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The kinds of government-sponsored non-consensual experimentation, political persecution, police and social harassment, as well as psychological abuse in the U.S. exposed by the Church Committee such as MKUltra and COINTELPRO have never been defunded and effectively phased out. Only the technologies through which such abuses and excesses have been implemented have changed and with them their dimensions and scope. In our times, certain individuals may become victims of such human rights violations not for any criminal reasons or because they constitute any kind of “threat to society”, but because they are chosen as dispensable opportunity targets and/or their general views or specific opinions as questionable, undesirable to the political status quo.


Socio-political context of individualized targeting

Most social organizations have supervened on political hierarchies based on asymmetrical structures of control under which groups of people have been subjugated and persecuted through the abusive enforcement of societal and engineering technologies. Even after the existence of wheeled carts the ruling classes were carried on other people’s shoulders as an expression of “the ‘natural’, ‘proper’ , ‘Godly’ governmental arrangement”[*]. Through such irrationally uncivil and inhumanely discriminatory practices a minority ruling class in collusion with the military and police forces, as well as social institutions such as business, the media, the legal system and academia; manage to control and abuse the large majority of people. Targeted individuals (TIs for short) are the victims used as test subjects and props by policing agencies in their bid for total societal control.[*][*]

Differences between socially mediated and targeted persecution

There are specific aspects characterizing the type of abuse TIs are subjected to, even though, at first sight, to those unencumbered, they seem to be indistinguishable:

