriend mercilessly, mockingly told me: “Ach! It is not even about you. Whoever wants to use you as a spy, a terrorist or any of that sh!t, doesn’t have a clue about reality.” 😉

Being made to look crazy was part of the targeting. While the TIs are still searching for evidence of black ops and covert crimes, their stories are just that: stories. You could believe them or not. Most people don’t. “That’s a terrible thing,” Liza said. “You don’t really understand how dear and vital the connection to other people is until it’s taken away.”

You should not go too crazy about “other people not believing you”, just be honest to yourself and matters. Try keeping your ego and protagonism in check. Just that is an enchanting spiritual exercises in itself. Keep in mind what Eleanor Roosevelt told us about “people”, “incidents” and “ideas”. Chronicle your TI related sh!t truly, don’t try to be “smart” telling people about your “conclusions” as Yan is doing here. That is actually a way of protecting yourself and gaining friends who actually matter.

What if, for instance, the chip inside your head could teach you to speak a new language?

As crazy as it may sound, at times I have heard people wonder to what extent some TIs are selected for some specific reason, even if some “deserve” to have been chosen as TIs?

Ricardo Camilo López

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TI barbara guillette’s (mailed Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 2:16 PM)

Below is a random comment from an anonymous source, which I found several years ago in the comment section of an older blog written by Lynnae Williams, a young, promising DIA and CIA employee. According to this Daily Beast article:
( “Lynnae Williams: The CIA Spy Who Tweets” (

“Williams’s main grievance with the agency revolves around her termination. Williams says that as a trainee in the agency’s national clandestine service, she was sent to Dominion Hospital, a public mental-health facility in northern Virginia.”

After getting out of the hospital and then leaving the CIA, Lynnae began getting stalked by groups of men who looked like former college and NFL football players, whom Lynnae believed were F.B.I. agents. (And I think she was right, as I saw many photos of them around her, all over the place, in her older blog.) I didn’t look too hard, but I couldn’t find Lynnae’s older blog.
This comment describes the theoretical underpinnings of our harassment protocol(s) and how FBI’s InfraGard, DHS’s Citizen Corps, and local neighborhood watches could be mobilized—with Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces also helping to coordinate intelligence agencies, branches of the military, joint terrorism task forces (JTTFs), state and local law enforcement, private security/defense contractors, local private investigators, and private companies—with all of these ‘entities’ getting marching orders ultimately originating from the approximately 80 State Data Fusion Centers.
Information on Program from an Anonymous source:

“For folks who are interested in this subject, the strategy is actually kind of cool. Any successful implementation relies on three key factors. One linchpin, excuse the pun, is an old form of Japanese torture — death by a thousand cuts. The second key component is plausible deniability. The third is an effect that is known by many names in the psychological literature — grounding, stimulus /response, anchoring, where the idea is to associate an otherwise innocuous auditory or visual stimulus with stress. [NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming] ( Stress triggers a release of a hormone called cortisol, which is associated with the fight or flight reaction. It is an evolutionary mechanism that kicks in as a sort of last resort. Studies on rats and mice indicate that chronic stress, however, is detrimental to higher level cognitive function. The response bypasses the neocortex, and the release of cortisol enhances the creation of memories of short term emotional events, raises blood pressure, and has some interesting anti-inflammatory effects.”
noun (plural neocortices | -ˈkôrtiˌsēz | ) Anatomy: a part of the cerebral cortex concerned with sight and hearing in mammals, regarded as the most recently evolved part of the cortex.

Long term exposure to cortisol, damages nerve cells in the hippocampus, the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain, thought to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system. resulting in impaired learning and memory retrieval of already stored information. The cumulative effect is to try to effect a psychological condition that is often referred to as PTSD. The short term goal is to try to make the subject paranoid both to discredit her in the eyes of the public and more importantly undermine personal sense of center.
As with enhanced interrogation, the tactics all rely on bombarding the subject with stimuli that he or she can’t process, and at the same time, to limit normal stimuli and modes of activity.
Of course, knowing that stress can affect long term damage is not enough. From an implementation perspective in a relatively open democratic society with laws against most obvious types of harassment, it is much more difficult to pull this off than in, say Soviet Russia. This is where the “death by a thousand cuts” strategy comes into play. The goal is to expose the subject to a constant barrage of small nuisances that individually are perfectly legal and bearable, but over longer periods of times amount to psychological intimidation. Each of these smaller nuisances can be as something trivial as tailgating the subject, shouting at the subject for no apparent reason — and other various forms of street theater.
The beauty of this is:

1. Most of these nuisances can be easily executed in a manner suitable to plausible deniability.
2. If the subject actually tries to relate what is happening to her on an ongoing basis — she will be deemed paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic, etc.

