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How can they “monitor” people so thoroughly?

Networked electronic devices have become indispensable parts of people’s daily lives and as part of their very functionality, they must continually and automatically record, track and share data; serving as portable, greatly enhancedOrwellian two-way telescreens. Cell phones record and leave a timed trail of your whereabouts, all your communications, your contacts and how you manage your illusions about privacy; as well as your business and personal plans; and all cars built after the late 1980’s are basically computers on wheels.[*][*][*] Reporting on leaks about the ~*FBI operating manual*~ (for domestic operations),Glenn Greenwaldtells us how they:

… peer through the walls of private homes;and more. The FBI offered various justifications of these tactics to our reporters. But the documents and our reporting on them ultimately reveal a bureaucracy in dire need of greater transparency and accountability.[*]

Policing agencies maintain thorough 3D models of all public spaces and indoors of buildings of whole cities and the private homes of individuals they target. They can literally follow your every move as part of a 3D model of yourself in your environment while inside your home, by using the cameras, microphones and othersensorsin your “smart” phones, TVs and computers; and those implanted in seemingly innocuous home appliances, its surroundings and in your neighbors’ (most of which may be willing and to a large extent knowingly collaborating and remunerated parties, but some may not necessarily be aware of it).[*][*] By predictively tracking and correlating every possible data stream pertaining to you; from your daily routines as described by your every bodily postures in your functional environment and electronic copies of your grocery receipt to all the information you have ever posted about yourself on “social networking” sites, especially, future dates and places you mention; they automatically maintain astate-machine-likeAIDoppelgängerof yourself, which let them predictively know, e.g., when you are getting ready to leave your home even if you are not living on a fixed schedule.

While outdoors, even if you are not carrying any networked electronic devices (including seemingly innocuous ones such as yourRFID-chipped bank cards andkey tabs), they use:

  • bugsthey place in your personal objects (clothing, shoes, suitcases, eye glasses);
  • chipsthey non-consensually implant in your body (as you do to your pet and they consensually do to military personnel)[*]. Companies have started to “offer” to their employers to be chipped as a “convinient option”. We all know how it will evolve from there[*];
  • microscopic EM and/or radioactive microparticlesnon-consensually dusted over you which serve as location bearing beacons;
  • modern public and privatestreet cameras, which are all syndicated and use software to track you around, monitoring your gait, facial expressions and can evenlip readwhat you are saying automatically and real time;
  • actual snitches and perpscloakingout of places tofield(they are told you will be passing by), watch and follow you around, while coordinating their harassment using their cell phones through thefusion centermobile apps they use.

Notice that, since those devices must have some metallic components, the first three techniques you can easily and cheaply check on your own through the physical principle ofEM inductanceand, as miniaturized as they may be, they can be easily seen with amagnifying glassor a school labmicroscope. Peculiar incidents would also give you head ups about their actions. You buy a pair of tennis shoes on ebay, but the ones you get are different. Seller doesn’t understand what you are talking about, wondering if you are suffering some form ofDaltonism, since she posted pictures from various angles clearly showing brand and make. All your mail is routed through theirblack chamberswhere they may “get lost”, be delayed, altered and/or bugged. Even while buying a book (which entire text and comments about they keep in corpora and associate with its readers) they may use it as avectorto induce eye infections.

How can they see and track us so accurately through walls?