  • targeted persecution is always ad hominem: policing agencies start by assembling thorough dossiers with their victims’ “bio-psychological and behavioral profile”: their biography; occupation; financial and intellectual objectives; as “the Patriot Act”[*] stipulates, medical records (how is it exactly your medical records relate to your civic and moral views?); political associations and persuasion; as well as social and family relationships. Victims are singled out, their daily lives’ wants and motives predictively monitored (currently, in our Über-surveillance times every member of society is monitored anyway) and relentlessly subjected to social conflicts, isolation, moral denigration, time-sensitive hiccups, distractions, psychological pressure, conscious dissonance, emotional attrition, covert and/or overt torture with the ultimate goal of destroying the person’s moral integrity and social fabric. As former high profile perpetrator (the party abusing targeting victims, “perp” for short), whistleblower and current activist author John Perkins has related to us, they individualize the type and intensity of the psychological harassment to the point of framing the impression in their targets that they are “reading, manipulating their mind”, “know them even better than they themselves do”, “own them” anyway[*].
  • targeted persecution is very personalized: when TIs share their experiences they can’t find a consensus as to what is and may be, and what isn’t and can’t possibly be. Some TIs complain mostly about annoyingly tiring hissing noises, strangely out-of-place aural perceptions and voices, so-called V2K (voice to skull), and/or obviously non-endogenous, induced discomfort (jerky movements of their limbs, vibrations and heat on specific parts of their body which they can test is not neurological), while other complain mostly about sleep deprivation, obviously orchestrated social harassment (concerted discrediting of their professional careers and/or in their day-to-day lives, gang stalking), constant non-responsive calls and misfunctions of their communicating devices. Some TIs believe that the government is using very advanced classified high tech to do such things as “reading our minds remotely from satellites, ‘as they do with cell phones'”, while other are certain they are just exploiting military-grade technology on civilians and corrupting commercial gadgets in collusion with business and IT companies[*]. Some TIs believe they are being harassed because of their royal lineage, while other think it is “enhanced” racial profiling. Some TIs complain about the harassment directly messing with their children and family or their family members indirectly or directly becoming part of the harassment, while other notice such incidents happening only to themselves while in their homes, their families being spared and for the most part unencumbered about it. Some TIs believe that is just the way alphabet gangs, used as fronts by the government, justify salaries and keep themselves in “a state of semi-paramilitary readiness”, while some other believe their government couldn’t possibly be involved in such irrational, inhumane, unmoral, wasteful and illegal actions. Some TIs are police officers, members of the military.[*][*]
  • Social persecution is performed through political, religious, race, class and/or ethnic codes in more or less openly codified ways (even if inhumane, irrational and unjust; victims and perpetrators don’t wonder as to why certain things happen); while most TIs can’t put a finger on exactly why certain things are happening to them, who are the agents/organizations behind those deeds, even though they may be well aware of perps and when, how gradually they started noticing their own targeting. As disgustingly abhorrent and abusive as it is having a “moral” policeman abusively beat a lady for some dress code issue, that is a social problem with social solutions seen in the open and raised to everyone’s consciousness. The Saudi government has finally allowed women to vote, drive and hold political posts.[a “moral” policeman abusively beat a lady for some dress code issue | Saudi Arabia] Martin Luther‘s rejection of several fundamental religious teachings and practices of Christian Catholics: purchasing indulgences payable to the Roman Catholic Church as a monopoly taking care of God’s earthly businesses, his proposal of a public academic discussion of the practice and efficacy of such practices delineated in his Ninety-five Theses (1517), his refusal to renounce all of his writings at the demand of Pope Leo X (1520) and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms (1521) resulted in his excommunication by the Pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the Emperor; yet, all those disagreements were all formulated in and mediated by shared religious codes ~*notwithstanding of*~ their social repercussions. Even though what Rosa Parks effectively did was protesting inequality and segregation; technically, she was arrested and fined for refusing to give up her seat to a “white” person per ordinances in a segregated city. That was a case of socially mediated, “legally” encoded and enforced injustice; not a targeting incident. In fact, the bus driver “following local regulations”, considered to be an all around “nice guy” in his community, stated: “I wasn’t trying to do anything to ‘that Parks woman’ except do my job. She was ‘in violation of the city codes’ …”.
  • the degree of articulation, scope and relentlessness of incidents clearly prove government involvement and coordination: if, say, you sign a petition or participate in a demonstration, your stress level will decrease once you head home, go back to your day to day life; whereas TIs’ stress level is ongoing. They would hear voices demanding their attention when they are seeking a peaceful moment, repeatedly receive random silent or strange calls (office background noises or an indiscernible voice talking about indiscernible themes) on the same day, cryptic confusing email messages and their communications attempts to other people will be corrupted, as hits of their online searches links to denigrating sites, strangely personalized TV broadcastings making fun of them (so, that when they relate such incidents to friends, families and doctors, they are written off as “crazies”, even though, technically speaking, perps did hack analog and can easily hack “smart” digital TVs). TIs find signs pasted on their home’s front door or their car’s windshield, their cars parked in some other place, the light in their homes on, their belonging dinged, their homes infected with bed bugs and people dressed framing messages about certain private aspects of their personal lives way more often and presented to them in such ways that such incidents could not possibly be thought of as random. Most problems we deal with in our lives are related to our own ways of living it, objectives and goals, as well as those in relation to people we love and issues we care about. Straneos problems are extremelly taxing and hard to deal with. As a way to derail their victims’ lives, perps make TIs spend their attention, time and money into endeavors which break on their last steps and while seen as single instances, their deeds may seem to be minor, random incidents over which victims’ ego and sense of protagonism are getting all worked up. Yet, such things happen all too often and in well-coordinated, plainly unexplainable ways. That kind of gaslighting accompanies TIs wherever they go, even when traveling overseas for long stays or short touristic visits (which is coordinated with perps wherever you go). Law-abiding German citizen, Cambridge University particle physicist graduate Dr. Katherine Horton with no link whatsoever to any terrorist organization or any such things, who has tried fighting her case against human rights abuses in court against British and EU policing agencies, has been relentlessly harassed and tortured in Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands[*][*][*].
  • Some TIs have likened the type of power and control dynamics in abusive spousal relationships to the kinds of abuses they are being subjected to. Yet, relationships presuppose some sort of tacit mutual understanding and consciously consensual participation of the involved parties. Individuals who accept on their own accord an abusive relationship, consciously know they can stop it, break away from it all if/whenever they decide to do so, and given the intersubjectivity that any kind of relationship entails, even the person being permanently or alternatively abused (based on her/his own understanding of reality) does gain something out of it. You have absolutely nothing to “gain” out of being targeted and you can’t brake lose from it. It is a form of enslavement you are subjected to, in which your master doesn’t even care about having to feed you, keep you healthy and profitable, even if you illusively choose to surrender, “cooperate”. Yet, some TIs do accept such conscious demands to being a perp or a “happily unencumbered” individual.

In both, social persecution and targeted cases, perpetrators’ abuses and excesses are institutionally protected by anonymity and oppressive, discriminatory “laws” and “regulations” (and/or lack thereof), which, as is the case of the U.S. government nowadays, are covered by layers of secrecy, classification, redacting obfuscation and intentionally riddled with loopholes. They tend to, quite naturally, rationalize their actions, seeing themselves as “rightly patriotic”, “‘just’ using TIs for ‘greater good’ medical and social control experimentation”, “‘just’ snitching you for a while”, “on a more responsible, moral high ground”, “good Christians”, … and produce self-serving philosophies to justify their actions at times dressing them in junk science such as “Craniology” and gross misinterpretations of scientific facts, as is deducing a basis for genocidal racism and “the moral responsibility of breeding a ‘superior race'” out of Darwin’s evolutionary theories. Successors of MKUltra’s director Dr. Cameron at the Allan Memorial still try to justify his torturous treatments even if they didn’t have any scientific basis or medical purpose whatsoever. Dr. Robert Cleghorn would not consider such treatments “harsh”, since they were “harder on the staff than it was on the patients, because these people had to be fed and ‘cared for’ …”.[*] The chemist who directed MKUltra, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who considered himself to be a “patriot” championed the non-consensual administration of LSD to people in “normal” settings without warning. During the dictatorship Brazil endured for two decades, times from which CIA “operative manuals” are still being found, perps openly boasted about “torturing all Brazilians to find out who the true patriots were”.[*][*]

