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Who becomes a target?

There is no single, clear-cut discerning rule as to whom will perpetrators likely choose as a target. As Ted Kennedy pointed out: their “extensive testing and experimentation program, … included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign”. They may probably argue that: “for ‘scientific’ reasons, since their aim is total societal control, in order not to bias their ‘research’ they must include all kinds of people”:

  • some TIs believe they are being used for medical experimentation due to their blood type or for some other medical condition or biological specificity (in some cases doctors have even told them)
  • some TIs are morally motivated towards what they see as their selfless activism for socially progressive causes, while others may be seen as reactionary and morally backward as they could possibly be, other couldn’t care less about political theatrics one way or the other and those who see the good, bad and ugly aspects to the left and to the right
  • some TIs believe they are being targeted, because they are whistleblowers, but then there are high profile whistleblowers whom the government doesn’t target
  • as the Church Committee hearings showed, in the U.S. they do tend to target more women and girls for experimentation and as victims for their training. Most TIs think that difference is due to the fact that men, generally speaking, are less communicative when it comes to matters relating to their bodily and mental health and are more likely to act out violently towards perps or the general public. Not that the government cares that much about it, but they certainly don’t welcome press coverage to those matters.
  • they also tend to target individuals:
    • who are “free spirits”, not group people molded by the norms they frame and control;
    • who are not seen as central in their social groups (instead of choosing Meryl Streep or Jack Nicholson they go for relatively marginal actor Stephen Shellen);
    • more central figure heads in case of minorities;
    • whom they can more easily attempt to isolate, “own”, engage interpersonally
    • who are considered “socially awkward”, “crazies” by their peers; so, their claims will be more likely disbelieved, dismissed;
    • as representative quotas of their demographics;
    • in all professions and trades.

What does actually happen to you?

It depends on what perpetrators (among them psychology graduates) consider to be your “bio-psychological and behavioral profile” and your own functional and social environment. Their harassment towards you may be part of their “operational psychology” school work and training.[theintercept.com_20150807_psychologists-work-gchq-deception-unit-inflames-debate-among-peers.html][20150714_cia-involving-psychologists-torture-sounds-bad-ok.html][theintercept.com_20150430_emails-show-close-relationship-psychology-group-cia.html][20161206_breakfast-of-torturers-a-former-cia-psychologist-promotes-his-memoir.html][20141017_blowing-whistle-cia-torture-beyond-grave.html][madinamerica_201705_psychiatry-defends-its-antipsychotics-case-study-of-institutional-corruption.html] You will definitely notice peculiar things happening to you, interfering with the course of your regular life, which can’t possibly be random, are articulated by means of some obvious agency; yet, without a trace to the perps and obviously directed at you. TI social justice activist Bruno Marchesani, who “had a stroke” at 53, related to us the story of a blind TI that decided to study psychology in order to help other TIs. Perpetrators zapped her fingers so she couldn’t read after which she expressed in meetings with her TI support group that she did feel suicidal. Perpetrators never stopped harassing her. She did commit suicide.[*]

How do I exit such a situation?

You can’t. It is like a chronic disease for which there is no cure even if you had the money to pay for it. The best you can do is manage it as functionally, healthily, morally and spiritually well as you possibly can. Unless, say, you are being used for a very specific type of medical research, once you are included in and “managed” through their lists, they use you for their purpose in various well compartmentalized ways. Gang stalkers would not know of other perps training DEWs on you and they would not know of smear campaigns directed at you at work, nor will they know that you are being used for non-consensual experimentation. Even after you die they keep you in those dedicated data repositories as a correlating entry to possibly target other people who had related to you or show similar patterns of behavior.[ “after you die”] If, say, you go to the doctor or hire a lawyer, all they do is case those developments. There are very few people who claim to have escaped their own targeting to whatever extent they believe, by walking away from their homes without telling absolutely anybody or hinting in any way towards the preparation of their plans, changing their look, crossing jurisdictional borders into another country and remaining in hiding with the help of their family not even letting employers know where they live. However, they noticed that they were accompanied in their one-way, run-away public transportation trip and welcomed at their destination.[Thomas Jefferson][lady]

What kinds of people would do such things to other people?