Like any other physical object we partially bounce back radiation ~*impinging on*~ our bodies (this is how we visually see) and mammalian life is biologically sustained through our cells’ metabolism. Our bodies are like walking furnaces. Unless you are surrounded bythermally insulatingwalls, ceilings and floors (for which you can use wood and Styrofoam) and/or protected bythermal camouflage(slightly heated metal sheets on the walls, possibly doubling as aFaraday cageprotecting you fromEM radiation), our bodies’ 3D location and positions in your functional spaces, as well as thermal emanations can be detected and continuously recorded usingsensorsbased onradarandthermal imagingtechnologies even during our sleep in a pitch dark room so accurately, that they can track and synchronize sonic guns’ pulses to your breathing and heart beat, as well as aimDEWs at specific parts of your and/or your pets’ bodies while indoors. By exploiting common household devices as radar sensors and concealing other ones in your walls, and using algorithms based on theDoppler effectthey can accurately detect moving objects in a room through walls[*]. They are also able to detect a contour and thermal gradient emanating from the different parts of your body and even though they may not be able to clearly discern individuals, by timely tracking each person’s height, characteristic gait and gesturing, as well as the functional interactions among persons and of each person with its surroundings and objects in it (from which they keep a 3D representation); they can easily associate individuals with their contour and thermal gradient.[*: ]Brandon Bryant, who was awarded a certificate by the U.S. government for killing 16,026 people, based on “signature strikes” (determined by greatly assuming algorithmic estimations, very compromised personal interpretations discussed over chat applications by a web of command; the whole process beingcritically supported by the German government) related to us how while “flying” anywhere from 8,000 to 25,000 feet from inside an air-conditioned 8×20 feet trailer on the other side of the globe, he watched:

“the targets drink tea with friends, play with their children, have sex with their wives on rooftops, writhing under blankets. There were soccer matches, and weddings, too … once a man walk out into a field and take a crap, which glowed white in infrared”[*]

and how, as part of monitoring if any other people came near the area in order to possibly launch “double-tap strikes“, he watched bleed out extra-judicially murdered U.S. citizen (Anwar al-Awlaki), knowing for sure he was dead when his body became cold. Yet, they could not tell apart dogs from children which to them didn’t matter much anyway, since anyone they kill is an enemy combatant and anything they destroy is for good “freedom-loving” reasons anyway.[*][*]

What is it with all that new-agey, Star-Wars-like terminology such asV2K,VoG,RNM,EMPDEWs…?

All their actions are framed and their terminology worded as to make you seem “crazy”, “mentally unstable” if you talk about such matters with health care professionals, first responders, family or friends. In fact, an aspect clearly hinting towards the participation of psychologists and psychiatrists in suchhuman rights abusesandtortureis how well they frame their harassment to the prescriptiveDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, so that your reactions and narratives could be symptomatically aligned with such diagnoses, herewith you would be casting onto yourself the social stigma upon individuals associated with such disorders of the mind, which serves another of their purposes: socially isolating you.[*][*] You only need to report having suffered for weeks two positive symptoms such asdelusionsorhallucinationsin order to be diagnosed as aschizophrenic. Delusions could be ofcontrol(“your mind is being controlled by something/someone else”), ofpersecution(“strangers are following you around”), ofreference(“news and messages on TV are about, directed at you”) or ofgrandeur(“‘God’ has chosen you to …”). Hallucinations could beauditory(“hearing mostly commanding and mocking voices, sounds and noises no one else around hears and can’t be factually detected”) orvisual(“images only you can see”).[*][*][*] Even though every single one of those and other symptoms relating toparanoia(“you sense you are being watched even while inside your home”) andpsychotic disorderscan be very easily induced by fake happenings using technology, reports by TIs have been always outrightly dismissed as “insane”.[*] For two decades TIs have been reporting “hearing” not just the typically brief, tiringly repetitive, nightmarishly sounding phrases coming from “voices”, with more of a mental flair than a sounding, perceptual presence to them that schizophrenics report, but, initially, after clearly hearing their names very clearly out of the blue without anyone around them and disconcerting textbook messages such as “this is not about you”, full blown conversations with semantic depth, sense of humor and natural prosody (yet, with some oddness thrown in from the start, such as a thick foreign accent) engaging them conversationally with themes relating to their current and past private lives, which may have been long forgotten by TIs themselves. Some TIs have experienced some of those “conversations” with such “voices”, which either introduce themselves by some name or were given names by TIs, to have been even “helpful”; yet, they ultimately downgrade into a crippled, synthetic, computer-generated, more schizophrenically patterned guise. Some TIs seem to wholeheartedly believe such voices to be “reading their minds”, because, at times, TIs claim, those “voices” have actually reminded them of actions they had forgotten or they are about to do, for which they are missing something. As it turned out, such “voicing” technologies actually existed and are being used today for creepy commercial forms of harassment[*][*][*]. Even during the previous analog era it was technically possible to hijack someone’s TV set simply by parking a van in its proximity from which it could be influenced electromagnetically. Today all perps need is their target’s IP address to display whatever on networked TV sets.[*]. The government has been granting tax payers’ monies to social institutions, public agencies (includingfirst responders), private business and associated individuals, to socially harass people they choose for targeting while in public spaces, calledgang stalking(not because street gangs are the main participants)[Gavin video]; and, even on a county level, perps have received military-grade technologies enabling them to see people while in their homes through the walls and induce acoustical sounds as if they were happening “inside their heads”.[*]