Uses and Abuses of Technologies

From the invention of agriculture, writing and later the printing press, to the initial adoption of the social institution of the census primarily for organizational and taxing purposes, to its utilitarian repurposing for social control and repression by the Romans which, as chronicled in the Bible[*], had widespread social repercussion even influencing religion; we, as sharing members in society, have lived through the complex dynamics of interrelationships established by societal and engineering technologies. We have tried to cohesively raise to our collective consciousness their effects and consequences while devising self-control and check-and-balance mechanisms seeking to establish equity and justice. Stars beaconing and gazing not just improved sea faring and seasonal farming and therewith overseas comerce and local business, but, furthermore, religious beliefs, astrology and, closing its circle, detrimentally, the scientific development of astronomy itself and the physical sciences. By “‘seeing’ God in the sky and our societal and ideological rulers on earth”, we couldn’t see our natural and social reality for what it was.

The ruling classes have historically intervened such dynamics for their domineering and controlling agenda towards their own and other people, at times corrupting technologies’ very own initially utilitarian raison d’être. As the crucial breakthrough enabling the invention of writing (as a phonetic transcription of speech, not just as symbolic marks), Phoenicians invented the alphabet: a grapho-phonemic code, helping social memorization and communication as well as facilitating record keeping and, herewith, trade. Yet, Plato‘s Socrates in his Phaedrus critically commenting on Egyptian god Theuth’s view of “the gift of writing as a remedy for the memory”, to which King Thamus (arguing about the influence of external artifacts on the individual’s mind) responds that: “its true effects are likely to be the opposite”, since “it is a remedy for reminding, not remembering”, “with the appearance but not the reality of wisdom”, “future generations will hear much without being properly taught, and will appear wise but not be so, making them difficult to get along with”. Moreover, literacy, was used as a means of control by the ruling classes throughout the ages and with the exception of its advancement in its Eastern region, it had to wait for ten centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire to become a common practice. Initially, business and politicians wondered what telephones (direct one-to-one communication between people) would be good for; [*] after playing a crucial role enabling the domination of the Indian subcontinent by the British Imperial masters, the telegraph was eventually phased out by telephones, which utility has been redefined by the wide-spread adoption of the Internet. The world-wide-web, initially designed as a way to conveniently address and share ideas among researchers, was turned into a vast spying network primarily by Western IT companies which served as proof of concept for NSA’s “sniff it all, collect it all, know it all, process it all, exploit it all, …” incantation.[*][*].

The societal and cultural import of technologies is not just technical, the ultimately determining aspect is how we conscientize and effectively make use of them. 11th-century Chinese alchemists invented it but it was Westerners the ones to whom gunpowder‘s most common use occurred. Darwin never saw his evolutionary theories in a political “survival of the fittest” light. He never meant for some ‘races’ to be “more advanced” than others or for a “pure race” to possibly exist. While Darwin’s encounters with South American “natives”, flora and fauna strengthened his beliefs in the common ancestry of humans and interrelatioships within nature; his own cousin, Francis Galton, saw “enough of ‘savage’ races to give him material to think about all the rest of his life”. Darwin put aside his ~*Victorian gentelmanry*~ to ~*scoldingly*~ question his cousin about the preposterous notions advanced in his 1883 book.[*] Ultimately, Galton’s baseless notions were fully embraced by politicians in the U.S. since they were aligned with “white man burden” types of rationalizations and then by Nazi Germany‘s „Blutschande” worries and horrific social experiments. When Kant wrote his memorable critique of armamentism and wars, wars were local, more symmetrical and immediately very costly endeavors, not in times in which wars are “good for business” for very few individuals in control profiteering out of them and “patriots” could genocidally attack scores of unsuspecting people from an air-conditioned room on the other side of the globe as if they were playing computer games. The ethical aspects of his critique ~*notwithstanding*~, are as valid as ever. Medieval Italian merchants wedge themselves as a social class within the status quo of the clergy and the royalty by advertising their goodwill through openness and accountable honesty. They would share their double entry books with merchants they would never meet living in remote places they would never visit[*]. During its abusive, all-encompassing reign for over ten centuries, The Catholic Church has been open and explicit (even carnavalesque) about their ways of social control and repression. They had no FISA courts, nor did they have such things as “secret interpretations of laws“. They instituted and made mandatory the Sacrament of Penance since they didn’t have IT companies doing their dirty Über-surveillance work for them and had the spine and mind power to heed their Index Librorum Prohibitorum to the chapter and paragraph against which authors had the opportunity to defend their writings, while many U.S. high ranking politicians publicly admitted that they didn’t even know what “N-S-A” stood for and New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, manifestly showing the spineless stooges politicians have become nowadays, repeatedly assured his constituency that he was as sure of there being no mass surveillance undertaken by the GCSB or NSA bases in his five eye member country as he was of “the likelihood of there being Martians in New Zealand”, vowing to step down if that was the case; initially retracted his vow, to then admit he was wrong and, finally, years later, resign (matters about which, due to his very job, he shouldn’t have had to crack jokes, bargain or brag about to begin with). [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] However, after politicians learned what “N-S-A stood for” (an institution they were supposed to oversee since it is being funded by tax payers’ monies) through leaks of whistleblowers, after an attempt to defund the NSA, they “democratically” chose to publicly legalize it and increase the degree and scope of their excesses.[*][*]