The logistics for such an information operation appear prohibitively expensive at first blush. One should think it pretty expensive to hire a group of goons who keep stalking the subject for a prolonged period of time. In practice, it is actually not that difficult.
For one, the strategy is to rely on an army of useful idiots – each of whom is told a suitably nasty story about the subject – and is told to keep their eyes open. Second — as with supply chain management the implementation can be outsourced and automatized through some pretty simple software solutions. Again, one balks at the logistics of tracking the subject. In practice, the subject has helped the information operator solve that problem by carrying a cellphone in her pocket.
The overall implementation will then look as follows. Using a variety of means — gain access to cellphone/tower communication for the subject. Write a simple app that keeps track of a few dozen do-gooders who are either paid for this or provide their services for free, and the location of a subject. Every time that the subject comes within a radius of a mile or two of the operator, the server sends a message to the ‘good Samaritan’ with a picture of the subject and a choice of customized/personalized strategies for annoying the subject. Upon successful completion, the good Samaritan is able to submit feedback through his cellphone app back to the hq. Each couple of days/weeks a specialist back in hq sifts through the feedback and comes up with new personalized handling approaches which are put into the system.
By virtue of crowd-sourcing, a bit of disinformation, and off-the-shelf cellphone tracking solutions you have yourself a pretty effective ‘cocoa puff,’ or ‘psychic bunny’ (an industry/IC term, actually) management solution that rivals the old school KGB, and that for a few hundred bucks tops maintenance per week.
What is there not to like about the information revolution, folks? I am sure there are actually quite a few enterprising chaps in this game already. If anyone has any idea as to the ROI for such a business plan, I would really be interested in hearing from you. Also, if anyone is looking to hire developers to implement the game, please let yours truly know. Namaste.” [End of Comment]
Okay, that’s it. I did a little searching, but I couldn’t find out what “cocoa puff,” or “psychic bunny” meant, but I’d love to know. I’ll have to do some more serious digging. Feel free to send this to whomever you think may like some of the insight.
I realize you all know a lot of the theory and the strategies already, but I like how the comment spells out the theory, strategies, and logistics:

Peace and ‘V’ (Victory) –

Patrick C.

P.S. My routine qualifier: I’ve proof-read this once after sending it to myself; so, while there may be a few grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes, along with words added/omitted/changed, this email shouldn’t contain many such errors, nor should large parts of the email be underlined, as my initial email sent to myself did not contain any of the text underlined, except for the links and a few key words I deliberately underlined.

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Unity et Hope Oct. 2017

The idea was for you to see the stunning sight of Boston in the background, but it didn’t come out well at all. I think Matthew took pics with some fine camera.

Here are three pictures of …

my girlfriend 😉 and I in my winter weight (winter weight did I say? ;-), yes, I am like 25+ lbs obese. I was also enjoying the good food at the conference!):
Kate and I

Sean and I:
Sean and I

our camp out site in the woods:
camp out side in the woods


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The brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock speaks for a second time
His brother made a few statements, that show “Steve ‘didn’t seem to be’ a ‘bad’ guy” who, for some reason “jumped into the pit of hell”, maybe, some deep moral predicament had been bothering him for a long time exactly because “he was not a bad guy”? At this point only God knows.

Of course, people will have to rationalize his actions in whichever way they need in order to reinforce their own illusions and beliefs. They are talking about his “body language” and all kinds of cr@p.

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“security consultant” Bryan Kofron’s “157 Roy Street” …

// __ Bryan Kofron’s “157 Roy Street” 157 Roy Street: Connections
Ella suggested to me to listen to Kofron’s interview:

// __ Former Security Specialist Bryan Kofron talks Targeted Individuals with Ella Free

I initially could not understand why. My paranoia triggers went off thinking they had spoofed Ella’s email address to make me listen to him (I couldn’t even get why would they do that, possibly trying to test if I would react in a certain way?).

I was about to stop listening to it when I think Andrew jumped in (more like jumped on him ;-)) trying to make him understand that we are not that stupid. Then Sean thankfully handled the situation masterfully giving it an “honorable” way out, still making clear to him and to everybody our “subject matter expert” didn’t quite know what he was talking about. Something that I avoid is arguing with people with no grip on “real” reality, those people who are about “talking”, like: politicians, historians, psychologists, lawyers, sale’s people … Most people are like that. I, like Andrew, find quite maddening trying to argue a case with such people: “how could you say that?”. There are still differences between say: psychologists and cognitive scientists; historians and anthropologists.

