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// __ There are Lies, Damn Lies and Then There’s ‘Community Policing’

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito last month

proudly proclaimed a renewed focus on increasing the NYPD headcount by 1,000 cops for the purposes of ‘community policing’. In a statement after our rally

that vehemently opposed the move, Viverito responded:

Many of us continue to believe very strongly that this Police Department needs more police officers. And if we put in place effective community policing the way it is supposed to be, you need more officers on the ground interacting with communities.

Both Melissa Mark-Viverito and Guillermo Linares are part of “nexus”, a semi secret community policing/snitching program run by the NYPD used to gang stalk and harass people. All kinds of business from filthy bodegas to University departments in NYC must have their snitching cells.

Once I was sitting reading in a retired place around the Harlem Meer section of Central Park (some people and families leisurely sitting around) and she showed up out of the blue as part of a string of people who had walked by me uninterruptedly staring at in an angry offensive, totally unnatural ways for no reason whatsoever. Same thing with Guillermo Linares while I have visited housing meetings in Inwood. Mona will tell me I am just crazy but I know very well how those “community policing” snitching @ssh0l3s operate.

How do I know her/them so well? Well, she is a good friend of my ex-wife who is a social justice hot head and the director of picture the homeless. I have gusto at exposing those emming effing morons who don’t respect themselves to begin with. They are supposed to advocate for “We the people” instead of snitching for the NYPD

As it happened with Nazis, those idiots think that people don’t notice, that they easily forget, that they are actually “doing you a favor” …



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