Pretty much anyone! As exhaustively tested and cased social experiments have shown, most people would knowingly and carelessly harassed and even harm other people. The “Obedience to Authority” social experiment showed how a mere pretense of authority would be enough for people to induce irreversibly harming electro-convulsive torture on unwilling persons and even keep doing so while their apparent victim wasn’t responsive anymore. The Stanford prison experiment showed how people at some take seriously the roles of what initially was a playful arrangement. The Rosenhan experiment vertically showed that there is from very little to nothing provably scientific about psychiatry and psychology. Ironically inmates were able to easily tell apart the fake impostors posing as mentally ill from true patients, while institutional “subject matter experts” were repeatedly duped! The fundamental test case of Project ARTICHOKE (predecessor of MK-Ultra) was: “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?” You’d wonder what kinds of people would have such preoccupations. Foucault’s anthropologies studied the social aspects of what is understood as “morally acceptable” and what is seen as a “mental illness”.[Foucault: “morally acceptable”][Foucault: “mental illness”] Hannah Arendt‘s “banality of evil” thesis debunked the idea that there was anything intrinsic in their genetics or drastically different in their moral or social points of view that conditioned Nazis to end up embracing inhumanely horrific social developments. In fact, the U.S. government with their Western countries acolytes and local collaborators, have 8-timed the genocidal ratio of Nazi Germany during WWII and not a single one of their “Pulitzer Prize”, “freedom-of-speech” Western mainstream media has substantially questioned any of it (they would talk in Aesopic ways, not even mentioning his name while talking about Snowden’s revelations). Yet, they consider themselves to be “freedom lovers”, “spreading democracy”, whose genocidal abuses are just “mistakes”.[][][][]. Those consciousness studies show no correlation whatsoever with class, political persuasion, intellectual prowess, nationality, ethnic group, financial standing, race or gender. It seems to be something you individually have going on inside of you or not. After participants in the Rosenhan experiment learned that they were the actual subjects of experimentation and asked why they would do such things to another person, how exactly they understand the golden rule, most of them are surprised and tend to easily downplay, rationalize their actions. Yes, you may find daddy’s girls and that person that is a good friend of your priest doing horrendous things to other people.[parking lot] Most people who either have been victims of and/or know first hand about such abuses cannot rationalize any of it to any extent and do oppose harassing and torturing other people. Many of the people who served as escorts to Muslim children after 9/11 were the grandchildren of Japanese people who were interned during WWII just for being “Japanese”.[NY Times] Even though other social experiments, well-known to marketeers, the establishment media and politicians, show how just barely semantically related perceptions, such as fart smell, can drastically influence people’s responses on a survey relating to supposedly moral issues; the relationship between perpetrator and victim in those experiments was merely situational. They haven’t studied, in addition to presenting an “authority figure” giving “orders to be followed”, the effect of remunerating perpetrators, using actual “authority figures” belonging to the structures of control they are part of and/or suggesting to perpetrators the victims as belonging to “the others’ group”; say: Muslim people in Western countries, Arabic or Spanish speakers in the U.S., Egypt’s Christian Coptic minority, or “illegal immigrants”[*]. People bathing in an Italian beach didn’t care to rescue two gypsy girls crying out for help and continued carelessly sun bathing next to their corpses.
[*] [*]
[–But-Italy-showing-chilling-Roma-children.html][] After “freedom lovers” systematically mess with and destroy the social infra structure of their countries, when displaced people seek livable conditions somewhere else, we let “illegal immigrants” sink in the sea, as we enjoy the celebrity status we have granted Malala Yousafzai and Shyima Hall. [*] [*]
Just by noticing the kinds of games that children and adults get addicted to, such as “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and “Pokemon-Go“, it is obvious how easily people would find stalking and harassing other people as something “fun” to do.[*]

There are, however, “indicators” relating to certain “psychological profiles” which potentially qualify “good candidates” to become snitches and perpetrators. In an interview about his movie, “Snowden“, Steven Spielberg wondered how is it possible that out of circa 20,000 employees at the NSA just one (actually a few) could see that what they are secretly doing to the world at large is wrong on many counts and Intelligence Committee Chair Representative Mike Rogers has some peculiar philosophical interpretations of his own about the “tree falling in the forest” conundrum.[Spielberg 20,000][]

Alexander Luria published his study of aspects characterizing the minds of such psychological freaks, “The Mind of a Mnemonist“; and Neurobiologist Kent Kiehl has been extensively researching the brain of psychopaths and found a very high correlation between the propensity towards psychopathic behavior with the low metabolic activity of the amygdalae as part of the limbic system (feelings) and lack of the connecting interneurons to the prefrontal cortex (rationality). He asked to do the same experiments with police and he was allowed to do so under the condition that he doesn’t publish his findings!?! (Did he continue his research with politicians and and plutocrats?). There indeed seems to be such a thing as “the minds of shills, snitches, perps, police, politicians and plutocrats”, which manifest itself in and correlate with what they consider to be means and ends of their deeds, how transparently they act and how honestly they show their intentions, the kinds of folks they tend to associate with and why, and their general smarts. Merely being an “educated” person doesn’t to incline the scale one way or the other. 1918 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Fritz Haber, didn’t seem to see any moral implications of his scientific contributions, personally overseeing the first “successful” use of chlorine gas resulting in over 67,000 casualties. Plenty of academics more or less directly aid governments in the technical developments of various genocidal devices and techniques; yet, having high IQs constitute enough legal grounds for police departments not to allow such prospects into their ranks[Lysander][]. If you watch the arrest of social activist Sandra Bland you will notice that, emotions aside, the police officer didn’t seem to be able to understand at all Bland’s very basic question: “Why am I being arrested?”. Those kinds of folks belonging to structures of control, who understand reality through “following orders” kinds of reasonings go berserk when confronted with the idea that things do and should happen for intrinsic, natural and explainable reasons. Something that toddlers understand. Unarmed Eric Garner was jumped by 4 police officers and asphyxiated on the spot prompted by what probably was initiated by lip service and quickly escalated from a banal argument to his murder by NYPD officers Daniel Pantaleo and Justin Damico. Regarding “ipsos custodes” (the watchers themselves) matters, you may wonder what is inside of the adult mind of a U.S. Army General with 40 years of service and chief of the NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command, when he models his “Information Dominance Center” with “Star Trek’s Enterprise” themes.[]. NSA employees themselves express their anxiety about being watched and snitched at work as being “unprofessional”, are able to make such preposterous associations as “the Socrates of the NSA” (which to anyone with some sense of reality who knows who Socrates was and what the NSA does, may sound like “child molesters for peace” or “the St. Francis of CIA’s torture chambers”). After the OPM hack. Those individuals expressed their concern about such “private” data being used to blackmail them (epically poetic, indeed!) and used public monies to pay themselves insurance.[ Socrates of the NSA][ Zelda]

Why doesn’t the government stop such abuses and excesses?

