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What Julian Assange’s War on Hillary Clinton Says About WikiLeaks
by Robert Mackey Aug. 6 2016, 3:04 p.m.

-Mona- -> Ricardo Camilo López: Aug. 6 2016, 8:58 p.m.

I remember once Glenn and Laura Poitras had an argument with Assange about “redacting” “compromising information” which Glenn has admitted of doing as a matter of course even when it comes to the “innocent” NSA employees. Assange criticized them for doing so and called them “racist”.

I have little idea what all of that is supposed to mean.

Even if you would protect your idol at any cost, I am a bit surprised you didn’t know about this back and forth between Glenn. Poitras, Assange and Appelbaum. This is what I am talking about:

// __

The Wikileaks vs Greenwald Twitter Fight: Julian Assange Threatens To Reveal Deadly NSA Info

Greenwald sparred with both Julian Assange and American Wikileaks hanger-on Jacob Appelbaum. The debate culminated in something that could provoke the first serious body-count from Edward Snowden’s foolishly irresponsible NSA document theft. BOB CESCA MAY 20, 2014

Assange lashed out against The Intercept and its editor John Cook, suggesting that it’s the prerogative of the citizens living in the redacted nation to revolt over NSA spying. Appelbaum jumped in and accused The Intercept of deliberately trying to make Wikileaks look comparatively extreme by redacting the information.

I totally agree with Assange on that one.

Glenn has very explicitly stated:

// __

that [documents about Snowden leaks] be released in conjunction with “careful reporting” that … the “welfare and reputations of ‘innocent’ people [NSA employees] be safeguarded”

Consistent with the requirements of our agreement with our source, our editors and reporters have carefully examined each document, redacted names of low-level functionaries and other information that could impose serious harm on innocent individuals, and given the NSA an opportunity to comment on the documents to be published (the NSA’s comments resulted in no redactions other than two names of relatively low-level employees that we agreed, consistent with our long-standing policy, to redact).

Funny thing is that Glenn and other “respectful” “professional” individuals talk about this as if they were noble, morally grounded principles, when those are just “gentlemen agreements”.

USG and the NSA have been working hard at making people believe it is computers, technology to be blamed for spying on people, that they, physically and morally speaking, dwell in a different kind of reality we the proles don’t/shouldn’t have access to, so even the “interpretations” of that kind of reality should be off-limits to “We the people”. The funny thing is that politicians talk to us in that same way as if they were doing us a favor, with their self-servingly paternalistic b#llsh!t. Also, I am sure Glenn and like-minded individuals know well about COINTELPRO and MK-Ultra, in which a vast number of academic institutions in the U.S. and Canada participated non of which was ever prosecuted because they were protected by “privacy rights” and “gentlemen agreements”.

John Oliver in his masterful Anthropology explained to Snowden and Greenwald that you must talk to people in a language they understand, otherwise you are being disrespectful to them.

// __ Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO)
Just two comedians, “The Yes men”, have been way more successful at dumping their sh!t on USG’s face; making them angrily, yet publicly, articulate and accept their wrong doings by themselves and change.

// __ The Yes Men Fix The World, P2P Edition FULL MOVIE (2009) (w/subtitles)
and the yes men do this without standing on the way of truth and having no sugar daddy’s tits to suck on.

-Mona- -> Ricardo Camilo López: Aug. 6 2016, 8:58 p.m.

Glenn has made it clear these people have a right to privacy and he won’t just dump their names out there.

Edward Snowden did not risk his life and liberty to embarrass low-level NSA employee/contractors by revealing their names. He’s said some of these people are his friends. It’s possible he even made it a condition of receiving the material that this not be done.

… “a right to ‘privacy'”? What are you talking about? Do you mean “a right to entertain illusions about that thing they used to call ‘privacy'”?

If I understand you to any extent, those are the very same people who have deprived humanity at large of “privacy” and they are using their “privacy” to 8x the genocide of Nazi Germany during WWII, protect corrupt bankers, companies and institutions; while spying and messing with NGO’s and civil and social justice organizations that have nothing to do with terrorism and such things.

Yes, I respect Glenn and Snowden, but Assange and the Yes men are my kind of niggahs. You must get on their faces. We have enough “responsibility” by the New York Times, FOX news and all those kinds of cr@ppy Western media outlets already.

People do notice sh!t! We have all been noticing how TheIntercept has been gradually, slowly going down the toilet. “We the people” don’t care about “responsibility” and those kinds of “give them cake” issues such as so-called “privacy”. It is not like theIntercept is incapable of understanding what “we the people” want. They have published before articles about that insufferably moronic “Socrates of the NSA” (just that concept would sound really strange to anyone who knows who Socrates was and has a healthy sense of reality, do they also have a “St. Francis as part of their torture gangs?”). However, their being able to conceptualize such a construct as the “Socrates of the NSA” clearly shows how deep into their @ss they have their minds. TI also published an article about that British “professional psychologist” lady (name included) who was protecting her rear end behind “confidentiality agreements” and lawyers, again a really awkward way to understand the scientific method.

In their latest installment they published a silly strip teasing act from another NSA @ssh0l3, but they didn’t allow comments from us at all (the first time I have noticed that at TI)

So, now, at TI those “innocent” NSA employees not only get “protection” while they talk, but we are supposedly seen but not heard!

Even the shills that would constantly try to mess with our comments have taken a leisurable approach to it after noticing themselves how TI has changed to the point of “status”:”hold”(ing) our comments

truth and peace and love,
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Sun Aug 7 07:36:17 EDT 2016


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