I think our activism is gaining momentum, so we should be more “responsible” and with it I mean we should be more like Sean while dealing with “talking” heads kinds of people. Yes, some of us with a technical grip on reality can’t quietly take those kinds of “they are seeing through your eyes, listening through your ears” b#llsh!t, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to the point of view of someone “from the trenches”. In fact, understanding those kinds of folks is not that hard. When Beyonce says “I love you” to me 😉 and does her booty dance performances for me and me only … I yell back to her off the top of my lungs “I love you, too, darling!” … and Galileo almost ends up like Giordano Bruno for telling people something contrary to what they were “seeing” on a daily basis (the sun appearing every day on the East and moving westwards through the sky)

Quite honestly, this is when having a somewhat schizophrenic mind helps ;-). One side of my mind was loudly telling me Kofron’s technical account was way too flimsy to believe any of it (I even doubted he was actually an Anthropologist. He should know well the difference between “visually seeing” and “believing” something and for it to actually -be- true. Also, Anthropologists should know how to research well their claims (so, those of you who are thinking of using him as a subject matter expert witness be aware you may run into shaky grounds), but the other side of my mind was telling me: “OK, there must be something actually or potentially good in someone who decides to morally confront a greater power from the inside and face all the consequences that come with it …” and something good there was!: the comments of the blind lady, who keeps her eyes closed 90% of the time as she goes about her daily life:



Kofron: “Everything we are looking at, they can see” … (but that doesn’t effing mean that they are seeing through your eyes, listening through your ears, for Christ sake!)

Her comments seem to squarely confirm my “educated” guess, as I have told many TIs and latest Kyle, about them just playing computer 3D-rendering games with us. In order to make some (most?) of us believe they are “reading/hijacking our minds”. I did notice her talk was noised and she didn’t even seem to have noticed (her talk didn’t change thematically or its prosody at all) even though blind people are very acoustically sensitive. Perps are able to selectively mess with one channel of communications. They have done it to me many times. Please, if anyone knows that lady, let her know there is some TI in NYC (I think she mentioned she lived in NYC as well) that would like to talk to her about her experiences. I would like to study/confirm beyond any doubt what they are doing once and for all. Perhaps, Ella should invite her to a talkshoe. When it comes to consciousness studies, at times you learn more from edge experiences.

They are, quite literally, monitoring our every move, gait and bodily positions describing our behavior, gestural mannerisms, faces … They keep a detailed map of our functional environments, and are able to keep a timed trace of your behavioral routines in it, which data they manage using corpora-based data structures as state-machine-like graphs weighted in a Bayesian way, so that data pertaining to the behavior of large amounts of individuals can be easily and is automatically cross correlated, stratified, indexed and mined. As I have explained before, the automatic recording/monitoring part is easy. What I could see them really getting a kick at, even erotically motivated towards (I would be from a merely Mathematical/data analysis point of view) is the correlation among these data feeds. Is this what they call “hive mind”?

As a Mathematician/Physicist/tech monkey, I had to learn the Math of how this is done as part of my thesis work on information loss in “ghost” phenomena relating to experimental results in theoretical solid state Physics. Believe me, doing that isn’t a big deal. So, please, stop saying and apparently believing that they are using some super fancy techno sh!t. Niggah me would only need time and labor to thoroughly “write” and fully implement that kind of cr@p. I have also learned on my own a lot about corpora research and enough about “consciousness studies”/cognitive sciences to understand those “mind reading” kinds of claims to be bunk, but I still wonder how can they make people believe such bullsh!t. Could they possibly be somehow raising the degree of suggestibility and subjectivity of people in the same way that they can induce sensual/sexual emotions/feelings in people? Our minds are very well fine tuned to differentiate what we do endogenously from what is being individually done to us. We can and do hear our own voice when we talk; yet, we would not mistake our own voice with a recording of it or a fake synthesized generation of it. That almost effortless differentiation our brains are naturally capable of doing is fundamental to discriminating and sensing one’s own self and people’s learning capacity.