Those kinds of questions should be directed to government officials. As we well know, they have never stopped lying to, abusing and manipulating people. All they do is use the media and a few figure heads as fronts to quiet concerns of those “morally sophisticated” among “We the people”. Governments nowadays are huge bureaucracies with relatively small and unimportant PR fronts (the politician faces you vote for “in order to ‘uphold democracy'”). You may very rarely find within the government individuals like Ron Wyden who at least have a civic sense of their duty, but their public statements would not be clear and revealing enough for people to make sense of what they say, so people have to rely on leaks to understand what they mean and learn about what the government is doing with their tax monies and in their names. There are ways to influence government decisions as it happened with the SOPA reversal and when The Yes Men have made some of the most corrupt USG agencies change in important ways[] … [(41:15) * two weeks ago a very close vote in the house on whether the gov was going to reign in NSA’s bulk collection of our phone records 217-205, because people actually called their representatives], but the large majority of people either can’t believe or choose not to accept that the government actively does such things to people they know who are not criminally minded in any way. It is less morally and cognitively demanding; (“it makes more sense”) to write off TIs as “crazies”, guard one’s own normalcy bias.

… but why?

Again, those are the types of questions which should be directed to them. The kinds of control freaks who tend to gravitate towards politics and policing agencies would seize upon any chance they have to be more domineering and controlling. They use “National Security” excuses, as a relatively nice, more-responsible sounding way to tell “We the people” to shut up and “find our place”. In the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s, when the “freedom-loving” Western world was partying “the end of the cold war” after “winning it to ‘freedom-hating’ communism”; as the Russian government dismantled the Warsaw pact, shutdown their military basis around the world, unilaterally stopped patrolling the coasts of NATO countries with nuclear submarines and methodically went through complex and laborious diplomatic endeavors to return countries to the many peoples of the former Soviet Union; they seemed to have seen themselves without ways to justify salaries. In those times, the Internet started to be widely embraced. They saw the opportunity to redefine themselves as some sort of technologically-based, pan-governmental Catholic Church with some business-oriented AI God. The 1990’s was also the time when economical and political aberrations such as TPP came to fruition. “We the people” went from being offered services and products to becoming the products to be sold and bought, on both, an individual and a collective level. In order for them to maximize the profit from “their products”, they needed to know as much as possible about us. The ubiquitous adoption of new technologies and forms of social communication offered them a platform to easily and seamlessly maximize their profit. Benito Mussolini defined fascism as “the merger of corporate and political power” and President Eisenhower warned us about the the military industrial complex growing out of hand. You may wonder how is it exactly that Coca Cola got into the business of worrying about PITA. [bvl0pWKaZ14: (11:00) * Coca Cola seeking services of private policing contractors to go against PITA]. Isn’t it enough for them, that so many people in the U.S. suffer from obesity and diabetes? Nowadays, business, politics, police, justice, the media and academia have merged into one and the same thing. After remaining in the shadows for a while after the Church Committee, the TI phenomenon resumed as a renewed version of MK-Ultra and COINTELPRO in one in the 1990s. Interestingly, the “helping others” social experiment [Thinking Fast and Slow page 170] also confirms the approximate (1/3) ratio of people who would act based on their sense of morality, disregarding other factors. As all those variously cased and repeated consciousness studies show most people are not as decent, morally grounded and heroic as we may like to believe, which may be a neurobiological, anthropological issue. What we shouldn’t do is allow these types of folks with that kind of mindset take over the world.

Why don’t lawyers and legal agencies such as the ACLU and the Public Defenders Office offer help? Isn’t that their job?

Lawyers who know about the TI phenomenon choose not to get close to anything related to it, not even talk about it. Some take the money knowing well that all they are doing is draining TIs savings, which is also one of perps’ goals. The public defenders office is part of the government and would only take specific complaints about public officials and workers of government agencies; so, since perps act as non entities from the shadows, they wouldn’t even register our cases. The ACLU certainly knows about such abuses since MK-Ultra and COINTELPRO times, but they don’t take us seriously, as they have actually told some of us, because: “you haven’t been formally accused of anything”, even though they know all too well this is exactly their modus operandi when it comes to us.[ipsoscustodes] Interestingly, the ACLU proudly defends the legal rights of members of KKK and neo-facist organizations, arguing that it is exactly those cases that USG uses to then pass general laws infringing on everyone’s else’s rights.[][] However, for some reason they don’t dare to touch TI related issues . Very well informed, ex-NSA powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe have decided to run a survey in order to investigate such matters even though they haven’t been targeted as other ex NSA employees have[Karen]. Wouldn’t you expect for the ACLU to do at least something about such crass human rights abuses?[][]

How many TIs are there in the U.S.?

After the Church Committee, social control and repression in the U.S. adopted a subcontracting and decentralized model, which makes difficult estimating hard figures. Even on a county level perps have received all kinds of military grade technology with which then they need training.[] Some TIs have estimated the figure in the U.S. to be anywhere in the 10,000s, while other think it to be much larger than that especially if you include the “collateral damage” to family members. In fact, most TIs believe that that figure only reflects the individuals who don’t comply, that most people they target rationalize their actions to themselves as “being smart enough to get it” and choose to put their own cowardice and spineless character to good use for them.

How do I disabuse myself?

Easy! Expose them! They will invariably stop or start being less obvious and aggressive once they notice you are recording and exposing their actions.

What constitutes self defense in such cases of abuse?

