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What “the land of the ‘free’ and ‘the’ ‘brave'” has turned into! USG agencies killing their own citizens for the fun of it …

Some of you (even those who aren’t “collaborators” themselves) may “rationalize” it, get “technical” about it; tell me that they committed suicide by themselves, that “technically” they weren’t killed. I would say to you that even from a “‘technical’ point … Continue reading

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Targeted Individual (political persecution)

Targeted Individual (political persecution). A draft for our wikipedia page (version 20: Thu Apr 20 12:17:57 UTC 2017) In the context of political repression, police harassment and non-consensual experimentation certain individuals and members of legally associating or ethnic groups may … Continue reading

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popular mechanics march 2017: IS SOMEONE GOING TO HACK MY LIGHT BULB?

As a tech monkey myself who now finds technology hopeless. At times I wonder if people have lost their minds. First it was the corruption of the Internet (all computers connected to the Internet are tacitly owned by the NSA), … Continue reading

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Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007: Remote Neural Monitoring Basics (Targeted Individuals)

On 3/23/17, … wrote: > I did read the patent. The thing is, is that they don’t need to use > electrodes anymore. Their equipment is so sensitive. Here is a link to Dr. > Horton talking about RNM: > … Continue reading

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youtube (Mar 16, 2017): NSA Whistleblower William Binney- “Mass data collection to stop Terrorism is a Swindle” … ~ > well Duncan mentions ability to read thoughts remotesly & Binney states > possible Quite honestly, yes, Binney is one of my heroes and I did enjoy the first minutes of the talk, but I couldn’t/didn’t listen to … Continue reading

Image | Posted on | Leave a comment 20170307_the-cia-didnt-break-signal-or-whatsapp-despite-what-youve-heard they say: “incomprehension tends to be as mutual as love should be” The Intercept’s censors/”moderators”/”thought police” collaborators/ … have even let me know my comments are being automatically placed in the “moderation queue” at time for more than two … Continue reading

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I found a bit strange that in our times (Wed Feb 22 19:53:47 EST 2017) you could only find 5 hits while searching on such historically important document as: “THE EFFECTS OF RADAR ON THE HUMAN BODY””THE+EFFECTS+OF+RADAR+ON+THE+HUMAN+BODY” … Continue reading

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