Our ubiquitous adoption of current communicating technologies has made possible the ongoing interception, recording, correlation and storing of vast amounts of diverse personal data and metadata in searchable, queryable and contextually Zeitgeistable repositories: from all telephone calls you have ever made (both metadata and voice data)[*], to the centimetric record of your whereabouts and people you have crossed your way with, even if you don’t and will never know who they are[*], the people you associate with off- and online[*], all books you have read and music you have listened to in the order you did[*][*], your shopping and eating habits[*], your financial standing and all your financial transactions[*], detail records of all your medical visits and prescribed medicine [*][*], your DNA[*], your facial expressions[*], your heartbeat[*] … “whatever physically tangible form of communication”![*]

Current technologies have enabled politicians to have such a degree of instantly actionable control over every aspect of each member of society that there is no need to institutionalize people in places such as that notorious Ravencrag mansion (part of McGill University), use inmates, military personnel or people in controlled environments such as foster children. They can non-consensually experiment with whomever they choose. We all live imprisoned by their social control mechanism, as if we all were their lab rats. They now have society at large at their disposal and, as suggested by MKUltra guidelines, they use TIs as their guinea pigs in their “normal life settings”. In his 1921 dystopian novel “We” criticizing social experiments by the soviets, Yevgeny Zamyatin recreates a dystopian society in which people lived with no privacy whatsoever in “homes with glass walls”. As he openly admitted, “We” enthused George Orwell’s muses to write his 1949 dystopian novel “1984“, in which he describes “telescreens” as technological devices invasively placed by governments in people’s own private living spaces to individually monitor their lives, explaining the self-censoring, chilling effect of such devices:

“There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You have to live — did live, from habit that became instinct — in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized”. [*]

The 4th Amendment of the U.S. constitution (introduced in the U.S. in Congress in 1789), from a civic point of view, basic social contract precepts, postulates that:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[*] against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”[*]

What neither “The Founding Fathers”, nor Zamyatin, nor Orwell could have possibly foreseen in their wildest dreams was a future society in which technology would make the gathering, categorizing and transferring of all tangible pieces of information of all individuals in a society seamless and almost costless for governments, a future in which “We the people” would not only willingly enter our own “private” information and classify it for merchants and police to prey on, but would allow for chips to be implanted in our bodies for a mere club-membership[Club in Rotterdam] when the idea that the government would interfere in people’s personal affairs would have been considered scandalous less than a generation ago[Chosmky]; a future in which the very notion of privacy when it comes to “people’s ‘houses’, ‘papers’ and ‘effects'” would be totally meaningless. Policing government agencies have been corrupting and repurposing commercial technologies[*][*] and using military-grade devices to see through walls without any awareness of the people inside[*], monitor people’s movements and radiate specific parts of their bodies while inside their own homes even while in pitch dark rooms[*], using DEWs as part of their so-called “no-touch” torture[*]. Handwritten and printed paper ceased to be the primary medium from which information is read more than a generation ago. People nowadays are willing to pay more than 10 times as much money for an easily traceable, hackable electronic version of their books. Nor could they have envisioned that people would be happily and willingly paying for their own portable and in-house two-way “telescreens” through which they would be tacitly relinquishing all functional illusions about their own privacy, nor that people would abysmally, whole heartedly embrace the so-called Internet of Things[*]. In addition to people’s tacit participation in their own surveillance, electromagnetic storage space has become so cheap that it doesn’t make sense to delete any kind of data about all citizens of a nation anymore and the hardware enabling such technologies is being sold in the market place as if they were dishwashers [*][*].