As martial arts practitioners do, exploit their offense to strategize your reactions. For more than one good reason, people with something to do, some brains and healthy senses don’t spend their time snitching and harassing other people, but there is absolutely no law saying that someone can’t, say, put up a park bench or CCTV cameras right in front of your property or from a neighbors’ directed towards your home. Most snitches and perps are misinformed about the people they target. If say they belong to a pedophile neighborhood alert and they are told to watch out for that person driving or walking by, they assume you may be a potential child molester. They tend to be the kinds of people who see themselves as James Bonds wannabes, so they get confused if you in turn start taking pictures of them and their cars and publicly post them. One of their arguments is that legally anyone can take pictures of you that “there is no expectation of privacy” while in public, so you may then take pictures of them as well. If you start following them around, as if you were “watching the watchers” for a while for a change, they get confused. Of course, there are too many perps and you would spend your whole day doing such things, so you will have to “choose your battles”. Moreover, even if they basically use the same techniques, being their technological capabilities constrained only by their budgets, there are also cultural aspects characterizing what they do and how they go about it. Policing agencies in the U.S. don’t like to make their actions and their presence too obvious to unintended persons and they also hide their operatives as well. They spend lots of theatrical efforts justifying mass surveillance, the defining characteristic of a police state, in a supposedly democratic, “good Christian” country; pretending to confine their actions “within the rule of Law”, “The U.S. Constitution” and “morally grounded” principles; yet, they keep “their laws and their interpretations secret”!?! For a long time they successfully managed to hoodwink U.S. citizens into wholeheartedly believing that only “freedom-hating”, morally base lowlifes such as the Russians, Chinese, Cubans, … would do such a thing as mass surveilling their own citizens. So, if you live in a free country, you certainly should have the right to use your freedom! The East German stasi liked for their presence to be felt, but hid their operatives. In fact, as it happens today in Western countries, East German citizens were under the impression that the stasi actually ran the country, that their socialist party was just a front. The Cuban dictatorial government doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t teach people how to read and write and then expect for them to read and write what you want and the Cuban police summoned their targets to openly discuss with them their repression plan and, following internal regulations, even help targets document police brutality.[][]

How do I protect myself against their harassment and torture?

You should always try to minimize the effect of the techniques perpetrators use, not be an easily manageable guinea pig, by:

  • acting in open ways in order to expose the details of what they do: Police try to engage you personally. If they mess with you, document exactly what happens ASAP, write/log a complaint and openly ask the question in public, widely accessible fora in a naive way specifying in detail the techniques they used and call back the companies they are pretending to belong to. Be true and keep emotions in check. Do not try to let people know how smart you are by figuring them out. Let them do that for themselves, you should just describe the details of the incidents as they unfolded footing every aspect of what you describe in facts and falsifiable statements (which truthfulness can be proven), even if they may sound preposterous to some people. Some TI teachers have expressed their worries about USG using minors and school children for their harassment, which should be illegal for a number of good reasons (do their parents know?) Teachers worry about such matters because incidents with their students could end in grounds to revoke their teaching license. Those teachers’ worries weren’t unwarranted. The online news venue, The Intercept, published the FBI operative manuals which specify the use of minors as snitches and perps by USG. This is also important, because, as it happened during the previous COINTELPRO times, perpetrators are “developing their own skills” and “taking their ‘careers’ ‘seriously'”, “looking forward for future promotions” so at times they get “creative”, “imaginative” and do certain things they know to be illegal which their supervisors may not agree with. Some people would rather adopt an illusive “don’t upset the dogs”, “play dead” strategy entertaining illusions about quietly accepting the abuse in the hope that they will stop. That is not likely to work in your favor either in the short or long term. As part of theirwannabe-spy training, they are improving their “smarts”, “psychological domination” mind-gaming skills; so, initially, they map and jail you in order to monitor the effectiveness of their abuse. As is the case with researchers experimenting with animals, to those sick morally deafferented members of alphabet gangs your feedback and reactions is more valuable than their torture and experimentation. In fact, if they really wanted us killed or jailed they could make up a situation and do so easily, but they need their experimental subjects in their study cages.
  • cc-ing the enablers and “whom it may concern” always when you write a complaint letter: say, if you live in the U.S. and are complaining to the Postal Service about their carriers leaving your mail (and only yours!) by the superintendent of your building whom you have told many times to stop collecting your mail (they are forced to serve as perps by their managers and landlords “following orders from above”), in addition to the USPS and landlord; cc the local police, fusion center, the public defenders office, better business bureau and/or the ACLU. It is important that a record is kept about perps’ actions.
  • never accepting any kind of interpersonal engagement with them; talk about, but never to them!:
    Do not reciprocate any kind of conversational engagement with them either through words or innuendo, such as reacting to what they do (even if that V2K may say things you would very much like to respond to). They act as if you were forcibly having a conversation with them already, even if you are not talking about matters relating to politics in any way. You say something to a friend of yours and then a perp standing a line on a grocery store fakes talking to another person as if he/she was being part of that private conversation of yours. You should totally ignore them, ask that they put whatever they are saying in writing, “so, that you can discuss this with your lawyer”. If they get too much on your face or in your way, you should publicly and loudly talk to the situation not to them: “Excuse me!”, “Would you get out of the way!?!”; if they hurl at you one of their “We”‘s, you simply ask: “Who is ‘we’, [Sir|Ma’am]?” If you are stuck with them in a situation in which you can’t ignore them, say, they are holding you at an airport while they keep your passport, act stupid and loud like you can’t understand them, don’t understand either hierarchies or secrecy, like you would not be a profitable investment of their time, a good “one of us” collaborator. German chancellor Angela Merkel seem to have gotten the stasi off her 5 senses, mind and shadow by telling them she couldn’t possibly be a worthwhile snitch due to her “talkative nature” (not as a moral integrity matter!)[] In addition to having a very particular, self-serving way to use language and their interpretations being secret, perps have their ways to interpret whatever they may take as a response from you.[] As Esperanza (“Hope” in Spanish, from Valencia/Spain) relates to us; individuals she believes to be members of satanic cults, have been harassing her and her family, pushing them to the edge of madness for no apparent reasons. Perpetrators found and followed her wherever she moved as she tried to run away from it all. They were exhausting her physically and emotionally to the point of darkness; yet, she had a moment of spiritual clarity, realizing that “if she let those people take over her life she would never be able to love other people and herself”. Next day, as she walked out of her apartment and found the perps fielding her again, she just gave them a friendly smile. They proceeded to follow her aggressively as she drove and dangerously pair their cars to hers returning her friendly gesture with a mocking smile.[*] Perps don’t seem to understand that they are not seen as “good police” by TIs. The truest and most fundamental aspect of respect towards a person is accepting “no” for what it means. Gangs of individuals who are Pavlovian conditioning, harassing and torturing a person tacitly do not have the most minimal respect towards that person.

