Like a year ago (prior to that NYTimes article Mona cited) people who know well about that kind of stuff (some of them victims themselves) started noticing a lot of “Monas” out there forcibly associating terms such as non-consensual human experimentation, mind control and MK-Ultra with “satanic sects”, “iluminati cr@p”, “the Church of Scientology”, “alien civilizations”, … We all realized those were just psy ops because people at large in the U.S. seemed to start getting a sense of what was going on …

We wondered who (what kind of Mona ;-)) that NYTimes assistant editor Mike McPhate was, since no one had ever heard of him. Notice how that he does not know or actually research any of it. He just recycles videos posted on youtube and sprinkled them with adjectives and contrived connotations.

Mona spends an incredible amount of her time making up stuff herself which then she cites to support her own opinions (and she is a lawyer, you know ;-))

I wonder how many times have posters at TI used the NYTimes to back their opinions. As of late Mona is not only resorting to the “Nazi defense” but also abysmally citing the NYTimes as if that carries any credit. If she wasn’t Mona I would have asked her if she was OK 😉

-Mona- -> stalked562: Aug. 20 2016, 11:52 p.m.

You are another of those suffering from this paranoid psychosis. The NYT recently did a piece on you poor souls: United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers

by Mike Mcphate June 10, 2016

Her idol friend himself has extensively reported on JTRIG:

As David Voigts explains in this article

“Specifically, the United States –and a few other industrialized nations- are engaged in non-consensual human experimentation.”

USG has always done so, they never stopped MK-Ultra kinds of “experiments”

// __ CIA Mind Control Techniques_ MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing Experiments Documentary (1979)
// __ Is The Government Still Running A Mind Control Program?
// __ Age of Fear: Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror
// __ Human Torture in the name of Science
By the way I have repeatedly argued with Stan (whom I know personally) about his ways to deal with our kinds of problems. I have also suggested to him repeatedly to stop the constant offensive and counterproductive ping-pong especially with Mona in this public hangout. At times he has been very offensive to me too, but I have chosen not to waste my time and effort fighting, being disrespectful to him since it is very clear to me who my worthwhile enemies are. We have managed to keep as friends.



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