The “all-seeing”, Argus Panoptes, is a many-eyed, “big brother” giant in Greek mythology by whom we are always “watched”, “followed”, “trailed” in a relentlessly scrutinizing way to an invasive, distressing degree. Similar allusions to all-seeing, omnipresent social control devices can be found as memes[*][*] serving the controlling purpose of the powers that be in other cultures in times in which such ideas were just moralizing metaphors. Since times immemorial, people have also wondered about their rulers and watchers.[*]

As a way to economize on “watchers” in prisons/society at large and, most importantly, make inmates/people ultimately watch and control themselves, Jeremy Bentham conceptualized the architectural design of the Panopticon: a type of prison exploiting perspective in such ways that all inmates could be seen at all times from a few points, which was actually implemented to its very specifications in the late 1920s and was used to incarcerate German and Japanese prisoners of war during WWII: “El Presidio Modelo” (The Model Prison), in the Isles of Pines in Cuba; a U.S. neighboring country always considered part of their “immediate spheres of influence” as per the Monroe doctrine. However, even though a revolutionary writer chronicling his 105-day experience didn’t find absolutely anything worth “modeling” in such a prison, after unsuccessfully trying to fight corruption, political violence and U.S. tacit occupation from a legal point of view after Cubans had fought off Spanish rule and the on the radio suicide of his political idol, a patriot with a ~*petit bourgeois*~ upbringing, notorious inmate Fidel Castro, who was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the person holding the longest UN speech (surely not saying anything nice about USG), who saw a total of 11 U.S. presidents come and go during his and his brother’s dictatorial rule and survived 634 assassination attempts mainly masterminded by the CIA [*][*][*]; actually considered it “la prisión fecunda” (“the fruitful prison”) where he had his two-year sabbatical to ponder about his revolutionary strategies to then; initially, with widespread popular support, start a ~*guerilla insurgency*~ to topple U.S. trained and backed bloody dictator Fulgencio Batista ending in a revolution. Castro’s is not just a case of a very rare individual under catalyzing circumstances, ethnologists studying the consciousness of ravens have been frustrated by the fact that ravens seemed to have been able to figure out that there was something fishy with the general scheme of things, and did not play “their roles” conducing to the “logical conclusions” experimenters wanted to arrive at, which put into question who was experimenting with whom[*].

From MKUltra and COINTELPRO to FISA courts and fusion centers

After the findings and rulings of the Church Committee, the social control programs ran by USG just became less public and more contractual to third parties, evolving and morphing into our current ubiquitous and pervasive technological dependency, ultimately enabling todays Über-surveillance[*][*], which make dystopia and movies from a earlier eras as: “1984” and The Front, feel silly, nostalgic, even idyllic. When politicians and the media entertain “We the people” talking about, say, “the NSA being just about ‘metadata'”, telling you that “no one is listening to your phone calls” with a well-trained straight face[*]. They are covering the fact that the NSA has been conducting warrantless mass surveillance to their own people since before Snowden was even born. That it has been just a matter of how enabling towards Über-surveillance technologies have been at a certain time.

Constant all encompassing surveillance is not “‘just’ surveillance”, the mere act of surveilling whole societies is wrong on many counts “regardless of how they use that information”. [*] [*] It unavoidably is the defining aspect for any form of government to tacitly become a police state. As a matter of course, government agencies can’t help but get “smart” about all that data. During their persecution by Nazis, Jewish people had a harsher time the more detailed were the records that had been kept about them. After Nazis invaded Hungary (just a few SS troops) a massive and thorough campaign of expropriations of businesses, stealing and persecution started against them. It was actually Hungarian citizens the ones who had kept the detailed records that made possible and predisposed such plans. Vocal social activist Sandra Bland was found dead while in police custody for a traffic violation which shouldn’t have ever ended as a detention.

As part of the ongoing Church Committee investigations in 1977 in relation to Project MKUltra a misplaced stash of documents was found that survived the 1973 internal destruction orders by Richard Helms (for which he was not prosecuted), about which US Senator Ted Kennedy said:

“The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an ‘extensive testing and experimentation’ program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens ‘at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.’ Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to ‘unwitting subjects in social situations’.”

Yes, those “aware” hippie characters in the U.S. of the 1960s and 1970s were hoodwinked into LSD addiction by the government and not a single one of those “prestigious” universities and research centers, has come clear about it as a symbolic conscious statement to humanity, morality. The NSA, HGCHQ and their partners, as well as Microsoft, Oracle, google and facebook and many other IT companies, and those producing DEWs and other military grade equipment trained on civilians are criticized for aiding and abetting the government in the maintenance of the police state, but the participation of academia not only by preparing armies of acolytes providing most needed “expert knowledge”, but also helping the government create and improve technologies enabling crimes against humanity and entertain very wrong ideas about an “AI-controlled world” in order to justify salaries is seldom questioned and receives very little attention.