  • always remembering that they know all about you: even if you choose to, say, illusively think that they don’t know about your second passport you are using taking advantage of your dual citizenship. They already know the answer to any question they may ask you. They are asking you to see how you react to their conversational bait. If they use any kind of supposedly private information about you (to those kinds of folks being a snitch, minding other people’s private matters amounts to “being ‘smart'”, they call it “‘intelligence’ gathering” (as if you could “gather ‘intelligence'”)), simply ask them (trying not to invest any emotions as you do so): “… and how do you know about this?”
  • connecting with other TIs: yes, they have their snitches and disinformation brigades in support groups, too; but discerning the truths of matter and the fakes from the true TIs isn’t that hard. To your amazement, you may even run into apparently good people who seem to believe that what they do is right (those, if truly good and smart enough, invariably have their second doubts, change of minds at some point).
  • keeping detailed records, preferably handwritten or printed notes: of what they do to you with the license plates of the cars, location where and time when incidents happen including videos and pictures you can easily take with your cell phone (use apps to record the exact location, time stamp and direction of the camera); save and make your complaints cumulatively. Always keeping in mind that any kind of electronic data they have access to either through the network as you access the Internet or a black bag operation, can be easily copied, messed up with. A TI related a story in which after being stopped and harassed by the highway patrol for no reason whatsoever and keeping a long and extensive record of what was going on. He then called 911 and reported (as he recorded the call on his own phone): “certain individuals at the intersection so and so “dressed as police, porting guns and driving what seems to be a police car (reading off the license plate over the phone)”, who have been harassing him and his family for months for no apparent reason whatsoever. The idiots were very upset and asked him: “Why ‘he’ had done that?” He made sure to get and keep a transcript of the report. They stopped messing with him/his family in that way. They never know when and where their faces and actions may resurface again. Dr. Katherine Horton related to us a story about a lady who was just an animal rights activist, who was framed by a “Romeo”. She seems to have fallen in love with and a baby was born, after which he disappeared without rhyme or reason and without leaving a trace. After many years the single mother, still wondering what had happened, learned of google face recognition and used it to find him still working as a perp now in Australia.[*]
  • connecting with and supporting social justice organizations in your capacity: “(WE) custodiet ipsos custodes” types agencies such as ~**~ in NYC doing some true activism for social justice.
  • learn basic computer skills: how your data is organized and managed by your Operating System, how to run utilities on the command prompt, such as rsync. Save your own data to external devices while disconnected to the Internet (physically unplug the cable). If you can, use an old computer to access the Internet and another one totally disconnected from the Internet for your own work. Linus Torvalds, well-known for his lack of political correctness, has related to us that he effing never connects his own work computer to the Internet, putting all kinds of faces while he was saying that.
  • Gradually evolve into a *nix based, open source operating system, preferably one you can run live from a DVD such as Debian Live, knoppix or Ubuntu. If, for whatever reason, you prefer using Windows, you could still access the Internet using a live DVD (which can’t be infected with a virus for physical, not even software-related reasons). That is fine and dandy for grandma and her cat, so, it should be for everyone else.
  • use less actively privacy-violating software such as the TOR browser and as search engine.
  • keeping police and perps at a safe distance, not inviting them in if you get a knock on your door from them: in certain jurisdictions you would be tacitly inviting them to search your apartment. You just stand on the door, asking and repeating to them “what do you want?” and “am I arrested?”, anything extra you say to them, they will use for their playful nonsensical back and forths.
  • taking quite simple and effortless measures such as:
    • not giving them any excuses to get you off base while committing any kinds of petite crimes as minor as you may consider them to be and even if “everybody does it”, remember that all they need is just one mistake in order to irreversibly mess with your life;
    • reading off and writing on paper;
    • not using wireless networking (disabling it on your computer’s BIOS or, better yet, physically severing the internal wireless device of your computer), unplugging your CAT5 cable, using wired-only routers;
    • not using cell phones or only for emergencies and keeping them in a Faraday cage, otherwise;
    • playing out music and/or office noises while you talk on the phone (so that they can’t automatically transcribe your conversations, will have to use perps to actually listen to, work the monkey way, which makes it more socially involving, time consuming and costly to them);
    • putting your bed on a vibration-proof frame;
    • sleeping in a Faraday cage
    • not accepting drinks or food being handed to you in restaurants and bars and drinking always running water from places used by many people, randomly picking from where to buy or replenish your own bottles;
    • not letting medical practitioners do any kinds of “extra” tests on you unrelated to the very treatment you are getting, asking for a copy of the results of any tests and keeping your own updated copy of your medical records (to which you are legally entitled anyway), bring a family member or person you trust to the hospital; if possible, into the operating room with you;
    • totally stop or minimize your participation on social networks and such things automatically leaving an electronic trail of your behavior
    • walking on the side walk against car traffic;
    • trying to make your behavior as ephemeral as conveniently possible to you; keeping in mind that the more predictable their mapping of your behavior is, the easier you are making for them to mess with you.
  • not allowing for their harassment to totally frame, occupy, derail your life, make you do things you are not comfortable with (which could make some of the previous suggestions less valid). Some people totally ignore perps and police, some other would rather relate to them in order to avoid for their own families to be hassled. Yet, even while you would choose to talk to them, don’t ever talk about anybody else’s business. When Galileo abdicated his support of the “CopernicanHeliocentric theory during his prosecution for heresy and “blasphemy” of the very pope, knowing well Giordano Bruno‘s fate, he didn’t incriminate anyone but himself. He was able to continue his research even under house arrest, retake his previous work and perform his stunning inclined plane experiments.

