no niggah, no …

Lately, after the global TI survey, we have been noticing peculiar changes in perps’ skits and clowning operations. In my case, they seem to not only be reinforcing their regular sleep deprivation b#llsh!t and doubling their efforts to drive me into homelessness, but their clowning operations have become more stupid (in case you thought that to be impossible).

There are two books about the stasi:

* Stasi konkret: Überwachung und Repression in der DDR/Kowalczuk, Ilko-Sascha

* Volkes Stimmen: »Ehrlich, aber deutlich« – Privatbriefe an die DDR-Regierung/Suckut, Siegfried

which I bought from March 8th and 9th in order to extract citations out of them for what I believe will become our wikipedia page. Since they would not ship directly to the U.S., a friend had to then mail them to me using die Deutsche Post/their local DHL connection. I need them to make a factual and falsifiable comparison between the East German stasi and the “freedom-loving” gringo one. Books shipment did “get lost”.

I do at times indulge in binge eating. I call it my “little boy in Havana” things. I like to eat the closest thing to guava paste you can find in NYC, so they hide it when I get to the store. Manager comes, looks for it and with a visible strange face finds it hidden in a relatively sophisticated way, apparently wondering who was hiding products to be sold at his store. I try hard to keep a silly, candid face throughout the operation even though I invariably notice their “scare crows” standing by.

They also know I live trying to squeeze a minute from here and there and they know how do I organize my life around what I am working on. As a way to save some time I (and a little money) they know I will go to a supermarket to get some ready made food after they mark it down for the end of the day. There was no food whatsoever on that stand or their deli, yet, their “scare crow” was again standing by, cell phone in hand making himself noticeable, making sure I do notice that just didn’t happen by chance that I wasn’t just “unlucky”.

But you know what? Maybe they are right. Maybe I shouldn’t be binge eating even if minimally after all! But, do they really believe that they will attain anything by not letting me eat guava paste? orders:

Schein der Deutschen Post:

Deutsche Post/DHL Nachforschungsauftrag:


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