Experienced health care professionals dealing with diseases of the brain and psychological imbalances of the mind, should be able to easily tell apart mentally ill people from otherwise socially and professionally functioning individuals with no previous family history of any kind of mental issues, many of whom, all of a sudden, past their 50s, start “hearing voices”, noticing people following them around for no apparent reason and saying that “their minds is being read”. Professionals claiming any kind of objectivity to their trade would wonder why is it that so many people in the U.S., European, “first world” countries have been relating very specific complaints that are not even cultural memes in societies ruled by very violent and overt police states. Could it possibly be that the neurobiology of people living in “freedom loving” countries has drastically changed within a generation? Are we talking here about the first generation of “The New Man“? As researched by theIgarapé Institute, 43 of the 50 most murderous cities in the world last year, and eight of the top ten countries, are in Latin America and the Caribbean, region which also sport the most brutal police.[*][*] However, online searches (done on July 2nd, 2017) for “government ‘[reading|controlling] your mind'” and related phrases both in Spanish and Portuguese show that:

  • google would return from zero comma nada to very few results
  • the returned hits were mostly not worded in colloquial form
  • the grammar of the returned hits were mostly in the infinitive forms, mostly referring to translations from foreign languages
  • right on the first search page most links refer to pages in other languages.

Even media companies and social justice pundits (who are very much against corruption and violence) confused and visibly shocked, demanded an explanation from the highest authorities, when they learned that notorious savage murdererchapo Guzmánwas being tortured/sleep deprived by the Mexican government, which made clear that USG was behind that. Very quickly after that chapo Guzmán found board and shelter in a NYC high sec prison even thoughextraditions are not in the books when it comes to Mexicoand you may find the most preposterous stories about criminal escaping justice by simply crossing the border either way. They said: “chapo Guzmán asked to be extradited”.[*]

V2K(VoiceTosKull) andVoG(VoiceofGod) are two “voicing” technologies used by the military for consciousness disestablizing purposes during combat and in “persuasive” ways as part of their “mind control” harassment. AuthorRobert Duncanhas suggested VoG to be a form of commanding, domineering V2K being used in order to drive people into committing suicide.[*] Those technologies are also used by the government against unsuspecting, law-abiding civilians for experimental, training and harassing purposes.RNMstands forremoteneuralmonitoring: a very incapacitating illusion attackers try to foster in their victims, making them believe “the government is ‘reading’, ‘writing thoughts and feelings into’, ‘downloading/uploading dreams into’ and ‘hijacking’ their minds” … [*][*][*][*]X-raysis a type of emitting, invasive and potentially biologically hazardous technology.Infraredis passive, receiving and harmless since it just captures out own body heat. So, most probably people say “x-ray infrared” in a metaphoric sense, meaning that you can see through things and/or the gradient patterns look like thermal ones. EMPsshould refer toweaponizedEM devices usingelectromagneticpulsesandDEWs areDirected-EnergyWeapons.