I still wonder, how on earth could anyone make other individuals who are obviously not mentally ill, believe that they are “reading their mind”, “seeing through their eyes”, “listening through their ears” …
I want to share with you my “fav” lines. When I write “5*” that means a good statement I would like to look into when I have more time to pay attention to/study such issues, “5*~” means some over the top b#llsh!t I “must” look into: : saliva swab! So the warchers are being watched, targeted as well all the way down to their DNA! : amazon DNA database : amazon allows for companies to research their DNA samples : 5*~ resident frequency of the target’s DNA V2K : IDF facilities where the DNA is stored : 5*~ individually-tuned hacking capabilities : hive minds : employees are being “monitored”, mapped, tracked 24×7 : 5* surveilling the homeless population, which were under direct experimentation as well : DEW: “frecuency weapons” : in collusion with homeless shelter operators : there is so much and so redundantly going on that there is no way to cover it up. The only people who have no knowledge of it are low level sec guards : 5*~ 3-D rendered images into the mind : 5* DNA targeting (epigenetic? difference between somatic and psychological reactions?) : neither cultural or social scrutiny nor the rule of law : 5* “DNA maniputaltion” and “electrical system of the body” Sure you can checmically and physically mess with living cells, but how exactly can you do it with any presicion? : 5*~ “a residence frequency to DNA itself” : 5*~ they synch up the “individual frecuency of a ‘person’s mind'” : 5*~ through that “info super highway” is it you can send data and ‘instructions’ … : 5*~ “residence frequencies, individual frecuency of a “person’s mind” (complete bunk) : no, Physics does not substantiate at all what he is saying : 5*~ people can see through the eyes, hear through the ears of the targets : 5*~ I would log that on my “personal notebook” I would then “transfer” that to my paper copy journal : 5*~ technologies to look through the eyes and listen through the ears … : what is actually going on is the monitoring of test subjects : FW is completly taken away from them : 5*~ they may have been working through my eyes and my ears, because “of course, there is not physical psyntomes” … (???!!!) : every human being is a walking/talking camera/microphone/speaker … : 5*~ “people back in the control room” would direct low level sec guards through V2K, could look through their eyes and ear through their ears … : 5*~ being used for training, R&D … : TIs are under “federal jurisdiction” … : it is not your business, it is not your “assignment” : I approached SIS “Jeff Bensorini”: “don’t worry about it”, “yes, but there is nothing you can do about it” … if you want to be part of this company : I resigned, went to the FBI is Seatle January 17th, 2017 and complained to them direcly as a citizen : this is a federal program. We know exactly what you are talking about : right after I resigned, I did notice I began to be targetted as well : direct threats to my wife : they have made me effectively homeless : they actually froze my bank account for a while : they work on isolating you to make you the property of the federal government : individual psychological profile built of all targets : 5*~ “remote influencing” : this is where they fly: in confusion -> fear, distrust -> breaks down human relationships : same techniques being used on the general population of Seattle against the targets themselves : amazon exclusively sells some of the shielding on their site : 5* knocking off teeth using DEW | In the Seatle area tie-in with the University of Washington in Seattle | Universities are a crucial part of the infrastructure : it is very much like dying very, very slowly : 5*~ “the resonance freecuency of the DNA and the mind” : 5* like a third person video game in which you are seeing through the eyes of the individual (effing indeed!) 😉 : 5*~ “once that freecuency hacks into the mind, it hakcs into the entire mind and body” … : they have a sense of being invencible, because they know they are protected by the government : 5*~ “you need to go clean over there” : I have two small grandchildren. To me they are pedophiles : it started happening to me 1986 under Reagan : “Everything we are looking at, they can see” … (but that doesn’t effing mean that they are seeing through your eyes, hearing thorugh your ears, for Christ sake!) : some women don’t want to take showers, go to the bathroom : … they don’t want to make love because they have no privacy, since “they are looking through your eyes what you are seeing” : 5*~ “they hop from one person to another, to have different points of view” … : “tapping into someone’s eyes and looking directly through them …” : … “in order to eavesdrop on a business meeting?” : it is much harder to find out the secrets of corporations than it is to find out the secrets of the government : 5* blind lady: I keep my eyes closed 90% of the time! : 5*~ an image is rendered in the mind via “the frecuency of their third eye” … : 5*~ “I get” horrific things “into my vision”, which I don’t think other people have experienced … with colors and bright lights, all kinds of patterns, … : I can see the same image with my eyes closed or open. The same image : I would testify as an expert witness : 5* when I speak of “the program” I am talking about all federal programs under which all is contained | social engineering. it utilizes all communities in society: neiborhoods, private companies, public organizations, police, the military …, all ethnicities, all religions : they have a vision for our country, they have a vision for the world : current technology has made possible for them to be able to enforce their vision : NY: National Liberty Alliance | book: Controlling masses. World domination : 5* listening to two radio stations at once : 5* Pres. of Phillipines was told by “the voice of God” to stop swearing : 5* it is USG or the shadow gov?: USG : 5* mapping: what they are doing in Seattle is monitoring and recording every aspect of human experience : 5* they are recording what is like to eat a sandwich : those models could then be used on robots : 5* how to avoid torture: shielding (not let them map you) : 5*~ for me it is more the thoughts: “did you notice how that person looked at you?” (those are not “thoughts”) : 5* instantaneous feedback on any thought I have | everything it lets me know: OK, I have seen that : 5*~ they would put a thought in your head : 5*~ synthetic telepathy | they would comment on every thought I had. on everything I see, on everything I read, everybody I look at : documents I am not making public because I am pending legal action : 5* any documentation stating that they are actually experimenting on homeless people?

