„Angelika, Angelika vom Fernsehen in der DDR …“

There is this amazing lady that goes by “Benito Mussolini” comme nom de plume (et/ou de guerre) at TheIntercept, an online journalistic venue started 2013 by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill, which went really fast from a very promising, almost Messianically appealing oasis of hope in the oceanic miasma of sh!t of Western MSM; to some piece of sh!t, “visually appealing” thing selling (or “syndicating”) their users’ comments to 3rd parties (exactly the kind of sh!t that they were vehemently criticizing!). Very rarely their articles are worth reading, but I have to admit that I go to that place just to check out what “il Duce” has to say about whatever:


Benito Mussolini: June 25 2017, 4:28 p.m.
Many of the things Mr. Nader says are obvious…for which I have to give him credit; there are very few US politicians who are capable of seeing the obvious and an even smaller number who are capable of stating the obvious. The Democratic Party, however, doesn’t actually need Mr. Nader’s advice. Once they sort out the problem of Russian interference in US elections, all their other problems will go away.

Those “Russian interfering with the political establishment in the U.S.” issues to me are just more preposterously nonsensical b#llsh!t courtesy of “our duly elected representatives” and policing agencies. Why is it so hard for “freedom-lovers” to get it over their minds? Why is it so hard to get just a little tiny bit of your own medicine? (Never mind it was just placebo!) For Christ’s sake! This is what USG has been doing with every single government in the world ever since! It would be like a teen gossiping about everybody, their families and pets in high school and then needing “professional help” when just the illusion of some people gossiping about her crosses her mind! It all has become so absurd and been out of control for so long, that it has paralyzed politics and in all societal sense making in the U.S. It reminds me of some other whole political establishment/police absurdity that I found hilarious.

There was a TV anchor with a pretty face, stunning brown eyes and nice Stimme, prosody, mannerism, whose name was Angelika Unterlauf (married as Böhme) to whom a journo from the other “bad” side dedicated what was rendered as a love song („Angelika vom Fernsehen in der DDR“ (“Angelika, the TV anchor from East Germany”)):

// __ Angelika, Angelika vom Fernsehen in..

but it was very obviously satire. Here is the outline of the song’s lyrics:


Siebzehn Uhr im Ostkanal,
dunkle Augen seh’n mich an.
Was du sagst, das klingt banal,
aber darauf kommt’s nicht an.

Gerne würde ich dich fragen
ob ich dich mal treffen kann.
Ich möchte dir was nettes sagen,
einfach so – dann und wann.

Könnt‘ ich nur beiseite schieben
was uns auseinander hält,
Ich bin hier und du da drüben,
wie lebst du in deiner Welt?

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Fährst du Wartburg oder Mazda?
Träumst du von einem Wasserbett?
Hast du eine Sommerdatsche
und vielleicht ein Segelbrett?

Magst du Krim-Sekt und Machorka
oder Coke und Chersterfield?
Möchtest du mal nach Mallorca?
Bist du zärtlich oder wild?

Liebst du Rosen, trinkst du Wein
und trägst du gerne echte Jeans?
Hörst du manchmal ganz allein
im RIAS Rock’n‘Roll und Evergreens?

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Was sagt deine Kaderakte?
Warst du in der FDJ?
Hast du heimlich Westkontakte?
Fliegst du oft mit der Aeroflot?

Machen Plaste und Elaste
euch das Leben wirklich leicht?
Und hast du in deiner Kaste
mehr als andere erreicht?

Weinst du machmal und verzagst?
Suchst du Trost und findest keinen?
Glaubst du, wenn du „Freiheit“ sagst,
dass wir dann dasselbe meinen?

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Angelika, Angelika,
vom Fernseh’n in der DDR.
Du erscheinst zum Greifen nah
und doch bist du so fern.

Angelika …

Seventeen o’clock in East Germany’s TV,
her brown eyes look at me.
What she says sounds banal,
yet, that hardly matters.

I would gladly ask her out
for a date if we could meet.
I would love to say to her something nice,
just so, now and then.

If we could only push aside
what separates us.
I’m here and she over there (yet, I wonder)
how is her life in your world?

Angelika, Angelika, …
that TV anchor from the GDR.
You feel close enough to touch you
and yet you are so far away.