What is it with all that new-agey, Star-Wars-like terminology such as V2K, VoG, RNM, DEWs …?

Bruce Schneider while studying some of the NSA’s code found worthy of ridicule the funky, sci-fi-sounding names they use in their code[]. All their actions and terminology are framed and worded as to make you seem “crazy”, mentally disoriented, if you talk about such matters.

How many perps are there?

In the U.S. they have networked into an all-encompassing “total awareness” grid linked to policing agencies and coordinated by fusion centers from shoplifting prevention in stores and members of neighborhood and pedophile watch associations, cabs and livery cars drivers; all building superintendents and porters, janitors, security personnel, small business and bodega owners to the USPS, transportation authorities and University departments. In NYC, rent lease contracts include: “are you a member or veteran of the U.S. armed forces?” kinds of questions in order to keep a current map of potential perps. Yet, there aren’t any official figures about the ratio of snitches and perpetrators to general population (perp ratio) in our kinds of police states nowadays. The perp ratio in East Germany was higher than during Nazi times. Gross estimates taking into consideration participating agencies and the impression of individuals who have endured the hospitality of those police states suggest that the perp ratio in “the land of the ‘free’ and ‘the’ ‘brave’ …” seems to be definitely higher than in East Germany under the stasi. As historian Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk in his analysis of the large corpus left by the stasi published in his book: „Stasi konkrete. Überwachung and Repression in der DDR“ (“Facts about the stasi. Surveillance and repression in East Germany”): the perp ratio in East Germany was less than 2% and of those less than 20% reported on more than one person, many snitches purposely corrupted their “work” and would even befriend, tell their victims and the stasi stressed objectivity and set the tone even in office gossip. When it comes to those times technologies, the stasi could only monitor 4,000 fixed lines and they had very few cameras in well known places.[][][] There are many kinds of perps, full time ones working for police departments and 3rd party “security contractors” and those, being coordinated through their cell phones, who momentarily lend their attention to such matters. There are also those working for the NSA and fusion centers whom you would never see but they know all there is to be known about your life (way more than you yourself would be aware of and predictively so). They “monitor” you 24×7, in order to share that data with handlers and perps in the field. Depending on where you are at a certain moment, live and work the perp ratio may be higher. In East Germany, the perp ratio in media companies was 10% (5 times higher). In the U.S. the perp ratio will be very high at medical facilities and universities.[*][*] Another important new aspect of our times is that all policing agencies share your data, so the potentially damaging consequences of perps’ actions is greater and more long term. Students and teachers, who have found their pictures, names and the private details of their lives exposed publicly on the “canary mission” site for “promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on college campuses” (to them questioning the occupation amounts to “promoting hatred”), wondered how could the Israeli government gain so much information about their private lives, which they had never shared on “social networks”, which may not only stigmatize you while in college, but influence your professional career in the future. No, it is not just about “electronic Über-surveillance”. There are lots of snitches and perpetrators out there.

How do snitches and perpetrators react when made aware about their actions? Do they know what they are doing?

Of course, they know what they are doing, even if at times they don’t seem to quite see the dimensions of their actions and may be misinformed! They receive direct instructions from the government agencies remunerating them and they sign confidentiality agreements in which they exonerate those government agencies from all kinds of liabilities, making themselves legally responsible for their actions.[ FBI gives itself] Perps react confused while confronted by TIs, as if they were the ones actually being harassed, because: “they are not doing anything wrong or illegal to you”, “they are just snitching you for a while”, doing “their ‘patriotic duty’ of being trained as part of the ‘total awareness’ programs against ‘terrorists'”. What snitches do, even if morally wrong to some people, “questionable” to other, and potentially fatal to some individuals[Dialo][Eric Garner], technically speaking, is not illegal. There are no “expectations of privacy” while you are in a public space; anyone who can see what you are doing can snitch you. However, perpetrators actively and intentionally harass other people. Snitches for the most part have no idea about the person they are watching, perpetrators do at least to some extent. They are told certain things they could check for themselves, but they choose to “follow orders” from the government. Once you know the person you are snitching and choose to abuse that person’s trust, you are a perp. As former stasi „Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter“/Spitzel (“unofficial collaborator”/snitch) Monika Häger relates: “they seem to see themselves as minor, innocuous players in the whole game”, who are “just trying to trying to talk to you”, “with no mean intentions”, “‘just’ trying to help policing agencies ‘help’ you”.[Yfl6WTd4oFk&t=5m15s] Perps would get upset if you take a picture of them, apparently without considering that they, as willing participants of a larger network of snitches and perpetrators working for the government, had received a picture of yours on their cell phone. In the excellent documentary, with the heads of Shin Bet, “The Gatekeepers“, they related how at times they have detained people who had no idea whatsoever as to why they were being tortured. Unbeknown to them, they had been “chosen” and hunted down as if they were animals to be “worked” as potential snitches to target other people. Some of those individuals have died in custody in their torture chambers without a clue as to why they were detained to begin with. Those kinds of individuals who tend to understand reality through structures of control and chains of command don’t seem to understand the repercussions of their actions or even emotionally, socially empathize at all to other people. U.S. government officials were explaining that: “yes, they do their best to find out the identities of the victims of their drone strikes” (after they kill them in order to find out if those where their targets), former stasi members adamantly oppose any association with their roles as perpetrators; seamlessly, silently finding their way into the business world after the German reunification; and U.S. perps can’t even begin to understand what the big deal is and make fun of Angela Merkel’s qualms about being spied by USG.[*]][7PWRHb8MZjQ&t=33m00: The Guardian/What does NSA surveillance mean for the future of the internet][*]

How much do perps get paid?

