Am I the only one who has noticed how theIntercept has been making “no comments” articles all those relating to actual individuals/agencies behind their write ups?

It may just be a mere temporal coincidence, but that started happening after that article about that NSA idiot who called himself “the Socrates of the NSA”. We figured out real quick who that idiot was.
by Kim Zetter October 31 2016, 11:12 a.m.


… since [cell phones] can yield not only detailed logs about a user’s activities, interests, and communications, but also, in many cases, map the user’s whereabouts over weeks and months to produce a pattern of life.

Come on, theIntercept! Be a bit educating to your readers. That sentence is missing the important clarifying coda:

… since [cell phones] can yield … user’s whereabouts over weeks and months to produce a pattern of life based on details logs traced and stratified from their GPS capabilities, which can be easily thwarted by placing your cell phone in a Faraday cage, simply a metal encasing and the NSA, GHQ, USG and their allies can’t do sh!t about it

… which siphons data directly from a phone’s flash memory chip. This can include deleted SMS messages and call histories as well as data collected by the phone and apps that the user is unaware is being collected.

Hmm! How come no one has come up with the idea of using a totally encrypted Debian-live based version for phone use running entirely from RAM? I think ubuntu has a phone version, but unfortunately they have started to put on sale their souls

Those Israeli snitching smart @sses will surely have a hard time fighting Physics

… That’s because some vendors — Cellebrite won’t say which ones, but Apple isn’t among them — ship a sample of their new phones to Cellebrite three months before they’re released, giving Cellebrite engineers a head start in cracking the devices.

“Cellebrite won’t say which ones, but Apple isn’t among them” …

OK, as you should have figured out by now we could be lying to you, since we are not supposed to tell you anyway, because our sugar daddies and those powerful governments we make good money from have gagged ordered us, but I will tell you that much …

Also, had you informed yourself well, with some tech monkey out there, you should have learned that there are just a few of those chips out of which all boards are made based on basic principles, so you don’t have to do all of them, Apple doesn’t have to be “among them” …

The company says it has been able to “crack the code to the screen locks” on a number of phone models, allowing it to access data on the phones without a password.

Hmm! Who would have known that making good money was that easy! Every script kiddie knows how to bypass windows with a free knoppix live CD, remove its admin password and reset it to whatever you want. In fact, whith a bit of C code (to mess with the filesystem without changing files’ metadata) you could make tacitly impossible to Windows and Microsoft to notice anything at all

How did they learn about it? Well:

1) you get a new Windows box and before calling MS “to activate it”
2) you boot it from a live CD
3) dump the BIOS
4) rsync all file systems onto similarly formatted partitions
5) run *nix find to created CSV files with all metadata and the md5sum of all files
6) make those files read on, with chwon and attrib
7) call MS and tell them your mom knows well you are a good kid … in order for them to let you “activate” your box
8) once your thing is running (preferably before and after connecting it to the Internet) repeat [2-5]
9) take those files to a different box and import them into a postgreSQL data base to compare them

you will see exactly which files where changed and how, and your mom will still think you are a good kid

… carriers like Verizon and AT&T like to customize the branded phones they offer customers by tweaking the operating system to disable and enable different features

Hmm! One of the nice things about physical reality is that, as they say, what works for the goose works for the gander. Oh! I meant to say if [1-9] works for MS, it will also work for Verizon, AT&T, Apple phones …

So the customers, Cellebrite won’t say which ones, asked for a way to show courts that data hadn’t been altered after it was removed from a phone

I am curious about the technical aspects of that part and willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. What exactly did they “show to courts” as a way to prove what?

$ date
Mon Oct 31 19:13:03 EDT 2016


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