it is all about “status” on theIntercept


Let me see:

$ date
Sat Jul 9 07:06:35 EDT 2016

21 comments (allowed)
8 comments (held (from which 3 are mine))

for a ratio slightly higher than (1/3)

Initially I thought it was primarily police messing with us (which, of course, they do!), but:

1) block javascript in your browser
2) look at the page source
3) find the plainly readable JSON objects in the page with the attribute: “status”:”hold”

So, our comments are indeed reaching their servers! They are choosing to “hold” them!

At least Glenn has admitted to accepting “redacting suggestions” from the NSA, but TheIntercept hasn’t been honest, upfront about censoring users’ comments. I haven’t still found rhyme or reason, yet, the NYPD seems to be funding TI?

The only common patterns I can see is that the comments slightly question the article itself (grow up TI!) and that all messages originate in the same date time zone: “date_tz”:”America/New_York”. Do they have date time zone quotas or something?

… what went into the decision that offensive deadly force was necessary to end the situation …


… The same way that the Obama administration uses unmanned drones in other countries, we see a similar situation here. —Marjorie Cohn, Thomas Jefferson School of Law … ”

“author”:”name”:”Brian Dalton”

… I could imagine police getting exited about their new imaginative developments. As “imaginative” as they are, they also admitted, they could have never had imagined 9/11

Is everybody losing their senses or what the preposterous eff is going on?


“author”:”name”:”Ricardo Camilo López”

… for law enforcement agencies to suspend due process for the accused in our court to now engaging in the rules of war against any criminal where the police are judge, jury and executioner.

There’s no doubt that the Dallas Police could have just waited it out, but they seem to be too impatient or didn’t trust the judicial system to give this man his day in court. So they took to giving out their own brand of justice, one that you would only see in war in engaging in an enemy combatant rather than a U.S. citizen who is accused of a crime.


… It is scary that the only means the police find to neutralize this suspect is to blow him up. Who condemned him? The fact is he was surrounded and had nowhere to run to so the police if anything had time on their side but patience is a curse word to our security agencies. And killing is a mark of heroism and virility.


… But how will you avoid this? Kids love toys not negotiating! But, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, right? I am sure some people’s fancy had an adrenaline rush after seeing this. Expect robotic Unabomber 2.0 soon.

I don’t see an end to the atmosphere of violence, all that endless abusive back and forth. Do you?


“author”:”name”:”Ricardo Camilo López”

… Right, Due Process? Where’s all the outrage about targeted drone strikes? I guess Dallas PD is Judge, Jury and Executioner. How about taking defensive positions and waiting for the shooter to reveal himself. I am completely uncomfortable with Police suddenly having more Lethal Force options. I see no legal authority for this kind of execution.


… seriously? there’s not a single detail in this article at all on how they did it. Where is the HOW explanation? jesus lutting christ.


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2 Responses to it is all about “status” on theIntercept

  1. {“ID”:399099,
    “name”:”Ricardo Camilo López”},

    Spy shops like the NSA can sometimes thwart encryption by going around it, finding flaws in the way programmers build their apps or taking advantage of improperly configured devices. When that fails, they may try and deduce encryption keys through extraordinarily complex math or repeated guessing.

    Ha! That “sometimes” is so, but so deceiving!

    Half Cack: May 12 2017, 6:14 a.m.

    If there was a drive connected to the internet, it was placed there for no other reason than to be found. The best tool ever used by any government agency is deflection. We see it all through history. You will never see anything that is not meant to be seen. It was placed so that an article could be written about “the find.”

    The half @ssed way in which this piece was written and “the discoverer”‘s “reasoning” and behavior made me think like you, but I still think you are overestimating them. They do make mistakes and many! At times mistakes which totally destroy their very own raison d’être. Here are two good examples; Chinese or Russian or whoever hackers got all their records going back to the 70’s when they started to have electronic databases and the notorious East German secret police took care of keeping everything on paper and minding their business, but they had no real contingency plans to destroy all that paper and, partially, they never saw it coming, leaving the largest extant corpus in history any institution has ever left behind to posterity:

    Ironically, those OPM officers were concerned about all that data being used to blackmail high ranking U.S. politicians. Poetic justice, indeed! The U.S. government, like the East German one, has become one of those governments which when something they consider to be “bad” happens to them, “We the people” know for sure it is something good for us. In fact, in the case of USG it would be something good for humanity at large.