Can they really “read your mind” remotely from satellites and cell towers as they do with cell phones?

Galvani’s discovery of theelectrical reactivity of the deafferented legs of frogs, Penfield probing of the brains of his surgical patients[*] andJosé Delgado’sbull experiments[*] (which got him hired by the CIA) culminating with his offensively dehumanizing book titled“Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilized Society“, have been very misleadingly interpreted by our highly suggestive, compulsively associating minds as implying that our brains are like a book, which opened to a certain page, paragraphs can be “read”, “written to”, or “pages can be inserted and ripped off”; consequently, “your own mind could be corrupted”, your self compromised, “your body’s motor and mental functions can be remotely ‘hijacked’, as it is done to cars and all kinds of networked computerized equipment”.[*][*][*]. Yet, Penfield never claimed to have been able to tell the lyrics of the songs induced in his patients’ minds as areas of their brains relating to acoustic perception were being mildly probed. Were they listening toCold Play’s “Clocks”or “super cali fragilistic expialidocious“?; and, most importantly, no neurobiologist has ever claimed to be able to have access in any way to an individual’s ownqualia. Yes, anyone could read whichever book and think about whatever, but, if you are reading off of a computer screen, don’t cover your device’s internal camera and possibly remove wireless networking capabilities and physically unplug yourCAT5cable, at the most, they would only be able to monitor:

  • pretty accurately the paragraph you are reading, depending on your device’s screen size;
  • what is causing more reflection, attentional investment on your part by:
  • your heart beat and/or breathing rhythm[*];
  • the facialemotionsandgesturesyou may make as you read a section[*];

all of which they would do automatically, non-consensually or under their own “interpretations” of “implied consent”, but how do you feel about the specific section in it and what does it all mean to you given the circumstances you are going through and the beliefs you had held? In fact, the fringe consciousness experiences of expert practitioners of what are considered to be eminently “abstract” scientific disciplines such as pure Mathematics and Logic vary wildly with no apparent rhyme or reason whatsoever among subject matter experts.[Haddamard] Bashingly atheistG. H. Hardywould get exasperating qualms when his colleagueRamanujanwould say to him that: “he listened to the voice of God while doing Math”.[Ramanujan book] However, many TIs, as well as apparently well-informed, technically savvy authors and funded current researchers believe that to be possible based on unproved associations, very contrived experiments and suspecting “possible” use of classified, secret technologies. [Robert Duncan book 1] [Robert Duncan book 2] [*] [my link] Some even talk about what they call “trans-cranial stimulation” andgoogleshamelessly advertises new, “cool” technologies being able to type for users by “reading their mind”[*][*]. In fact, the one million USDs awarded by theRandi Prize, to anyone proving any kind of paranormal phenomena, including “Remote Neural Monitoring” (RNM), went unclaimed from 1964 to 2015 and the challenge had to be terminated because the continuous flood of physically unreproducible/unprovable, logically unsustainable and downright ~**~ narratives would not cease.DARPAhas been using tax payers’ contributions to fund “research” on “mind control” related topics since the 1970’s. [2][3]Brain–computer interfaceresearchers claim that they can determined with 100% accuracy “common spatial patterns” using 27 electrodes overlaying thesensorimotor cortex.[69] What they don’t seem to realized is that they may beclever hansingthemselves with their own experiments. Could they be simply detecting how we functionally extend our own limbs to make us of such objects which is determined genetically? The project “Silent Talk” aims to detect and analyze the word-specific neural signals, usingEEG, which occur prior to speech vocalizations, and to see if the patterns are generalizable.[71] Yet, sanely considering that there is a clear difference between factual reality and “make believe” manipulations, “reading minds” (as you can read books) is factually impossible due to very fundamental reasons:

