Holocaust WHO IS WHO …

Israeli government/Jewish people playing Nazis now?

At church we have an interest/focus group to try to do something (even if raising it to awareness) for a peace process and the end of the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli government.

Once we gathered with an ISM activist (one of my girlfriend’s best friends), who was an eyewitness to the gruesome assassination of Rachel Corrie by the IDF … Some other day we visited a gathering/party in which (ex-?)IDF soldiers and Palestinian citizens spoke about their experiences and possible solutions to the conflict.

One of the IDF soldiers told us that the disconnect of young Israeli citizens is such, that if a US artist coming soon would have called off his concert or talks about the occupation most Israeli youth would go like “occupation”? What is that? (If you think about it for a second this is not that weird/shocking. Here in the states people easily believe all the lies the “free” media feed them).

He told us the Israeli government pays visits to concentration camps to all high school graduates as part of their “education” (+ brainwashing) for them to “see” and learn about their own history. So far, so good! But is this the underlying mentality “justifying” their considering Palestine their “Lebensraum” (some people can’t help but “loving” other people in the same way they were “loved”) and the “logical” dehumanization of Palestinian people? …

They were telling me; current German citizens who didn’t have to do at all with Nazis still pay them some sort of remunerations!!! (Please, correct me if I am wrong. To me that makes no sense whatsoever, but well things don’t necessarily have to “make sense” by themselves). If I were a German citizen I would oppose this until they stop their own new-age Nazism.

I think as a way to give their education a more true and comprehensive perspective, they should put on billboards (it is very cheap, they could even use a truck and just park it there when they come) showing to them about their own new-age Nazism nowadays. I have told about this idea to people. I received these slides from a friend and posted it here to clearly show what I mean.

“black and white” past Nazi era to current “color” pictures …


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