Forms of Harassment and Torture by Policing Agencies

USG is one of the largest employers of psychology graduates.[] After meetings in Canada, APA broke ranks with the CIA promising to revoke the professional licenses of psychology graduates aiding the government in the torture, persecution and psychological harassment of other human beings. Furthermore, they have decided to abide by the roster of international law such as the Geneva convention and the treaty against torture. Some of those psychology graduates even boast about their actions and maintain their profitable business “offering their expertise”.[*] However, not a single case is known of any of them whose practicing license has been revoked, yet. Under current U.S. laws, for an act to constitute “torture”, all the following five qualifiers must apply:

  1. cause severe physical or mental pain or suffering;
  2. be intentionally inflicted;
  3. be inflicted for a proscribed purpose;
  4. be inflicted by (or at the instigation of, with the consent or acquiescence of) a public official who has custody of the victim; and
  5. not arise from lawful sanctions.

Since perps have their own ways to corrupt language and “their interpretations are secret”, regarding §1, they may reserve to themselves the determination of what may be painful to you and preposterously argue (again, in secrecy) about §5 that “what they do to you is not torture because you are not in custody”, or about §3 that “Oh, we are just playing with you”, or about §2 “it is actually you harming yourself for not collaborating with us”.

They turn your own home into a “controlled-environment” dungeon, have ways to torture you through the walls. “Ego depletion” kinds of experiments with animals have shown the disorienting and disturbing effect on will power, self-control and self-discipline; to the point of making animals constrain themselves to a corner of their cages and commit suicide by innanition if constantly harassed. Well researched and documented reports on human experimentation by Nazi “scientists” whose expertise was sought for by Western allies and by the stasi show the long lasting diseases and irreversible unhealthy conditions and mental imbalances they cause to their victims.[*] Some of the most common methods they use are:

