theintercept 20160422: judge-grants-torture-victims-their-first-chance-to-pursue-justice … links debunking this material

Will Parker: Apr. 25 2016, 1:58 p.m.

What good is encryption when the Government can read your mind?

Little Help? -> Will Parker: Apr. 25 2016, 9:36 p.m.

Could Mona or some other clearly intelligent if somewhat abrasive skeptic kindl point us toward a few links debunking this material?


3) there is something called the mind-body link underlying the very essentially semantic aspects of reality

Could you tell me, are there also electromagnetic emissions from our brain and nervous system which are recordable just as compromising EM emissions from computer networks ?

Even though I haven’t been able to narrow it down all the way to USG misinformation brigades (a lá Mirage Men (2013) and how they introduced addiction to hardcore narcotics among hippies during the Vietnam war to keep them quiet, “cool” (or as hippies themselves used to say “aware”)), I think USG has benefited greatly from such erroneous believes.

There are people who have committed suicide, because they actually believe their minds have been hijacked by USG. That video was posted by James Tracy, a writer, social activist, nice and true fellow whom I personally know:

// __ “My Experience as a Targeted Individual”

32:25 They are NOT able to manipulate your bodily functions and pain receptors
38:20 stalkers are NOT able to know about images originating in the target’s individual mind
This is just a case of someone who took the time to openly talk about their own private experiences with persecution. There are plenty of documents (even if, IMO, at times somewhat confusing, misguided) about such abuses online:

If you watch those videos in full you will notice that when Myron says “manipulate” he apparently means that you could hijack someone’s thoughts and emotions sort of like this:

Police can torture and bother you as they have always had, but this is all there is to it. They don’t have any kind of “new technologies” that can read people’s thoughts and emotions from satellites and such cr@p. When people talk about concrete aspects of their beliefs about “how they read people’s minds” such as:

they are totally disregarding the important fact that those are totally mechanical behaviors. They have no way to “decipher” the qualia, feelings and/or if it ultimately comes to volitional acts by you (for example, generally speaking I find girls so beautiful that at times I feel like grabbing their butts as they walk on the streets … Now, does that mean I would do such a thing? that I don’t respect women, that I must be some misogynistic @ssh0l3 like Donald Trump? How could they “read” from such satellites that those feelings may be an anxious reaction to feeling so attracted to women … ). That is what they will ultimately need and I think it is impossible, because IMO our mind-body link (thank God!) is not mechanical; it is actually our semiosis, therefore there are 1st person aspects they can’t delve into due to the general ‘Saussurean arbitrariness’ of signs, which reflects on our minds as we go about our own intersubjective communication.

I have taken the time to read and study those issues, starting by José Delgado’s bull experiments:
// __ Jose Delgado and his Bull Story
// __ Jose Delgado- manipulation without electrodes
// __ Physical Control of the Mind — Toward a Psychocivilized Society 1971
// __ Behavioural Neurochemistry April, 1977
and I can tell you that AI a lá Turing test and José Delgado’s bull experiments are all bull cr@p

You may find even technical people disseminating misinformation out there more or less subtly:

// __ Remote influencing technologies, the new terrorism of the 21st century
I think Lars Drudgaard is telling us something we all know: essentially, we are doomed; for two basic reasons:

1) technologies have always been a two edge sword, but nowadays they are way too ubiquitously handy as a negative, evil force in an all encompassing way

2) people is stupid, because people is stupid. We are just pretentious monkeys damaged (some people would say “glorified”) by way too vast an amount of neurons

Now what I find lacking about Drudgaard is his way of making his case with so much “persuasion”, misleading statements and suggestions (some of which he admits to). I am some scientist and technical monkey myself and I have lived under acute harassment my whole life. Each time I hear someone talking about people’s brains and minds being remotely monitored, or their consciousness being hijacked and turned into “unwitting spies”, I wonder whose purpose that serves. Drudgaard even says: “a person can be programmed to perceive anything”. He shamelessly decontextualizes Bill Bennie’s comments about the Bluffdale Utah remote storage facility used for “interrogation”, “processing”, when IMO Bennie meant inquiring, profiling, zeitgeisting the data about people not that people in mass are being “possibly” controlled through their “satellites implants” and radio waves …

I have tried to contact Mr. Drudgaard, his organization before to no avail. Moreover, I:

// __ Zersetzung made in U.S.A. (Posted on May 27, 2015)

“Albretch Mueller” (aka silly me), happen to know at least two things about state repression (including the stasi). I did call Hubertus Knabe on a number of the points he was making in his ted talk:

A previous long blog about my experiences (including the Zersetzung made in U.S.A. post):

// __ Quis custodiet ipsos custodes … (Posted on October 16, 2010)

would go as far as myself consenting to totally public, openly documented, recorded and repeatable experimentation on such, so-called “mind control”, as a way to show that those “mind control” stories are some illusive b#llsh!t that our rulers use to play us, as the Catholic Church used to say that “demons have possessed your body” (and yes, “We the people” used to believe that one too!).

As TI friends and I were pondering over, wouldn’t they have hijacked our own minds? 😉 (which, by the way, doesn’t totally explain out the issue at hand)

Politicians and police like to have us think of them as being “beyond good or evil” and dwelling in some Über-Physical, Über-Moral, Über-responsible reality when in fact there isn’t such a thing in reality, so they must frame those beliefs in our compulsively associating, illusive minds.

I hope my “abrasiveness” was a bit helpful 😉 and, yes, at times I am ashamed at the anger I spill over in our fora. But as dentists say when their patients tell them that “it hurts”: “… it is supposed to hurt, if you have a healthy nervous system” … So, I guess, you are supposed to be angry about those kinds of matters we discuss at theIntercept.

truth and peace and love,

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  1. BTW, my mother has been the most amazing person (thoroughly beautiful in body and soul) I have ever met in my life and one of the most beautiful people I have ever known of.

    Besides, when I share such feelings and thoughts with girlfriend (who knows well my heart) all she does is telling me she can’t wait till I bite her butt again … I don’t think that anyone but the NSA may think of them as “probably leading to some sort of ‘terrorism'”

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