There are many different kinds of perps from gang stalkers who may get low-rate part time payments (approx. $10 an hour) and/or bonuses as monetary rewards and perks such as shopping cards, to the ones working full time jobs in fusion centers and for 3rd party contractors. As specified in the widely used tax preparation book in Germany, ~*„Kont“*~, the current tax code of present day Germany grants snitches a 10% flat rate as form of remuneration[IE3Swn83gf8 (1:19:05)]

Why don’t more people know about this?

As it was the case before the Snowden revelations, there is a concerted effort by the status quo to play down such matters, which is evidenced by the amount of scheming around, “plausible deniability” and time they put into denying it and portraying TIs as “crazies”.[United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers][rationalwiki][*] Have you ever noticed USG denying and misrepresenting claims by illuminati groups, UFO enthusiasts or the Church of Scientology? Have they ever paid any attention to the claims of actually mentally ill people? If, as they claim, TIs are just “a bunch of crazed yahoos”, why do they spend so much effort denying their claims? Why do they enlist armies dedicated to online sockpuppetry messing with TIs’ comments and attempts to network, organize, seek justice at every turn? Many U.S. high ranking officials do know and tacitly admit to know that this is going on[Obama citizen’s commision][Kerry in front of press asking such questions as a statements][Keith admitting it to TIs][Cheiny said “forget that stuff”][Rumsfeld on DEWs]. Even journalists who are not part of the establishment media and are more questioning and confrontational to the government apparently have “responsibly” chosen not to elaborate in depth on the functional details pertaining to such matters.[ … “and more” … ] Of course, since, physically speaking, such devices must work both ways, their statements strongly suggest, what many TIs have been talking about for a long time: the fact that they are using military grade DEWs to torture unsuspecting individuals inside of their homes.[] TIs have also been complaining for a long time about “hearing voices”, which also turned out to be another of the techniques perps use, which, it turns out, has become a technique used to commercially harass people in our days.[][] Also, people generally have and guard their moral blind spots at any cost. Even if one makes the effort to explain such matters and they could find out by themselves if they are true or not, people would not accept such ideas, because they would rock their normalcy bias. Governmental, religious institutions and the media of European countries pretended they didn’t know about it and disbelieved, made even fun of Jewish people when they were trying to alert the general public about extermination camps in Nazi Germany. Lately, Muslims have taken the role of “cultural other” for Westerners []. TIs, as disposable non-persons, seem to be at the bottom of their regard.

When/Where does it happen?

It depends on how do you conduct your life and the harassing techniques perpetrators are training on you. If they are torturing you aurally, via V2K, it would happen when and where they could aim such devices at you. If they are sleep depriving you, it will in your bedroom, but you will notice that it doesn’t happen the same, when you sleep in different places, especially a randomly chosen place they don’t know and you don’t share with anyone using a communication venue they own (well, any!) or in a place they can hear what you are saying. They may irradiate you when you are trying to sleep at your home from your neighbors’ places using DEWs, but if you are sleeping in a random or new place (not in hotels or motels!) where they haven’t set up their dungeons, they will be still able to use portable devices such a sonic guns.

How does it happen?

You will invariably notice that there must be some well-coordinated agencies behind those “happenings” because of their recurrence and their articulation. “Why is it that I constantly find that unknown person staring at me when I am arriving at work?, unknown people following me around, all too visibly acting as if they were updating my location on their cell phones?”, “lights in my apartment on, again? I positively switched them off as I left!”, “… and now I find my apartment door unlocked, too? … and the keyhole misfunctioning, as well? … with a stuck key inside?”, “why are things again misplaced in my apartment?”, “why are all those baseless rumors being aired about me at work? who exactly is spreading them?” … If, say, you are an activist trying to visit a place, you may find virtually impossible to book a flight, your cell phone may not work at crucial times or while you are in the middle of an important, time-sensitive meeting for which you prepared a powerpoint presentation, devices repeatedly misfunction in awkward ways or crash without apparent rhyme or reason; so, your audience and supervisors start wondering “what is wrong with -you-” … As the “invisible gorilla” and other consciousness studies show, attention is a very expensive currency, so they profusely go out of their way in order to make you pay attention to their nonsense. It is not like you tell a friend about some news you read on the guardian questioning Trump’s decision to send “his Armada” to the Korean peninsula and then you read those sames news scrolling on a video panel as you walk by, but like seeing pictures of yourself and Dennis Rodman flanking Kim Jong-Un all of you in a smiling victory fingers pose plastered on your front door or your desk at work (during a period of time they know you will be absent from your desk for some time, as to maximize the number of people who see it), on people’s T-shirts or signs being held by strangers, like a mother pushing her baby on a stroller and still managing to hold that sign … “OK, that is definitely delivered!” If those incidents were random, they would be affecting most people in a very dysfunctional society in which business could not possibly prosper. System theoretic studies have shown that just by incapacitating a functioning entity of some of its parts, you rock its synergistic stability, severely mess with it, bring it to a halt, destroy it[*].

What are DEWs?

Directed-Energy Weapons don’t use massive projectiles as carrier of their destructive payload, even though modulation serves the same purpose. In the same way that light goes through an air-tight closed, transparent bottle; irradiated EM waves (invisible light in another range of the EM spectrum) penetrate walls. They can be used without the target seeing or hearing anything at all, through walls and with much higher target focusing over large ranges, since air pressure and turbulence, humidity and gravity don’t affect their aim. However, there is nothing “direct” about them, since you can’t transmit energy without a medium and you must directly aim it at your target As in the case of light, if reflected, the radiation’s intensity will be reduced. Regarding their detrimental effect on our biological organs, they could be generally classified as:

  • Electro-magnetic (EM) radiation: from which, as they affect our biological life, there are two types:
    • relatively less harming non-ionizing (used in commercial gadgets such as cell phones and EM wireless communication among computers); and
    • the very harming ionizing radiation, strong enough to cause bio-chemical reactions in the cells of our body’s organs, starting on the ultraviolet range of the spectrum towards higher energies (shorter ware lengths), essentially, photo electricity reactions are induced in the molecules making up our cells.
      Gamma radiation
      , (γ), is highly penetrating, ionizing and biologically hazardous EM radiation of the kind arising from lightning strikes and the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei, consisting of photons in the highest observed range of energy (highest frequency).