    Roy: May 11 2017, 3:39 p.m.

    As Huang pointed out – this is an arms race that the NSA will *always* lose.
    Increasing key lengths and using advanced hashes is trivial compared to the exponential effort required to break them.
    As for quantum computing – It would take the entire computational capability (as determined by cosmic energy) IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE about 4 billion years to brute force a 4096 key.

    krishna e bera -> Roy: May 11 2017, 3:51 p.m.

    They dont need to win against everyone, they only need to break the weak points in any given target organization. That means the 70% that use bad passwords or dont update software or click past certificate warnings or buy off the self hardware.

    krishna e bera, if people would only partially understand you!

    We keep b#llsh!tting one another talking about how tall, how thick a tree is, how deep into the ground its roots go, when they are way past that, thinking not of “the forest”, but ALL FORESTS!

    Everybody is b#llsh!tting everybody else with their obfuscation on encryption, which IMO doesn’t matter much, but this is the kind of cr@p that fires up people’s imagination. Apparently, people like to think of themselves as modern day Alan Turings cracking the encrypting inner workings of Enigma devices.

    At the end of the day language is not that random, language usage is easily Zeitgeistable in a societal level and individual language use is also very predictable. Yes, decrypting just one file is hard and blah, blah, blah, . . .; but once they are able to correlate exhaustive corpora from large streams of information from all individuals of a society, encryption is the least of their worries.

    Speaking of tress and forests:

    // __ Mike Rogers: You Can’t Have Your Privacy Violated If You Don’t Know About It

    // __ Mike Rogers’ view of privacy Mike Rogers explains that as long as you don’t know your privacy is being violated, it’s not.



    {“ID”:402077 ,”author”:
    “name”:”Ricardo Camilo López”

    Why not be a bunch of idiots and sideline the whole gist of this article into a silly sex and gender debate?

    Actually, “idiots” may have seen the very first phrase in Glenn’ chosen title as “sidelining the whole gist of this article into a silly sex and gender debate”

    Also, what “idiots” are talking about here is not if it matters if Manning is an “asexual alien” or not; but, reusing your language, calling “an alien a human”, especially if the very definition of that a human means is that you can procreate among your same species. At the moment you start calling bacteria Staphylococci “ford sedans”, a lady starts calling her refrigerator “her husband”, war “peace”, freedom “slavery” … we are sidelining into collective madness. Or, the question would be “where do you draw the line” there are people who have sex with their pets saying that they love them and that “they know when they want to have sex”

    Some other journos out there seem to have concentrated on the fluff of the matter even more. Knowing well how much people were going to react to their nonsense. Notice the order in which Guardian US chief reporter Ed Pilkington presents the important aspects about Manning’ huge deed and how he describes them:

    Also, notice how yahoo’ “senior writer” Beth Greenfield describe Manning in his very introduction:

    “In the image, she’s wearing a low-cut black sweater and coral lipstick and has her blond hair in a pixie cut.”

    In fact, most “idiots” here were kind of cool, if you check the comments in that site, you will see how those “idiots” reacted to the idea of a crossdressing man pretending to actually be a woman. Even after factoring out expected sockpuppetry in those comments, most men would take as more-than-half-way-off freaky such ideas. To most people with a sense of reality (prejudiced or not) a man or woman having same sex is just that, namely: a man or woman having same sex

    It may not be your kind of tea, in García Márquez’ fictional novel “Macondo” there is a very interesting moment in which people start writing the names on the actual things.

    About pretending to be something you are not, here is one of the most insightful reactions to the idea I have ever come across:

    // __ BOB MARLEY video interview & TRENCH TOWN GHETTO documentary

    George Negus (GN): What’ I have to do to become a Rastafarian?
    Bob Marley (BM): Well, the first think would be to be born again
    GN: Will I have to be black?
    BM: Do you have a choice?

    BM: … Money? How much is a lot of money to you?
    GN: Have you, say, millions of dollars?
    BM: No.
    GN: Are you a rich man?
    BM: What do you mean rich? Watchu mean?
    GN: You have a lot of possessions? A lot of money in the bank? BM: Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of riches. My riches is life, forever.
    Something that I find amazing about Marley is that he is not a schooled guy, but more like a born philosopher. I find truly amazing how he fields and hits that curve ball thrown at him. People that grew up with him say he just read the Bible, listened to the BBC and occasionally read newspapers (not today’ newspapers, though!)



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