theintercept 20160428: new-study-shows-mass-surveillance-breeds-meekness-fear-and-self-censorship: natural, biological imperative … new-study-shows-mass-surveillance-breeds-meekness-fear-and-self-censorship: natural, biological imperative …
by Glenn Greenwald

The Catholic Church, as an example, had the integrity to articulate and publish to the four winds their Index Librorum Prohibitorum, which they had the spine and brain to mind to the section and paragraph of each published book.

Compare that with that abhorrent abomination called “the Patriot Act” which was passed in the U.S. without so-called “law makers” bothering to actually read it. Even that politician who came up with that “the Patriot Act” thing has loudly and clearly stated that the whole thing took a spin he never imagined in his wildest dreams. Quite honestly, and that could be actually tested, falsify; how many congress representative have the basic intellectual capacity (let alone the spine to fight it if they find it wrongful) to read and understand a high school level text? How many of them would pass high school level exams?

// __ Obama Claims He’s Visited 57 States
Well, our dear president probably meant “47” states, anyone can make a mistake and fatigue does that to your mind (but, what a mistake from a “constitutional lawyer”?!?) Now, is that the same “constitutional lawyer” who has thoroughly wiped his bl@ck @ss with the letter and spirit of the U.S. constitution by supporting FISA courts?, you wonder. What I find most interesting is how he somewhat artfully reacted and started to talk sh!t about “his staff” when he sensed people just couldn’t contained their laughters.

Could Obama actually talk without a teleprompter?

// __ President Obama’s Teleprompter Crashes During Speech!
// __ Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner
I am a teacher and I do sometimes make mistakes (many of them on purpose) and I encourage my students to spot them as an attention, conscious awareness exercise. Perhaps politicians don’t want for people to be conscious and the media gives a critical help at keeping people as idiotic and deafferented of any kind of moral sense as it is strictly necessary in order to keep things running in a “don’t worry, be happy” way

musefish -> Pedinska: Apr. 28 2016, 6:05 p.m.

Do you think there is a natural, biological imperative that will arise within the collective human family that would have the mass of humanity rise up and crush the cancer of greedy, aberrant people and organizations (government)? I mean the question sincerely. History seems to bear this out.

Pedinska -> musefish: Apr. 28 2016, 10:58 p.m.
Don’t know.

I’ve never lived through a revolution. Then again, neither had others who’ve come before … until they were.

Actually, as Darwinism thoroughly proves there isn’t a grand design supporting human life at all. In fact, the difference between us, animals; and plants is just a type of cell (neurons) and the difference between our immediate hominid cousins and us is that we were damaged (some people would say “glorified”) by a cancerous-like mutation in our HOX genes which “endowed” us with an ridiculously vast amount of them in the frontal cortex. That is why we are so illusive and compulsively associating that we get so stupidly played and fooled by our rulers. In fact, we are the only social animals with such things as “duly elected” political representative, British royal families, celebrities, TV sets, NSAs, “patriotism”, . . .

If you, say, study the history of how Mathematicians have entertained illusions about, tried and failed proving one of the most beautiful obsessions we mathematicians ever had: Euclid’s Fifth Postulate

you will clearly notice how we were conditioned by illusions created by the artifacts of our own senses (visual) and the tools we used (our own Mathematical devices). I think that also applies to many other personal (“my sh!t smells, better than yours”) and collective (“or course, ‘we’ are good ‘they’ are bad, so let’s get ‘our’ guns ready” . . .) illusions we entertain. Even our illusions about God and society are due to our need to generalize our thinking and emotions into a more functional, stable state.

I work on that kind of semiotics sh!t and have even written “irresponsible” poems about it: (lies …)

Also, Pedinska, they say “it is what is is”, but only partially so. What we should do now is what some people have always done: fight b#llsh!t That, at least, is very clear to us here.

You can take it from someone who was born into a family of high profile political dissidents (no, it is not “interesting”) and at least knows very well about Nazis and the stasi (I went to school in East Germany 1982-86). Way more than “what it is”, it is about “what you do with it

When I used to tell my dad, family (who were imprisoned by both governments, before and after the Revolution) that I despised my people for not fighting Castro b#llsh!t, he would point out to me that “there was only one kind of people”, that the reason why I was so upset about my own people was because “this is what/whom I knew” … I think the same applies to the era we are living through.

truth and peace and love,

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