  • as settled by the “sparkers vs. soupers” controversy throughOtto Loewi experiment, the close-range, very low powered reactions in thesynaptic cleftsof our nervous system are electro-chemicalin nature;
  • not encoded after some sort of mutually agreed upon protocol in any way[*] (our semiosis essentially are introspectively intersubjective);
  • perception is not a passive mapping mechanism (the brain doesn’t recreate a 3D model of what you are seeing, but more of a scanning, attention driven one)[*][*];
  • fringe consciousness reactions and sensations such asqualiaaccompany every perceptual experience
  • our brains/nervous systems are not through and through chemo-mechanical organs, as, our lungs and hearts (the contrary amounts to absurdly implying that people couldn’t learn, speak different languages even multilingually); and
  • themind-body link(which must be bridged in order to effectively “read minds”) has evaded scientific elucidation ever since.

AsDescartes conjectured, the mind-body duality may not even have an entirely physiological nature (which might explain why such types of elucidations haven’t been successful). Indeed, our minds seem to have an impenetrable firewall![*]. The unavoidably “arbitrary duality” (asde Saussureput it) intrinsic in the tokens we use as currency in our semiosis, is reflected in our minds making the functional mapping from neural correlates to specific semantically and pragmatically meaningful assertions essentially unreliable. Such a notorious MKUltra enthusiast asRichard Helmswasn’t happy at all about the results of mind-control experiments.[*] Nonetheless, as part of their abusive mind control goals, after depriving their victims of all forms of privacy, perpetrators are able to psychologically warp individuals to an extent that at times some of them have wholeheartedly believed that “their minds have been hijacked”. Some of those individuals in desperation after years of relentless abuse have committed suicide[*] and/or gone into homicidal rampages.[*][*][*][*]

What is the fuss about smart meters, “smart” this and “smart” that?

In less than a generation, we became a people almost fully dependent on our “smart” technical gadgets. We have “smart”phones,cars,watches,homes, … , wireless-enabled smarttoilets, and electrical usagemeterscalling home” utility companies twice a minute in order to send detailed electrical usage patterns of all devices being powered off of the electrical grid, which they see as an invasion of one’s right to privacy. Ironically, they are even using “smart”bulbsto spy on people. However, most people don’t seem to realize that the government may be into something while considering to be “antiquated sophistications” such expectations as “rights to privacy” and “being secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects … against unreasonable searches and seizures”, which date from the the 1780’s and is rooted in English legal doctrines dating back to the 1600s. Times in which “We the people” lived by sun rise and set using the church bell as collective clock, didn’t have a clue as to howheredityhappens, understood the scriptures literally, had to eat fresh food for we didn’t have refrigerators and used electricity and magnetism for prank shows without suspecting that they were the same thing determining lightning, the orientation of the compass, light and color and that one day we would be using electro-magnetism to instantly talk to one another regardless of how far away we may be (quite a prank show!), as well as the basis to runpolice states.

Many of those same individuals don’t seem to have a problem with either carrying around and using their “smart” phones or drivingcomputers on wheels[computers on wheels][computers on wheels][computers on wheels] People have also complained about thoseEM pulse signalsin their own homes and their neighbors’ interfering with their wireless devices and making them sick.[EM pulse signals making them sick] Those promoting the “smartization” of society as the new normal only see the supposedly beneficial and business profitable aspects of it, at times in extremely narrow ways.[selling coconuts TED talk]. Some school reformers have gone as far as proposing to drop from school curricula the teaching and learning of hand writing skills, which is neurobiologically detrimental.[*]Fine dexterityis an excellent exercise for our brains, in addition to giving us an easy independence from our many EM gadgets. Any true and experienced teacher would question the idea of kids becoming smarter just because they are being taught with“smart” boardsor they use computers to learn. In fact, independently reading off of, and taking their own notes on paper as a private memory aid virtually impossible to track on a societal scale, would give students more of the introspective peace and privacy of thought process they need as part of sustaining, entertaining with, evaluating and semantically enriching a particular idea for long periods of time and enable them to gain direct access to vast treasure troves of information that may not be in electronic form.[kid ranting about libraries]

What are DEWs?