  • gaslighting: is a form of harassment directed to one’s perception of one’s own personal environment (your home, workplace, car, objects you interact with) in which perps alter it in order to sow seeds of doubt in targeted individuals; put them in a reflexive, alert mental state; always guessing what will come next; make them question their own memory, senses and sanity; in order to encroach, put a foot in your mind, “own”, drive you to their bidding. Perps purposely leave obvious evidence of agency but without any traces to the actual agents as if they know TIs daily routines, their thoughts and feelings; yet, acting in ways that would sound “crazy”, shamefully “stupid” if you relate such incidents to people or law enforcement (who know exactly what this is all about since they are used as perps by the government). Police would neither react nor investigate break ins in which nothing of value is stolen; particular objects in your home being moved around, their order rearranged, at times taken away and later brought back; exactly half of your morning coffee disappearing; someone/something editing a file you are working on (you know a computer virus couldn’t selectively transcribe parts of a private conversation you had); or rip, stain or exchange a piece of clothing you are about to wear for an important occasion. Perps engage your attention as if you were forcebly having a conversation with them, they do:
    • iterations“: messing with a series of objects and/or aspects of your functional life (in your office or home they start moving aside, misplacing or taking away objects belonging to a set) which may be performed in a thematic fashion (the light bulbs in different rooms sequentially go kaput even after you change them repeatedly; or, people constantly telling you your stuff is theirs: you walk out of a grocery store and someone comes up to you and tells you “what are you doing with my shopping bag?”, or you are ready to drive off when someone cloaks out of nowhere to start asking in an apparently upset, alarmed way: “what are you doing in my car? I am calling the police right now”, people paying you a visit show to you fake papers claiming “this is their home”) …; and,
    • mind raping“: is a technique they use to try to sell you the illusion that they know everything about you and can do anything to you. They mess with mindless fringe aspects of your life; say, you use to take a ginger candy to clear your throat on your way to work by your bank’s ATM, which they keep in baskets for everyone to take. You will notice every time that the basket has been emptied right before you arrive; in order to check if this is pure coincidence you will test your conjecture and once you are about to come to the conclusion that if that be the case it is an incredibly unprobabilistically consistent one, you notice that they have started to make gangstalkers stand eating candies in too demonstrative ways as you walk by even if the basket is empty. You would repeatedly find empty shelves at a store while looking for products you need (and only those) and when you ask no one knows. You keep attach to your dog’s leash a token you emotionally associate with someone you hold dear in your heart, when it disappears from the leash, you find it very strange but, even though you can factually check those not to be the cases, as a “logical closure” you force into your mind the belief that probably one of the kids in the family or their friends is pranking you in odd ways or something; then, you notice that the leash itself disappears … and, yes, they would mess with your dog as well, in a contextual fashion;
  • unlike the abusive playfulness of gaslighting, as defined in the stasi’s „Wörterbuch der politisch-operativen Arbeit“ (“Dictionary of political-operative work”)[*], the aim of Zersetzung is actually harming and directly messing with TIs in personal ways and with an intensity that they can’t carelessly dismiss it as nonsense. Everyone has their own phobias, dislikes, safety zone boundaries and illusions about their own “private/secret”, “personal” matters, which disruptions make them very anxious to the point of (as medically studied) irreversibly breaking their psychological stability (George Orwell called them): “one’s own rats“. Those become perps’ currency into their victims psychological and spiritual underpinning, used to break them. They keep a keen eye on other aspects of their victims’ lives, which they will try to hold on to in order to keep relentlessly tormenting them. Their ultimate goal is permanent damage to their victims: bankrupting their existence, driving them into homelessness, institutionalizing them, reducing them to inactivity, helping making them commit suicide or worse. Perps actively seek to destroy your financial standing, biological well-being and mental stability/health by messing with your work, poisoning your food and lacing it with psycho-pharmaceutical drugs (which may also be done as part of a research program for pharmaceutical, medical or food companies), sleep depriving you, harassing your family to a point that they will get angry with, wonder about you. Some family members have gone as far as writing TIs off their grandparents’ will and give them little cash “in order to protect them”, “since they are mentally unstable”. Perps steal your personal belongings from your office and home (even when you are inside) and constantly smash your car’s windows or make your car misfunction. They also target your social and business relationships as a way to make them stay away from you. Some TIs have locked themselves up and severed contact with their relatives, friends and even other TIs.[Ulrike Pope] They are abused to an extent, that some may commit suicide wholeheartedly believing their actions to be a way to assert their own self;
  • gang stalkers” are groups of mostly situational perps “reimbursed” by (no, they are not “paid”, because “their evidence could not be used in court”) and coordinated through mobile apps by “fusion centers” and policing agencies to field (waiting at certain places at the moment you arrive, leave or pass by) and follow you around either by walking behind you, shadowing, or in front of you within an ear shot if you are in a crowded area. They may also ride bikes, use helicopters and/or drones and at times be verbally offensive, physically threatening to you by encroaching into your personal space for no apparent reason or even make physical contact with you either directly or stealthily by using DEWs. There may be laws in the books against stalking in your constituency. Those individuals must sign “confidentiality agreements” making themselves directly liable for “breaking the law” and disassociating their actions from government agencies commanding and remunerating them(?!).[*] In the U.S. snitches, gang stalkers and perps are very common specially at medical facilities, at International venues such as the United Nations, universities and, expectedly, at airports;
  • Gang stalkers may perform skits in which they frame messages relating to private and/or embarrassing incidents that may have happened or will happen to you soon. You may notice, say, inordinate numbers of individuals or groups of people scratching their bodies in front of you too often and in too demonstrative, silly ways. They exaggerate greatly their actions in order to call one’s attention, because as consciousness experiments show, we tend to unconsciously disregard all kinds of happenings around us we are not actively paying attention to.[whodoneit] [“invisible gorilla“] They tend to repeat their skits as part of framing the same messages: after noticing people scratching everywhere, you will be awakened at night by bed bug bites and after you thoroughly clean your bedroom, the cycle will start all over again with your desk’s seat at work and coworkers gossiping about it. “Insulting” skits may happen before or after “injuries”.
  • Julias” and “Romeos” are individuals they send your way after they have psychologically primed you with emotional distress, in order to make their harassment more one-on-one, to gain more control of you. Unbeknown to actor Stephen Shellen, he started emotionally relating to and had children with the “Julia” they framed him with, who later admitted to him to having been a prostitute who had been coupled up with him. Neither the local police nor the children aid society offered any help to him. Social justice activist and stasi victim Markus Meckel related how, even though his wife knew all too well their tricks, the stasi would mess with their relationship by sending postcards from “Julias” with supposedly sexually compromising messages [Doku ZDF History – Operation Zersetzung Der geheime Terror der Stasi (HD)_IzTb6f893XM&t=49m35s] Some “Julias” and “Romeos”, unable to sustain the level of psychopathy, end up spousing their victims, coming clear out of their schemes and turning against perps/the government[tZd9oMtLKOE (27:00) * Phillip Kerr? His girlfriend testified in his favor][Shellen].
  • mapping: is the thorough 24×7 monitoring of your whereabouts and all your actions and interactions as you go about the routines of your daily life, including your behavioral postures and gait, in predictable ways using your own communicating devices’ cameras, speakers and GPS, as well as sensors either disguised in your own home, implanted in the walls of your or your neighbors’ and those outside your home and on the streets. Either in- or outdoors, they know if you are taking a shower, watching TV, having sex (and how you enjoy it) with your love partner or cheating, masturbating, or if you stand or sit while taking care of your physiological needs. They will also profusely go out of their way to let you know it is them behind all of this! Each time you open your refrigerator or walk into the bathroom, they would make the fire alarms in the stairways of your building beep and if something is a bit off their patterns, the fire alarms will beep non-stop until you walk away. They would not only monitor all your phone calls real time, but also all the telephone numbers of the individuals you call (in case, you use another phone) and they know who they are and what relationship they have with you. To perps, mapping is the most crucial aspect of their harassment and torturous experimentation since they need to make sure they are not caught while they go about their business and because it is the prerequisite for jailing. Perps also need to monitor their victims’ response to their kind of Skinner boxing and Pavlovian conditioning as researchers monitor their guinea pigs. Perps create some sort of state-machine-like AI Dooplegänger of their victims’ mapping which bones and blood are a graph theoretic description of their behavior, weighted à la Bayesian networks, which they can’t help but project into their own wishful artifacts. Hoover himself chose as his personal pet targets Charles Chaplin, Bobby Fischer’s mother, ~**~, and Bobby himself since he was a teenager. Even though they couldn’t even tell for sure who his father was, they tormented him to the verge of madness thinking he “might be” or “might become” a spy. They never stopped harassing him even after they themselves admitted “they could be wrong”. Messing with their capabilities to map you, therefore turning yourself into less worthwhile guinea pig, is an easy way to protect yourself as and in order not to become a TI.
  • jailing: is the man-in-the-middle functional-isolation technique they use to contextually surround you with a compromised reality actionably choreographed by perps, for which they must first thoroughly map you. They turn into fax tones the voice of people talking back to you real time while you are heard just fine on the other end. They hack your phones and routers in order to disable outgoing 911 calls, inject their own altered messages, redirect Web requests, alter the content on web pages and results from online searches, automatically delay or delete email messages going your way about certain topics or persons belonging to certain groups and/or corrupt the audio of a video you are watching online. Jailing could be contextual and specific. If, as a way to explain such matters to abused people, you send them a link to the device as advertised by the company producing those DEWs (in that case Applied Energetics), when the people to whom you send the link do click on it, their request is forwarded to an amazon page selling sex toys. They are also able to impersonate you by ~*synthetizing*~ your voice and faking your prosody as a way to mess with people you relate to. For a very long time you have been unsusccessfully trying to sell your home at a relatively low price. You have taken care of it very well and it has been certified as kept in perfect condition and is conveniently located at a coveted area of town. Some perps pretending to be interested in purchasing it would talk to you in odd ways trying to find out what your future plans are, then go South. However, jailing never works 100% realiably. Change encounters, happenings and incidents they can’t fully control real-time will invariably fall through its cracks. Some people will find out about your home and contact you. It seems this time you do have a true prospective buyer who finds your home ideal for more than one good reason, when, all of a sudden, without rhyme or reason, they go South as well. Later in life you find out “‘you’ had left offensive messages in their cell phone using foul language”, in which “‘you’ tried to raise the price” and when they tried to reach out to you to clarify the situation, “‘you’ continued being rude, irrational and told them off” …

