FoFTN: Friends of Friends and Topical Networks. Any implementations?

They seemed to have 404ed that link at stackoverflow even though it was a plain and valid technical question after I posted a link to it.

If you goodle: “FoFTN: Friends of Friends and Topical Networks. Any implementations”

You may find that there was indeed a stackoverflow link to it

I had also posted the same message (which I will paste verbatim bellow) on w3 fora:

FoFTN: Friends of Friends and Topical Networks. Any implementations?

Albretch Mueller | 28 Jun 17:54 2015

It is virtually impossible to use the Internet nowadays:

1) most Web sites are censored and/or “curated” (many of them self-censor themselves!)
2) trolls, shills and all kinds of state-sponsored sock-puppetry flood fora
3) many users have an ad hominem approach to relate to other users
4) most documents are unnecessarily repeated
5) search engines dump on you millions of “hits”
6) most pages have too many distracting ads (which could be parsed off the html encoding anyway)

Ideally I would like to not deal with the problems of textual sequencing (there is no other way to write a text than character after character) and segmenting (it would be nice if what seems to matter to me is parsed and presented in a way that I can partially drill down on the rest of comment if I so choose).

There should be some way to segment, sort out, categorize and stratify comments, pointing me to what I need to pay attention to even within a paragraph; bypassing all the blah blah, set ups and all kinds of verbosity which make like 80% of all texts

This is something that should be implemented client side and among clients themselves in parallel, because hosts may, -<b>will≤/b>- easily abused such thing if we keep that information on the same content server providing us with the data. In fact, there could be “trust” servers in parallel to content servers for each site/domain/path/page; users exercising that freedom themselves.

I wonder how do you model trust, which to me is kind of a forest of DAGs with some sort of relative Bayesian weightings.

There are still some people whose criteria I would like to follow. I trust A so I would like to be notified on what she has to say regarding particular themes even while contributing to another thread. A in turn trusts B, but B trusts C whom I don’t trust … There are many such cases which may appear in people’s regular interactions, in fact that might be more of a topological problem

I want for it to associate, both, based on people and the content of previous messages I or other people I trust have posted and I want to exclude from my views people’s comments I don’t care about. This way you don’t have to care about moderating/chaperoning fora. People would take care of that for themselves

Any implementation of such things? A RFC at least?



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