As can be deduced from the solution toMaxwell Equationsgiven concrete boundary conditions,EM wavesare irradiated in forms of lobes which may be directionally beamed. This is the basic physical principle explaining howDirected-EnergyWeapons work. They don’t use massive projectiles as carriers of their destructive payload, even thoughmodulationserves the same purpose. In the same way that light goes through an air-tight closed, transparent bottle, as it happens while you use your cell phone; radiation (invisible “light” waves in another range of theEM spectrum) inobstructively penetrate and pass through walls. DEWs are used without the target seeing or hearing anything at all because they are off the humanvisualandauditoryperceptual range (you will definitely noticetheir many effects). They may be directed towards targets with microscopic focusing over large ranges, since air pressure and turbulence, humidity and gravity don’t affect their aim. You must aim DEWs directly at your target (targets have moved their limbs or put their hand in the way in order to rule out neurobiological sensations and they are able to notice the sensation in their intercepting hand). As in the case of light (visually perceptibleEM waves), if reflected, the radiation’s intensity will be reduced. Regarding their detrimental effect on our biological lives, radiation could be generally classified as:

  • Electro-magnetic (EM) radiationwhich may be:
    • relatively less harmingnon-ionizing(used in commercial gadgets such as cell phones and wireless communication);
    • ultraviolet radiation, which tans your skin, may become harming with enough exposure, as is the case with the even more dangerousX-rayswhich disrupt the early cell growth of fetuses in pregnant women; and
    • the very harmingionizingradiation starting on the ultraviolet range of the EM spectrum towards higher energies (shorter wave lengths), strong enough to cause bio-chemical reactions in the molecules making up the cells of our body’s organs, essentially based on thephoto electric effect.Gamma radiation, (γ), is highly penetrating, ionizing and biologically hazardous EM radiation of the kind arising from lightning strikes and the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei.

    Newton’s light refraction experimentshows that white light contains EM waves of various frequencies which visible range shows naturally in rainbows or artificially through the use of prisms.LASERis a form of very coherent (with a very narrow spectrum) EM radiation with all its safety concerns and potentially dangerous effects used in lethal military grade equipment. LASERs can cut through a razor blade from a distance with high precision.

  • particles radiation(which mass act as projectile) such as:
    • beta rays: a type of ionizing radiation of high-energy, high-speed electrons (β) or positrons (β+) emitted in the radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus; and
    • alpha particles(α) doubly ionized Helium nuclei with a +2 charge (missing its two electrons): are the product of a nuclear reaction called alpha decay. Due to is mass carrying destructive nature, biological exposure to alpha particles cause far more dangerous biological damage, than an equivalent exposure to beta or gamma rays[*: ][4]
  • sonic (guns): during the early 1940sAxisengineers developed a sonic cannon that could cause fatal vibrations in its target body by focusing in the inner vibrating frequency of the middle ear bones and shaking the cochlear fluid within theinner ear, which causevertigoandnauseain the target. The effect of the kinds of sonic guns used for VoG and V2K, even commercially nowadays, to induce “voices” around you, which you may find spooky and counter productive, is mostly a form ofpsychological harassment, not somatic torture.[*: ][*: ] Sound amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (SASER) is a form of stimulated emission of acoustic radiation similar to LASER.