Angelika …

Do you drive Wartburg or Mazda?
Do you dream of a waterbed?
Do you have a summer dacha?
And perhaps a sailing boat?

Do you like KrimSekt und Machorka
Or Coke and Chersterfield?
Would you like to go to Mallorca (Spain)?
Are you tender or are you wild?

Do you love roses? Do you prefer wine?
Do you like to wear “real brand” jeans?
Do you sometimes listen by yourself
Rock’n’Roll and Evergreens from RIAS channel?

Angelika, Angelika, …
that TV anchor from the GDR.
You feel close enough to touch you
and yet you are so far away.

Angelika …

What does your dossier say about you?
Were you in the FDJ?
Do you have secret West contacts?
Do you often fly with the Aeroflot?

Being so plastic and elastic truly makes
your life over there so easy?
have you made it in your caste?
Are you truly better off than others?

Do you at times cry and have your fears?
Do you seek trust and find none?
When you say “freedom”,
do you think of the same we mean?

Angelika, Angelika, …
that TV anchor from the GDR.
You feel close enough to touch you
and yet you are so far away.

Angelika …

basically the guy is wondering who she is (pretending to be curiously in love ;-)) telling her that the banal b#llsh!t she talks about doesn’t really matter because he is seized by her beautiful eyes …, which did not only infuriate her to no end and created big problems in her career and life, but made East Germany’s political establishment and police (the stasi) so upset that a whole operation was launched („Operation Fernsehen“). They even tried to get the guy to come over, to mess with, imprison, kill him!?! Yes, the stasi was like that!

// __ Fernseh Geschichte: Operation Fernsehen Stasi in Adlershof ARD Doku 06 10 2004

That song was way more than just satirical love song dedicated to a good looking TV anchor, it was an actual Anthropology making fun of a people at large and „darüberhinausgehend“ (how on earth can you say such an adverb in English!?!) as part of his itemization he makes fun of himself (the guy, Lonnie (eigentlich Klaus Heilbronner), works for RIAS: Rundfunk im amerikanischen Sektor, after all, and you can’t get any more brain f#cked than that!). He wonders what Angelika could possibly mean when she talks about „Freiheit“ and at the very least he intersubjectively “explains” with some poetic license what it means to him, namely:

  • the kind of car you drive
  • dreaming about water beds
  • drinking Coke
  • smoking Chersterfield
  • spending your money and time as a tourist in Mallorca (Spain)
  • owning a summer dacha
  • owning a sailing boat
  • wearing “real brand” jeans

Journo Christian Gödecke wrote a nice piece about that incident

// __ “Aktuelle Kamera” Sendeschluss für die SED


Sie wurde verspottet als “Trompete der Partei” und ignoriert von den DDR-Zuschauern: Am 14. Dezember 1990 lief die letzte Ausgabe der “Aktuellen Kamera”. Es war das Ende einer Sendung, die sich während der Wende selbst revolutioniert hatte, mit ausgewogenen Berichten glänzte – und Einschaltquoten in schwindelerregender Höhe.
Von Christian Gödecke
1976 in Berlin geboren. Geschichts- und Politikstudium an der Humboldt-Universität. 2003 bis 2004 Ausbildung zum Redakteur an der Berliner Journalistenschule. Stationen u.a. “Berliner Zeitung”, “Deutsche Welle”, “DSF” und “Tagesspiegel”. Seit September 2004 Redakteur bei SPIEGEL ONLINE im Ressort Sport. Seit April 2010 stellvertretender Ressortleiter bei einestages. Seit Januar 2013 Ressortleiter Sport. Seit April 2017 Projektleiter.
E-Mail: Christian.Goedecke@spiegel.de
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@goedcorner
google+: https://plus.google.com/105952528176251701279/posts
Mehr Artikel von Christian Gödecke: http://www.spiegel.de/impressum/autor-1898.html

I don’t remember right now who was the philosopher who said that nations tend to get sick in similar ways as people do (Foucault?). One clear sign of mental illness, emotional immaturity (psychologists say) is that mentally ill individuals (especially violent onces) have no sense of humor. It seems that may happen to nations, as well. Has the Western media taken a vacation from the impeach Trump drive? For how long will “We the people” keep gradually losing our wits?

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