Theintercept: Spy Chief Complains That Edward Snowden Sped Up Spread of Encryption by 7 Years.

Jenna McLaughlin Apr. 25 2016

James Pannozzi: Apr. 25 2016, 4:26 p.m.

The NSA strategy and, by consequence, that of the CIA, is grounded in the mad attempt to collect as much data as possible, wasting billions of tax payer dollars on “data” centers where raw data and “meta data” is collected, stored and dissected.

Even straight to your face liars and part-time manipulators are not deprived of conscious intent or sense of their survival needs and their own selfish reality. Of those, even the ones with no morally guided principles whatsoever are not totally deranged. They just make use of our collective shortsightedness and stupidity.

The reasons why they must: “Collect it All”, “Process it All”, “Exploit it All”, “Partner it All”, “Sniff it All” ™, with the believed ultimate purpose of “Knowing it All” in order to be able to entertain “playing God” illusions are because:

1) otherwise they would have to “Make Sense of it All” and, ouch!, that would be too hurtful to them (which they know), having to actually think, make sense of things, is way beyond what those so-called “intelligence” agencies can actually do;

In order to become police they make you sit I.Q. test and … no, it is not to screen idiots or survey their human capital, but to bar those deemed “too smart” (which to them would be like you were able to finish 6th grade), because they would be “too good to be true” and surely will be problematic in the long run

// __ nytimes + abcnews: Police Can “legally” Bar High I.Q. Scores …

Think of it, it is as if there were official, public regulations stating: “if you are a decent person you can’t work in Wall Street” 😉

Neurobiologist Kent Kiehl has been extensively researching the brain of psychopaths. He has found a very high correlation between the size of the amygdalae (feelings) and the connection of interneurons between amygdalae and the prefrontal cortex (rationality, executive control). He asked to do the same with police and he was allowed to do so under the condition that he doesn’t publish his findings!?! 😉 I wonder if he extended his research to those kinds of psychopaths called politicians.

// __ How the Psychopathic Brain informs about Recidivism

// __ The Human Brain (full documentary) HD

(32:50): moral questions …
Now, I know all societies have a share of those kinds of folks in need of “occupational therapy”, what I think is very wrong is when we let them to take over and start acting the way they have been for way too long.

NSA folks don’t fair that much better. What they may have in computer sciences and psychology degrees, they sorely lack in decency and morality. Isn’t it telling that it took so long for one of them: Edward Snowden, to have moral pangs about the purpose of it all and come forward to denounce their lying @sses in ways that they couldn’t deny anymore?

2) since they are very essentially imperialistic, they must “Screw Us All”. USG simply can’t exist without messing with the world at large. At this point it is getting down to our own individual lives. They use all that tired talk about “freedom loving” and “democracy” to entertain themselves and come off as more senselessly diabolical which creates some exploitable conscious dissonance in your opposing targets;

3) current technologies make functional illusions of all-encompassing pervasive “awareness” so cheap and functionally easy that even “philosophizing about sophisticated nonsense such as ethical concerns” is a measurable waste of time to them.

Not long ago they would make some prisoners on parole ware bracelets 24×7. Now people not only pay for their TV sets, but most carry more than one cell phone (just in case one the bracelets missfunctions and for better triangulation) leaving a centimetrically detailed trace of your whereabouts (they also have 3-D data structures of whole cities) which they correlate with everyone’s else and keep for good. All people are talking about is being recorded, people are busy posting their “private” matters about their lives online and even abysmally entertaining selecting whom they would consider to be within their “private circles” while they are at it … they have started to market “self-driving cars” so that they have even greater control of our lives

// __ In Response to Theories on Michael Hastings’ Fatal Crash

Now, try to convince those kinds of folks that they can’t do away with personal privacy and run an all invasive police state when, in fact, U.S. IT companies had been successfully running their proof of concept for years prior to the NSA realization of its potential.

Technically speaking, the NSA probably is the less wasting and probably most efficient (I would even say, -technically- (not morally by any stretch) speaking less corrupt) of U.S. agencies and companies. Primarily, due to Moore’s (hardware) Law, they have been consistently doing more with less and less and that will not change any time soon (or -ever- I would say). In a few years from now hardware will be so cheap that even on a personal level people will individually have more storage space that they will ever need so that even the cloud would not make any sense.

The meaning of that “ever” stanza is becoming scarily true. It is not just a quantitative difference but a qualitative shift of paradigm.

The volume of data is simply too excessive even for artificial intelligence software with sophisticated algorithms to sift through.

There are no such thing as “artificial intelligence” or probably “intelligence” departments would be the only ones believing such a thing possible (which I doubt). The Greeks were the first ones to use mechanical devices to “prove” theorems, but they would not kid themselves to the point of believing those devices to be “intelligent” “an sich”. They knew they were just syntactic devices through and through. Beep blue beat Kasparov simply because chess as a Rubik’s cube is a fully syntactic game and the Turing test is no prove of anything semantic:

There is no “Abracadabra” incantation in so-called “Bid Data”

“Artificial Intelligence” is the “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” of our times.


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