DEWs may be so small that they could be easily disguised and concealed in a perps’ backpack, but their effect is way more harmful than the relatively benign momentary local effects of electro-muscular incapacitation of commercial tasers and those used by police.You may get as symptoms headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, buzzing and ringing in your ears, pain in joints, muscle spasms, abdominal pain, superficial skin rashes, eye irritation, facial swelling, difficulty breathing, convulsions, irregular heart beat, sexual stimulation, balance problems, erratically jerked limbs, total burnings of your limbs and/or pulverization of your whole body.[*] With such weapons, they can:

  • heat and burn your body from a distance and through walls, without making any noise or leaving any traces of bullets or signs of drone strikes. Mentally recreate thecollateral murdervideo, putting yourself in the shoes of those people targeted by the U.S. military, without a clue whatsoever as to from where they were being aimed at, who, why or what instantly burned them to death;
  • target particular limbs and organs of your body from a distance by using the organ’s biological pulse and intrinsic resonance frequency every physical body with a certain mass, shape and structurally occupying space has;
  • as it was clear on the onset of experimental genetics, increase the reproduction rate of their chosenmodel organism, the common fruit fly (drosophila melanogaster), by slightly heating the environment in which they lived, but those environmental influences also carriedcollateral genetic effects.[*][*], since heating by microwave radiation abnormally increase the thermal motion of water molecules in our inner cells, herewith detrimentally influencing the physiological functions of glands and tissue, which stresses your metabolism and may exacerbate and induce various kinds of diseases;
  • chemically alter the internal molecular bonds which ultimately alters the natural metabolic baseline of the cells in your body leading tocellular death,mutationsandepigenetic influencesinducing or provoking pathologies to you and your future progenies including irreversible ones (such as cancer), compromising your immune system and/or disturbing the natural cell processes herewith accelerating and/or destabilizing aging;
  • disrupt the electro-chemicalsynaptic processesof your nervous system, causing your mind to momentarily freeze, get tired without or with very little exertion and/or diminish or alter your cognitive capacity and functions, which could be fatally hazardous during attention demanding exercises;
  • as Galvani discovered by chance, make your limbs jerk uncontrollably from a distance, which may be very dangerous while driving and conducting precise bodily movements
  • use modulating frequencies of non-aural sounds in the infra- and ultrasound range to induceMicro-wave auditory effects(V2K, VoG);
  • jam and/or short circuit your electronic and computer devices; and
  • mess with your home’s or car’s electrical/electronic circuitry and appliances, such as electrical outlets and relays, to start a seemingly “no-foul-play” fires.

Double Nobel Prize winning Physicist and ChemistMarie Curiewho conducted pioneering research on radioactivity and helped set up radiology centers to treat the wounded during WWI, died fromaplastic anemiabelieved to have been contracted from her long-term exposure to radiation and DNA discovererRosalind Franklindied from breast cancer believed to have been caused by overexposure to X-rays, at a time when we still didn’t understand radiations’ biologically hazardous influences. East German writer, singer and social justice activistJürgen Fuchsdied at 48 from an extremely rare type of blood cancer apparently caused by exposure to radioactive radiation, reported about in his stasi dossier.[*][*] In another case of irreversible radiation-induced death by poisoning, Scotland Yard came to the conclusion that the Russian secret police was involved in the murder of former agentAlexander Litvinenko. The U.S. government has along history of non-consensually experimentingeven with unsuspecting children, not ever prosecuting any of the perpetrators and their masters and, when exposed, making up stories, advancing rationalizations and saying that “that won’t happen again”. As related on the bookThe plutonium files,MITwas granted research monies to inject high doses of radiation to patients and lace the food of children with radioactive substances.[*] After effects of “environmental contamination” such as higher cancer rates and birth defects after theBattle for Fallujah during the Iraq Warphysically proves the use of radiation by the U.S. military even though the cause was not stated by the researchers (the corpses of Iraqi casualties were removed by U.S. troops and have never been found by their family members). [*:] The purpose of projectMKSEARCHfrom the early 1960’s, was to:

develop, test, and evaluate capabilities in the covert use of biological, chemical, and radioactive material systems and techniques for producing predictable human behavioral and/or physiological changes[36]

The use of such military-grade technologies by police departments on civilians in the U.S., as it happened with the open persecution of journalists and whistleblowers, proliferated during the Obama administration.[*: AP guy][*: ][*: ]

What is a Faraday cage?