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theIntercept_20170812_The Battle for Venezuela and Its Oil

Once again, I have the honor to be silently and “responsibly” rated and/or censured by the Intercept:
“name”:”Ricardo Camilo López”},
“content”: …,
“in-reply-to”:” json/posts/140945/comments/434875″,

mrtmbrnmn: August 12 2017, 8:41 p.m.: But honestly Jeremy, what country on this planet has ever been better off after being regime changed by Rogue Nation USA? Indeed, has the USA ever been better off as a result of our brutish and murderous global outlaw big-footing?

I am glad you did pick that issue up! I was shocked when I listened to Jeremy (one of the extremely few decent, smart and sharp journalists left) rationalize gringo b#llsh!t. I could not believe my ears!

JS: It does seem that there is a trend under Maduro that I think echoes some of what we’ve seen in other governments in the region where all of the crises and all of the problems are essentially blamed on the United States or U.S. intervention. Now, of course, you wrote an entire book detailing U.S. dirty tricks and intervention in Venezuela, “The Chavez Code,” where you examined all of this in detail. Clearly the United States is constantly interfering in the affairs of countries around the world, but certainly throughout Central and South America. But it seems that that becomes a little bit too convenient to just constantly say, “Oh, well this is because the United States. This is because of U.S.-backed groups. This is all a U.S.-created opposition.” I mean, am I wrong? I mean, it seems like that that is sort of answer number one from the pro-Maduro camp.

Better like, “clearly the United States is constantly interfering in the affairs of ALL countries around the world and all that moves by itself in the Universe!” (Full Stop!) Your “buts”, Jeremy, you may be able to stick in some other place, like up your butt! Don’t you think?

Also, aren’t you gringos able to see that there is a very simple solution to those kinds of problems? But then again, how could you be and not have such huge moral and cognitive blind spots! How could you be and not be “good Christians!”, “freedom lovers”, “God blessed!”, “Americans”, “the land of the ‘free’ and ‘the’ ‘brave'” (when all they can claim in their “history of greatness” is messing with and invading people who can’t defend themselves on an equal basis), …

USG and their acolytes have not only 8 timed the genocidal ratio of Nazi Germany during WWII, but when Nazis were doing their “freedom loving”, “regime change”; they didn’t go to mess with Afghanistan, Yemen, Haiti, Cuba, …; instead they went head on and on their own (without UN WMD theatrics) against Britain, France, Russia … Why is it so hard for “theworldsonlysuperpower” to find Russia and China on a map? What happened with the lesson they were going to teach China on the South China Sea? Don’t China, Russia, North Korea actually have WMDs?

JS: But you’re of course talking about some of these groups that have received an enormous amount of support and money and consultants, et cetera, from the United States and other powers that have intervened. But certainly, you also have a significant swath of Venezuelan society that also is opposed to Maduro that is not on the U.S. payroll.

Jeremy are you OK? I would rather hope you are on the U.S. payroll, than suffering from some early Alzheimer’s disease on set.

As you should know the best way of buying people is without using money. They don’t even realize they have been bought! There is this guy called Edward Bernays I am sure you have heard of.

EG: So I mean, there’s a reference for the fact that people stick by this government. What they say essentially is: “Yeah, we know they’re corrupt. Yeah, we know things aren’t great, but the alternative is worse.”

Unfortunately, even if very different for many historical, economical and strategic reasons, I see many similarities between the situation Cuba has found itself stuck in and the way I see Venezuela evolving. At least I would advice to my dear Venezuelan people not to make the same mistakes that Cuban people living in Miami/the U.S. did.

I have even heard anti Maduro protesters calling for a U.S. embargo against Venezuela Cuba-style (which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever for more than one good reason). I am no friend of either, Maduro, “verde” or “podrido” as I am no friend with Castro communism, but there is something called -humanity- and “making sense”. While you are trying to isolate someone/something you are tacitly isolating yourself. There is not political “ism” that will ever be above -humanity- and “making sense”.


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