I found a bit strange that in our times (Wed Feb 22 19:53:47 EST 2017) you could only find 5 hits while searching on such historically important document as: “THE EFFECTS OF RADAR ON THE HUMAN BODY””THE+EFFECTS+OF+RADAR+ON+THE+HUMAN+BODY”

No one seems to be concerned with such matters and the legacy book is being sold for $144.70!?!:

So, I decided to OCR and curate that document. Ideally, someone with some background in Biology would eyeball, proofread that 75-page, not that densely written document, then some ELA fellow (who is not into either Physics or Biology) would take a final look at it, prior to committing that document to the repository.

USG declassified this report documenting the early research on the effect of electromagnetic (EM) waves on biological life (including experiments on non-human animals and incidents relating to us/human beings) dating back to the post-WWI and into the cold-war time (bibliographic dates raging from 1925 to 1961), from which also public health, medical, general societal and political concerns transpire.

IMO, even if the societal scope and reach of technology has drastically changed, the Physics behind it hasn’t, and, biologically, “we are still the same kind of less hairy, talkative chimps”.

Political rulers of all kinds have -always- abused power. Recent technologies have enabled Western countries and Israel to institutionalize, “normalize” turning the world at large into a blanket 24×7 surveillance police state in ways that dystopia writers couldn’t even foresee 2 generations ago and previous, notoriously immoral and unhuman historical processes such as those previous of Western imperialistism, Nazis, the Stalin time KGB, the East German stasi and Pol Pot couldn’t have fancied in their wildest, wettest dreams. As Edward Snowden put it: they have reduced us all to tag animals. Moreover, USG has been seamlessly introducing military grade equipment in the regular police force as well as the actual troops participating in their genocidally abusive wars along with their fresh mindset.

During the MK-Ultra 1.0 days they had to intern unsuspecting individuals in order to playfully conduct dehumanizing, torturing “experiments” on them in which many physical and social “scientists” participated, none of which has come clear about their collaboration with Big Brother on such matters. They found their widely coordinated abuses as “fun, fun, fun …”:

// __ Mission: Mind Control (1979) CIA’s MK Ultra Project
Nowadays they have such a degree of control over all of us individually that they don’t even have to intern us. They have been targeting people for their “research”, using us, the proles, as their playground.

“We the people” owe to ourselves to know about such matters in order to be able to fight back the police state in which we live.

this is what you should get:

$ date
Wed Feb 22 19:53:47 EST 2017

-rwxrwxrwx 1 knoppix knoppix 387565 Feb 22 19:51 AD0273787_THE_EFFECTS_OF_RADAR_ON_THE_HUMAN_BODYs02.docx
-rwxrwxrwx 1 knoppix knoppix 422354 Feb 22 19:51 AD0273787_THE_EFFECTS_OF_RADAR_ON_THE_HUMAN_BODYs02.odt
-rwxrwxrwx 1 knoppix knoppix 3285429 Feb 22 19:51 AD0273787_THE_EFFECTS_OF_RADAR_ON_THE_HUMAN_BODYs02.pdf

e04b7858a1d55e6c3e55be8c3b46d498 *AD0273787_THE_EFFECTS_OF_RADAR_ON_THE_HUMAN_BODYs02.docx
35d0908b8c2a8684d83645784afa1012 *AD0273787_THE_EFFECTS_OF_RADAR_ON_THE_HUMAN_BODYs02.odt
9544f06450a771912883a11178a2adc8 *AD0273787_THE_EFFECTS_OF_RADAR_ON_THE_HUMAN_BODYs02.pdf
My editing history:
1) introduced a first page with the info about the source of the document

2) since I was just curating that type-written (with some hand editing), lousily and carelessly scanned document I tried my best at keeping the original as it was. including the pagination. Unfortunately, saving the document to Windows Word “.docx” format destroyed the pagination.

3) the quality of the original made at times impossible for me to read the source text, so I used question marks bound by square brackets

I used:

  • GPL Ghostscript 9.06 (2012-08-08)
  • tesseract 3.04.01
  • Libreoffice Writer: Version: Build ID: 1:5.2.2~rc2-2
  • on Linux Microknoppix 4.7.9-64 #19 SMP PREEMPT Sat Oct 22 02:39:01 CEST 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux



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