The what, how, why, … of individual targeting

Individualized targeted persecution is a vast and complex issue encompassing many aspects pertaining from political abuses; unwarranted, crassly sadistic excesses by policing agencies; legal encumbrances and the professional, ethical aspects surrounding non-consensual experimentation; to societal awareness, and our individual and collective social health, morality and humanity even if you are not a TI. Since our minds are not trained for that kind of extra psychological and cognitive stress, especially during the initial phases of their targeting many TIs feel emotionally overwhelmed and mentally, physically exhausted worrying about questions which may accompany them for the rest of their lives: why me?, who is doing this?, how will I be able to cope with such issues and go on with my life, continue my career?, how do you relate such matters to your family without permanently ~*estranging yourself*~ from them?… At the very least, learning the scope and dimensions of the technical and social aspects of such questions will help TIs manage and possibly even be successful in their lives, as have been the cases of Charles Chaplin and Bobby Fischer.

Literature and the arts

Transcending their times and circumstances through deeply introspective cogitations about the human condition, historians, writers and artists, from one of the first histories by Herodotus (fifth century BC) and Juvenal (late 1st and early 2nd century AD) wondering about ipsos custodes (the watchers themselves), to George Orwell‘s 1984 and Hannah Arendt‘s “Banality of Evil“, have documented and warned society through literature, films, songs, Anthropologies and even cartoons about political excesses and abuses. Some of the most insightful and popular have been:


Movies and Documentaries


See also



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