  • Newton’s light refraction experiment shows that white light contains EM waves of various frequencies which visible range shows naturally in rainbows or using prisms. LASER is a form of coherent (with a very narrow spectrum) EM radiation with all its safety concerns and potentially dangerous effects. LASERs can cut through a razor blade from a distance.
  • sound amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (SASER) is a form of stimulated emission of acoustic radiation similar to LASER
  • particles radiation: (with mass used as projectiles) such as:
    • beta rays: are a type of ionizing radiation of high-energy, high-speed electrons (β) or positrons (β+) emitted in the radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus;
    • alpha particles (α) doubly ionized Helium nuclei with a +2 charge (missing its two electrons): are the product of a nuclear reaction called alpha decay. Biological exposure to alpha particles cause far more dangerous biological damage, than an equivalent exposure to beta or gamma rays[4]
  • sonic (guns): During the early 1940s Axis engineers developed a sonic cannon that could cause fatal vibrations in its target body by focusing in the inner vibrating frequency of the middle ear bones and shaking the cochlear fluid within the inner ear, which cause vertigo and nausea in the target. The effect of the kinds of sonic guns used for VoG and V2K, even commercially nowadays, to induce “voices” around you, which you may find spooky and counter productive, is mostly psychological, not somatic.[][]

The effect of such radiation and sonic technologies is way more harmful than the relatively benign momentary local effects of electro-muscular incapacitation of commercial tasers and those used by police. You may get as symptoms headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, buzzing and ringing in your ears, pain in joints, muscle spams, abdominal pain, skin rashes, eye irritation, facial swelling, difficulty breathing, convulsions, irregular heart beat, sexual stimulation, balance problems and erratically jerked limbs. With such weapons, they can:

  • literally cook parts and organs of your body (as microwave appliances do) from a distance by aiming such devices at you and using the intrinsic resonance frequency every physical body with a certain shape and structurally occupying space has;
  • chemically alter the internal molecular bonds, the natural metabolism of the cells in your body which ultimately leads to cellular death, mutations and epigenetic influences which may induce or provoke pathologies and harm to parts of your or your progeny’s body, including irreversible ones such as cancer; compromise your immune system and/or disturb the natural cell processes herewith accelerating aging;
  • disrupt the electro-chemical synaptic processes of your nervous system, causing your mind to momentarily freeze, get tired without or with very little exertion and/or diminish or alter your cognitive capacity and functions, which could be fatally hazardous during attention demanding exercises;
  • make your limbs jerk uncontrollably (as Galvani discovered by chance), which may be very dangerous while driving
  • use modulating frequencies of non-aural sounds in the infra- and ultrasound range to induce Micro-wave auditory effects (V2K, VoG);
  • jam and/or short circuit your electronic devices;
  • mess with your home’s or car’s electrical/electronic circuitry and appliances (for instance, your electrical outlets and relays) to start a seemingly “no-foul-play” fire

Double Nobel Prize winning Physicist and Chemist Marie Curie who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity and helped set up radiology centers to treat the wounded during WWI, died from aplastic anemia believed to have been contracted from her long-term exposure to radiation, at a time when we still didn’t understand its biologically hazardous influences. East German writer, singer and social justice activist Jürgen Fuchs died at 48 from an extremely rare type of blood cancer apparently caused by exposure to radioactive radiation, reported about in his stasi dossier [ 06_DDR_Der_Schriftsteller_Jürgen_Fuchs_als_Staatsfeind.html]. In another case, Scotland Yard came to the conclusion that the Russian secret police was involved in the murder by radioactive poisoning of former agent Alexander Litvinenko. The use of such military-grade technologies by police departments on civilians in the U.S., as it happened with the open persecution of journalists and whistleblowers, proliferated during the Obama administration.[AP guy][][]

How can I know for sure from where I am being irradiated?

Electromagnetic waves are irradiated in forms of lobes which may be directionally beamed at people. Yet, as you hear some sound louder the closer you are to its source, the scalar intensity of the radiation diminishes with distance in an inverse square dependency from the distance to the source. In equally space rooms, a spheric radiation frontal wave will diminish in the form: (1/2) in next room, (1/4) in the following one, (1/8) … This way you can easily triangulate from where you are being irradiated. Notice that all walls in buildings are not made out of the same material (so their shielding properties may vary), nor do they have the same thickness and density; yet, finding at least two directions describing a maximally decreasing radiation intensity (which you should confirm with more directions) will give you the source of the radiation, that is, where the DEW is located; namely, where the lines meet.

How do they see us through walls?

Life is biologically sustained through our cells’ metabolism. Our bodies are like walking furnaces, which thermal emanations can be detected like any other type of radiation. This is how infrared, thermal radiation is detected even through walls, since non-insulating walls conduct heat. They are able to detect a contour and thermal gradient emanating from the different parts of your body. In fact, USG perpetrators killing people using drones have related how they watch as people die by noticing the differences in the diminishing amount of heat their body generates from far-away satellites and drones with infrared sensors.[] At airports, they used both kinds of detectors: the ones using the electromagnetic principle of induction for metallic objects and thermal detectors for non-metallic objects possibly concealed in our bodies, which are noticed through the irregular thermal gradient due to their blockage of thermal transmission.


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