theintercept: 2016-11-14 trump-era-leaking

Glenn Greenwald -> Ricardo Camilo López: November 15 2016, 6:22 a.m.

Isn’t it clear to you yet that by sitting on and “ethically” (as you say) redacting Snowden leaks, you have effectively helped the profusely “unethical” Trump thing happen?

I found that reply so weird and shaky that I wondered if it was actually Glenn’s. I was not only considered to be (or diagnosed?) a “‘literal’ sociopath” (wasn’t Glenn a lawyer turned into journo? why would he be now diagnosing people with unknown types of “mental disorders” (which validity have been even question by psychologist themselves)?), but obviously my initial point was very selectively twisted and misconstrued.

I will proceed to reply to that post in general regardless of if he actually wrote it or someone did trying to impersonate him.

Among the documents in the Snowden archive are MANY that link thousands of Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world to terrorism or terrorism sympathizing with no evidence.
It’s certain that at least some, if not most, of the people who are discussed are innocent.

More than “most”. We all, Muslim and non-Muslim people, know very well, that we are all considered guilty “until proven otherwise” and “proving it to them” will take away your life anyway, since they need “terrorists”. Everybody, including you, knows who are the actual terrorists anyway: USG and their all-lies, who have 8-timed the genocidal ratio of Nazi Germany during WWII (what you call “wanton slaughter carried out in Iraq and Afghanistan” pointing to the collateral-murder video Manning posted unredacted, unaltered to wikileaks).

If we were to dump these documents as you suggest, we would forever destroy their reputations and their lives – as many have themselves told us – by putting a terrorism cloud over their head for all prospective employers, friends, community members to see …

I still think the overriding issue here is the “reputations” and “lives” of those subjected by that “wanton slaughter”. What did they have to say? Do you think they cared about that “terrorism cloud over their head” you mentioned? Did you care to carbon date them to see how “radioactive” they were when they were killed?

Other documents in the archive – thousands and thousands- contain the personal communications of people. If we dumped those, it would destroy their privacy, their reputation, and wreak unimaginable havoc in their lives.

Of which kind of “people”, NSA employees, police and their snitches? Aren’t they the ones who have deprived the world at large of that thing you call “privacy”? Also, after the OPM hack (the Chinese own their @ss all the way to the late 70’s when they started to use computers), it is not really about spying any more but as you call it “their reputation”.

It’s basically viewing these human beings as collateral damage on the glorious path to whatever political nirvana you fantasize would be created if we dumped these documents.

I am not trying to fantasize any kind of political nirvana and I don’t give a sh!t about politics anyway. To me it is plain and simple basic morality.

Also, you are misconstruing my points as if you don’t get what I mean. What I have been talking about for quite a long time is all those high ranking officials from the U.S. MIC whose names and actions have been carefully “redacted” from Snowden leaks I have myself pointed to you/TheIntercept very concrete cases in those SID files that were posted, as well as, (after “ethically” redacting all those documents), your way of pontificating about such matters in ways that “We the people” can’t follow.

Many other people have been questioning your “ethical” ways. John Oliver even paid himself a ticket and went all the way to Moscow with an oversized picture of his junk to teach Snowden how you talk to “We the people”.

// __ Government Surveillance: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) LastWeekTonight
Snowden seem to have been originally baffled, at the end he seemed to have joyfully gotten it. Once, again, why is it that two comedians (The Yes Men) have been very successful at making the most corrupt U.S. institutions change in important ways, have gotten corrupt officials behind bars and devaluated the stock shares of big corporation, while being called “cruel” and all kinds of adjectives by Western MSM?

// __ Inside The Panama Papers: Dirty Little Secrets
As you can see in both cases there was concrete information about actual deeds and agents for “We the people” to go after and so they did. We all expected to prominently see Putin’s face on those reports (even though they admitted that there was nothing directly about him (but his associates)). Prime ministers’ heads and many other big wigs were chopped and defaced. Now tell us about just one single (1) case in which anything concrete has been achieved based on Snowden leaks. You are a lawyer and you well know that you can’t indict or prosecute anyone based on insipidly redacted accounts. At times I wonder if you realize you are talking about humanity and morality to politicians and police.

I have nothing but unbridled contempt for people like you who want this, knowing that only others – but not you – would have their lives destroyed by it.

I have always found ad-hominem b#llsh!t hopelessly stupid and I am squarely fine with, careless about your feelings of “unbridled contempt” towards me. Once again, it is neither about me, nor about your feelings. Probably based on your “I must be right, because I talk it right” thing, you may be making very wrong assumptions. For reasons that are not quite clear to me, USG blacklisted my @ss in the FBI criminal index, so, using your language, “having my reputation destroyed” by them is the least of my concerns:

so it is not exactly what you want to believe, “understand”. I have lived all my life like that. You may not have had the chance in your life to sense what is like watching people harassing and being disrespectful to your mother and imprisoning family and teachers not even referring to you in school since you were a child. However, my towering mother never taught me to hate. She would instead take such incidents to teach me about “the human condition” instead of simply telling me those kinds of people where a bunch of @ssh0l3s (of course, a little boy can’t understand “philosophy”, but now I am very thankful to her spiritually and in deed). I do feel for Muslim, persecuted people, very naturally indeed, because I am one of them.

And that’s to say nothing of the fact that doing this would directly violate the agreement our source demanded – for good reason – we enter into with him about how we would and would not treat these documents.

Well, then stop talking about “gentlemen agreements” as if they were morally grounded. Politicians protect their politician friends and so do bankers, mobsters … but those are just gentlemen agreements.

So it’s never going to happen, and screaming that our decision to treat these documents responsibly helped elect Trump or spread the Zika Virus or caused the oceans to rise won’t change that even a small amount.

Are you OK?

truth and peace and love,
$ date
Wed Nov 16 02:41:01 EST 2016


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