theintercept 20160503: edward-snowden-whistleblowing-is-not-just-leaking-its-an-act-of-political-resistance my niggah …

Snowden, my niggah:

I couldn’t sleep for two weeks from the time Glenn’s early articles started appearing on the guardian with those first reports, interviews in Hong Kong to when you safely resurfaced in Moscow. I simply could not stop thinking and talking about you, ranting on the guardian kind of hoping that would somehow be helpful to you. I quite literally (even in a in a somatic way) felt they were going to get me. So, I laughed when you said you didn’t lose your sleep at all, that in fact you felt relieved to have finally released all that data …

Einstein (mocking the French, Germans; nationalism in general) said: “If my theory of relativity is proven successful, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that I am a German and Germany will declare that I am a Jew.”

I think you are way too caught up on “American”/gringo sh!t. You not only are “a citizen of the world”, but humanity. In fact, I think you are one of the most loved living individuals in the world and people and “history” will align their minds to yours for a long time.

They learn to live not just with untruths but with unnecessary untruths, dangerous untruths, corrosive untruths.

One of the most peculiarly amazing things I have learned in the U.S. is that lies are not just “tools” but industries.

Now here we are in 2016, and another person of courage and conscience has made available the set of extraordinary documents that are published in:
The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government’s Secret Drone Warfare Program, by Jeremy Scahill, The Staff of The Intercept
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (May 3, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1501144138
ISBN-13: 978-1501144134

Great! But I would bet one of my balls that the kinds of people that bought, actually read and publicly discussed that book are very few and a very specific type of folks. What I think we have failed at miserably is actually reaching out to “We the people” out there.

It may be my bias. I am a scientist, tech monkey; so, when I communicate is with the ultimate intention to solve a problem. It is virtually impossible to convince lawyers and such kinds of people to the contrary. They see everything as some rhetorical b#llsh!t and look for “legal standing” as a platform for more rhetorical b#llsh!t. Actually The Yes men (just two fellows):
// __ The Yes Men Fix The World, P2P Edition FULL MOVIE (2009) (w/subtitles)
// __ “The Yes Men Fix the World”: In New Film, Anti-Corporate Pranksters the Yes Men Continue to Jolt Polluters and Profiteers
have been way more politically influential and effective at making the USG changes its policies than theIntercept without any “Snowden leaks” or Omidyar tits to suck on. Do you really need “leaks” to notice sh!t that doesn’t smell right? They not only do hilarious things such as reprogramming barby dolls to say such things as “Forget about a prince! Go girl, work hard! …” People, wondering about those temperamental barby dolls, started calling the stores!!! šŸ™‚ The Yes Men have even written lesson plans in order for children to be properly educated!

… the time frame in which unconstitutional activities can continue before they are exposed by acts of conscience … it permits the people of this country to learn about critical government actions, not as part of the historical record but in a way that allows direct action through voting

Who are “the people of this country” (the people who dare to read pages on the Intercept?) and how exactly are they being informed about “critical government actions”? Don’t we see the pair of crazy @ss idiots we have as front runners for U.S. presidents? Or, what is it I am missing?

… those who perform these actions now have to live with the fear that if they engage in activities contrary to the spirit of society ā€” if even a single citizen is catalyzed to halt the machinery of that injustice ā€” they might still be held to account.

Come on, Ed! Patriots don’t live in fear of anything! First, they don’t give a f#ck; second, they are being “legally” protected even by theIntercept. I read here about two fellows that are being suit by the person they were torturing. I can’t wait to see that will happen in that case.

Ellsberg was in the top tier; he was briefing the secretary of defense. You can’t get much higher, unless you are the secretary of defense …
… Manning, a junior enlisted soldier, who was much nearer to the bottom of the hierarchy.

It doesn’t really matter how far up the chain of command you have been sucking it. I definitely think Manning’s release of the collateral murder video was more important when it comes to people’s conscious awareness around the world. In the U.S. they even wanted to pass laws to force private business to hire “patriots”, you wonder why. Also, there have been other important whistle-blowers criticizing USG, just to cite one:

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, by John Perkins
ISBN: 0452287081
Paperback: 303 pages
Publisher: Plume; First Thus edition (December 27, 2005)

// __ Confessions Of An Economic Hitman (1/3) (2/3) (3/3)

“We try to collect everything and hang on to it forever,” and everybody still thought that was a cute business slogan.

