IWPCHI: February 1 2017, 5:35 a.m.

It seems to us a bit strange that you refrained from investigating the FBI’s deep involvement in the torture of suspected “terrorists” at the CIA’s secret “Black Site” prisons.

They call it “ethical” journalism. I skimmed over all those toothless new reports about the “new” FBI leaks and, once again, all theIntercept has been doing so far is “ethically” speaking to “words” and “concepts” and talking about stuff that everybody knows and/or would naturally infer. Then, they will go into their self-feeding “Oh, look! Politicians are lying again! … “, “Trump this, Trump that … ” loops.

If they don’t have whatever it takes to report about sh!t in ways that would involve direct consequences and bring about changes now and/or the future, they could “lose” one of those FBI manuals or a copy and let it resurface at wikileaks. I am sure there are journos out there that would truthfully speak truth to power with some teeth, instead of abstractly and -always rethorically- considering “how well the bureau is living up to ‘their’ ‘abstract’ commitments …”

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Wed Feb 1 14:31:37 EST 2017

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