You certainly know whatFaraday cagesare! You have even driven through them and you could easily make and test one yourself safely and cheaply in minutes! Each time you drive through a metallic bridge and you find yourself temporarily out of reach to incoming and outgoing EM communications, it happens because you are in a Faraday cage. As you have noticed your radio receiver stops working and your cell phone’s signal power bars go to 0. However, that that doesn’t affect your car’s radio or cell phone in any way, from a purely electromagnetic point of view, your device doesn’t exist! Faraday cages don’t need to be solid metallic enclosures, nor do they need to begrounded, but the interspace of the metallic mesh must be smaller (approx. (1/3)) than the frecuency of the EM waves you are trying to block and if you need for it not to accumulate static electricity (which, as yoursparky kissesshow, even the moving friction of your clothing creates) and want to avail yourself for free of the largest and cheapest capacitor within in the solar system, you could just drive a connected conductive rod into the ground to where it starts getting moist (around 10 feet in an area with trees or as your local building code estipulates). As a way to protect themselves and their devices from transientElectromagnetic Pulsesand aCoronal Mass Ejectionfrom our sun as well as prevent leakage from their own devices (your keystrokes can be recorded), some people choose tosleep,workin faraday cages and protect themselves from attacks by wearinginternally shielded hats.

How can I know for sure from where I am being irradiated?

EM-based DEWs don’t use air as medium, but transport energy in theEM-wavesthemselves (you feel the heat of sun rays, see the sun, moon and stars). Yet, similar to sound waves, you hear them louder the closer you are to their source. The scalar intensity of EM waves increase maximally in the direction towards the source, which is used totriangulatewhere the source is; that is, from where you are being irradiated, through some rather simplemiddle school Algebra. All walls in buildings are not made out of the same material (so their shielding properties may vary), nor do they have the same thickness and density; however:

  1. finding at least twodirections describing a maximally increasing(towards the source)radiation intensityusing adirectional antenna;
  2. confirming the location of the source with other directional gaugings;
  3. which coordinates you get through thedirectional sensors of your cell phone; and
  4. using your own building layout plans and area maps (you can get from “google maps“)

will determine in a unequivocally physical way from where the radiation is emanating, that is, where theDEWis located; namely,where the lines meet. Notice that the radiation source may be mounted on a moving platform or be portable and that there may be more than one radiation source. All you need to do is repeat the procedure for the other DEWs. Such physical evidence should suffice to indict “following orders” perps and their collaborators as well as their masters. Do not expect any help from the police, in fact, they will most probably protect perps and fine you.[*: ] Make sure the address and neighborhood (and landlord if you rent an apartment in a building) of the targeted home rigged as a “no-touch-torture” dungeon is well known to prospective buyers, tenants and “whomever it may concern”, including the media and real estate agents in the area.

Do not seek verbal back and forths with perps themselves. Handlers did pit unsuspecting people against one another duringCOINTELPROtimes. DEWs may have been set up in their property or seemingly innocuous devices in their homes may have been exchanged or altered without their consent and full awareness. Let them clarify matters in court, which may make things more interesting. You may also sue the enabling parties from the government providing perpetrators with such devices, training and remunerating them.[*] As you go about your own investigation, you should clearly document with plain procedural videos and take plenty of pictures including visible numbers about the data you are obtaining and the instruments you are using. You may not even need an antenna to notice they are using DEWs, since just placing your hand in the way will let you perceive their effect, but in a court of law word of mouth will carry way less weight than physically demonstrable evidence. Learning how to detect and go about documenting such abuses by yourself will be better than using the service of technicians (some of which are perps themselves) because the government has real time access to all monitoring and actionable functionalities in your home after turning it into a dungeon and will turn off their harassment when the technician arrives.


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