Ed, we know there are technical reasons for their actually “collecting almost everything” (in fact, way more than they need), we have no way of changing. So, let’s not waste time with that matter.

Change has to flow from the bottom to the top.

Yes, and the only way for that to happen is if “the bottom” is well-informed about what is going on and I see more in it than a “bottom-top” dynamic and don’t assume that “the top” is well informed.

As someone who works in the intelligence community, you’ve given up a lot to do this work. You’ve happily committed yourself to tyrannical restrictions. You voluntarily undergo polygraphs; you tell the government everything about your life. You waive a lot of rights because you believe the fundamental goodness of your mission justifies the sacrifice of even the sacred. It’s a just cause.

For the Chinese to then hack their @ss badly!

that has been the best example of poetic justice I have ever seen in my life. They were even saying that “that data could be used to blackmail people”. Oh, really? I was cosmically happy when I learned of it.

… the United States as the “uncontested hyperpower.” We now have the largest unchallenged military machine in the history of the world …

I don’t really know what you are trying to get to here. Are you trying to be sarcastic or something? First that “hyperpowerness” they have never put to a true test. Chaplin was run out of the U.S. for questioning why it was taking so long the U.S. to get involved in WWII. A cursory check of U.S. History will show you that all US military “patriots” have ever done is messing with people who can’t defend themselves on an equal basis.
Do you remember those pictures of the U.S. Central command occupying the whole page of the of the NYTimes when they were fighting a few fellows in mountains in Afghanistan? How come you don’t find “pictures” or “comments” in the U.S. media when it is China or Russia?

Also, what is the point of all that “hyperpowerness”. Does stocking TNT in your cellar make your family safer?
We seem to have a hard time understanding that we are just almost a piece of dust in a remote part of the universe which due to certain chain of anomalies condition life all the way to your beliefs of “God being on our side” and all that kind of cr@p

There are such wishfully hopeful idiots out there like Steven Pinker saying that there are less and less wars. I am not so sure if this is a good way to look at it. Only Israel has a nuclear arsenal capable of blowing us all many times over, but well, they should know best since they are “the chosen ones”. I am a Physicist, so I know well the true dimensions and scale of what such imminent failures should cost us. In a sense it makes total sense that life on earth would end like that. At times I am even hesitant when I think of the possibility of pro creating. We humans have been the species that made possible not only to destroy itself, but life on earth altogether.

… the Obama administration’s killing program reveal that there’s a part of the American character that is deeply concerned with the unrestrained, unchecked exercise of power

and people chose him over McCain …and people some people think Hillary will be better than Trump …

… there is no greater or clearer manifestation of unchecked power than assuming for oneself the authority to execute an individual outside of a battlefield context and without the involvement of any sort of judicial process.

Obama was making fun of his own Nobel Prize award

there is no greater or clearer manifestation of unchecked power than assuming for oneself the authority to execute an individual outside of a battlefield context and without the involvement of any sort of judicial process.

// __ Obama Brags About Out of Control Drone Strategy

… solar-powered drones that can loiter in the air for weeks without coming down

Shooting those down shouldn’t be hard at all

Unrestrained power may be many things, but it’s not American.

Will they ever get tired of using the adjective “American” as it by definition means righteousness?

By preying on the modern necessity to stay connected, governments can reduce our dignity to something like that of tagged animals, the primary difference being that we paid for the tags and they’re in our pockets.

I don’t see any other way of putting it. Politicians have reduced us to that level. It was very easy for Indian people to destroy the telegraph. They never did. We have many ways to show to them were are not exactly tagged animals. Will we make use of them?

Here we see the double edge of our uniquely American brand of nationalism. We are raised to be exceptionalists, to think we are the better nation with the manifest destiny to rule.

One of the things that I find odd about gringos is that they seem to self-evidently see morality as a club membership thing.

There is an essential and huge difference in the way gringos self righteously see themselves and how the rest of the world sees them.

// __ The Top 4 Most Mind-Blowing CIA Operations You’ve Never Heard Of | Big Brother Watch


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