Asylum rejectioned appealed …

So long USA …

My dad used to say to me that I have only one “problem solving” strategy: kicking things around hard 😉

I remember once I was talking to an official of the Brazilian government at their consulate in NYC, who told me to just try to get a job in another country, that “political asylum cases are not about what a government does to their citizens …” (and I don’t think he was being cynical, in fact, he was quite friendly). I have many reasons why I am being upfront and honest about it all I will spare you.

From all countries I have tried so far the funniest incident so far I had at the Indian consulate in NYC. A lady that seemed to be an official serving the Indian government (not just a salaried desk handler) asked me with plenty of grimaces and articulating her faces to the extreme, acting like IISuperwomanII “Why India? Go away, you! Go away!” ;-). Then she asked me to wait and some guy came from the inside who just stared at me for a while and then walked away … Then lady came back and officially told me off, refusing to take my application. I, amazed, amused and smiling, told her that they could have still formally taken in my application and formally reject it, but, well, they don’t seem to be about formalities.

The Swiss government has been the only one which has formally accepted my asylum application petition, offered me a hearing, even “formally minded” it and took the time to write up a rejection letter informing me about the laws under which they based their decision and giving me the option to appeal it.

$ date
Wed Nov 18 00:33:54 EST 2015

$ ls -l Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.*
-rw-r--r-- 1 knoppix knoppix 5469271 Nov 11 10:55 Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.odt
-rw-r--r-- 1 knoppix knoppix 2162614 Nov 11 10:56 Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.pdf

$ md5sum -b Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.*
86f0e8131eebebf4356e44b6e932e298 *Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.odt
417ab80675d41ec57ceae1cd02a34fcf *Schweiss10_Rejection02_nidinf.pdf


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